Forest race isn’t a trial for Holdway

Sean Holdway in action in Bovington Forest
Sean Holdway in action in Bovington Forest

CHICHESTER’S Sean Holdway was involved when the Dorset Police Motorcycle Club held a hare and hounds meeting which also incorporated the first round of the ACU Southern Centre Championship at Bovington Forest in Dorset.

Gerald Holdway from Chichester did not compete as his bike is still being rebuilt from last season, although the family was represented in the form of his nephew Sean racing on his KTM trials bike in the expert class.

The forest course comprised tracks, wooded areas which included technical areas and lots of hills, plus a water hole. This made a total length of five miles a lap, although it felt longer.

Holdway had a good start in the changing ground conditions as he progressed around the course. As the meeting progressed and the worst areas had been worn in by some 155 competitors the going seemed to get a bit easier.

Holdway set his fastest lap of 15min 15sec on his first of the ten laps he completed. His overall position was 27th - 15th in class.