Future of tennis in good hands at Bognor

Two of the many juniors who played in the tournament at Bognor
Two of the many juniors who played in the tournament at Bognor

Bognor Tennis Club’s final tournament of the season was aimed at the younger members of the club, ranging from six to 17.

With opportunities to attend coaching sessions at Bognor and parents who are willing to provide additional on-court practice, even the youngest participants are rapidly improving their skills and fitness levels.

Participants were divided into three groups, complying with LTA age-group categories. The players in the mini red group, for ages six to eight, were provided with a smaller court, net and rackets and lower-bouncing balls.

Using a round robin format, timed matches and a point-scoring system, each competitor played the others in the group. The happy winner of this group was Luke Barber (eight points) and the runner-up was Alex Crowley (six).

The mini green group for nine to ten-year-olds played timed matches on full-size tennis courts, with bigger rackets and approved balls which are a little softer than normal tennis balls. For them, this is the last stage before moving on to full-compression yellow balls on a full-sized court.

After each mini green player had played all the others in the group, the total points score for first and second place was tied. A timed play-off between the top two resulted in a win for Theo West (five points) who marginally beat Josh Petworth (four).

The eight junior players (11 and over) were divided into two groups of four. Each competitor in both groups played three timed matches, which concluded in a winner of both groups.

The final between the two winners, despite an age gap of five years, was closely contended and full of skilful rallies. Alistair Everington won with six points, beating Luke Petronijevich (four).

Mini and junior coaching classes continue through the winter. For more information, contact KSTennis on kstennis@hotmail.com