France finds the right formula in stock car championship

Jack France goes for broke at the Arlington Stadium
Jack France goes for broke at the Arlington Stadium

As the regular stock car season continued at Arlington Stadium, drivers in three formulas had the added consideration of the weather to contend with as well as their competition.

An hour before the first green flag was dropped, conditions changed dramatically as the forecasted rain arrived and set in for the night.

The historic stock cars excelled in the conditions to put on a bruising show of nostalgia.

Jack France, from Midhurst, had a successful night despite repeatedly finding himself striking the armco having been ‘nudged’ by his competitors.

Typically robust, the wily campaigner used his experience to full effect to battle against his rivals as well as the constant rain.

In the opening race of the night he found himself up against a couple of ‘new’ cars among the field of powerful Cortinas and Triumphs. The surface water played a big part as France struggled to finish in the top ten. The second heat saw him bounce firmly back to place fourth.

The competitive final for the historic stock cars saw the ‘seasoned’ drivers used every inch of the track to gain an advantage.

After an early setback, France fought back through the field. In a classic David-and-Goliath contest, France came in behind the winner Mark Johnson from Burgess Hill in his little Ford Popular.

The season continues at Arlington Stadium, with three formulas being showcased every Wednesday evening until the end of September.