Falcons are forever the bridesmaids

Clive Janes of Chichester Falcons
Clive Janes of Chichester Falcons

Chichester Falcons Softball Club again walked away with the runners-up spot prize - again - having put in another day of resilient performances on the second weekend of the Shafters indoor tournament series.

James Clarke stepped up to pitch and proceeded to strike out several batters to keep the Chichester side ahead in their first two matches of the day.

Vicki Cathie was her usual vocal self at the plate and dealt ably with all that Belinda Cheetham and Lise van Genuchten flung at her from the outfield.

David Morris and Jason Mercer paired up well to lock down second base while Matt Tebb and Ilse van Roessel stayed sharp at first and third respectively.

At bat, the Falcons again adopted their route-one tactics and took every opportunity to force fielding errors to pile pressure on their opposition.

Having dispatched Baffins Brewers and UPSU Shafters, the Falcons were again foiled at the last hurdle by Hursley Hurricanes, who deservedly won the final match 22-14.

The Falcons continue to train experienced players and beginners alike every Friday evening in Chichester. Anyone who would like to try softball and join the team should contact chichesterfalcons@gmail.com or visit www.chichesterfalcons.com