Euro 2012 Bone on The Box: Lineker talks a good game ... so would Redknapp but where is he?

Gary Lineker looked ahead to the Germany-Holland game and predicted a blockbuster.

Which reminded me... next time the main game is on BBC1, I must go out and rent a video.

He wasn’t unjustified in forecasting a classic, with two of the favourties for the trophy about to do battle.

But he was probably panicking that the best match of the day had been and gone on ITV, and upset they didn’t have Harry on the show on the night everyone wanted to hear from him.

Jonathan Pearce was on the mic again last night... is it just me or are the Beeb not sharing commentating duties around any longer? Gerald Sinstadt has hardly had a look-in.

At least Pearce didn’t repeat one of the phrases I’d heard from him in the Ukraine-Sweden game when he talked of a player ‘shooting from range’.

Is that long-range? Short? Medium? Or free?

Talking of chickens, have you seen the plans for the Olympics opening ceremony?

Cows, cricketers – the lot. It threatens to be hilarious.

Talk of that big bash reminded me that the Euro 2012 opening ceremony completely passed me by.

Was there one? Did I miss anything? Perhaps it was on ITV and took place during one of their extended ad breaks. It wouldn’t have been the first thing they’d missed.

Adrian Chiles continues to divide opinion on the network – viewers either loathe him or just don’t like him very much.

I prefer him to Lineker but, as I was reminded by a couple of people on Twitter, dapper Des Lynam was the host with the most. I’ve not forgotten him giving the Pompey fans a cheery wave in the Clock End at Highbury before the 1992 FA Cup semi-final.

He played the TV anchorman role exactly right, making it seem unscripted and letting guests take centre stage. None of them since has managed the same standards, nor waved to Pompey fans.

Back with the Germans, and they are living up to the stereotypes – clinical football, winning and stuff. Typical. Just when the Germans forget how to win penalty shootouts, they start playing so well in 90 minutes it doesn’t matter.

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