East meet West but West beat East in Sussex’s big bowls battle

WEST SUSSEX entertained East Sussex at Westergate in their second match in this year’s inter-county championship.

Following a good start in their first match in Surrey, they started slowly, sharing the points 4-4 in the first session, but then moved up a gear and won all the remaining games for an excellent win by 36-4 and 204 shots to 132.

The return match is on Saturday and will be a different challenge on the slow mats at Hailsham.

In the pairs The Martlets’ Malcolm Rollings with Lavant’s Peter Whale won 12-10 and 15-8. In the triples The Martlets Jack Rollings won 12-9 and 19-6 while Chanctonbury’s Bernie Deeble and Keith Hawkins won 11-5 and 8-7.

In the fours Bognor’s Rose Jalley and Lavant’s Peter Winter with The Martlets’ Marc Lancaster and Mel Lillywhite won 12-9 and 12-3. The captain’s player of the match was Keith Hawkins.

West Sussex B entertained Surrey for their first friendly of the season under new captain Jean Armour-Milne with a team containing several players new to the county scene.

They won three out of the four games in the first session and shared the games in the second session for a 10-6 lead at lunch. An excellent third session where they won all four games and picked up both sets of bonus points saw them ensure the win. In the final session, they won one of the four games and ended up with a win by 24-16 and 190-157.

In the singles Crablands’ Mollie Back won 15-13 and 17-12. In the pairs Crablands’ Joyce Abel lost 17-7 and won 16-10 while Bognor’s Betty Williams and Marlene Steel won 21-7 and 16-8.

In the triples Crablands’ Martin Hunt won 12-8 and lost 16-4. In the fours Arundel’s Mike Knox and Chanctonbury’s Adam Homewood won 12-3 and lost 6-9 while Chanctonbury’s Joe Benjamin and Crablands’ Les Dray lost 14-4 and 11-7.


Lavant A played their first-round match in the County KO Cup away to Midhurst Eagles.

Peter Winter’s team, after a slow start, pulled up to share the score at 10-10 after 15 ends. Five shots against on the next end sealed their fate and they lost by six shots.

Peter Whale’s team raced ahead being 13 shots up after six ends. Midhurst did respond but Lavant kept up their scoring rate winning the game by 11 shots. A 37-32 win saw Lavant into next round. The friendly was well contested, Lavant winning by seven shots.

Scores: P Winter, R Peirce, J Sharrod, J Simms lost 20-14; P Whale, J Heasman, P Beardmore, R Harding won 23-12; (friendly): T Boxall, B Cooper, W Cooper, S Meyer won 21-14.

Lavant Red played away to Ashington Swans. Peter Winter’s team were level at 6-6 after seven ends but made little headway and Swans forged ahead winning by 13 shots.

Peter Whale’s team scored steadily throughout, winning by 15 shots. Lavant gained four points.

Scores: P Winter, R Peirce, J Sharrod, J Simms lost 23-10; P Whale, J Heasman, P Beardmore, R Harding won 26-11.

When Lavant Blue played away to Ashington Owls, Tony Boxall’s team were in fine form taking the first seven ends. Owls had no reply and Blue surged to win by 11 shots.

Peter Massey’s team had no luck but fought all the way. They secured 12 shots but lost the game by 11 shots. The combined game scores were drawn at 31-31 and Lavant gained three match points.

Scores: T Boxall, K Fancy, C Beardmore, S Lillywhite won 19-8; P Massey, T Bleach, M Winter, J Lee lost 23-12.


Arun IBC have two teams entered in the 2011-12 over-60s double rink national championship.

Arun B were drawn against the Isle of Wight in the first round and were disappointingly beaten 50-26.

Scores: Home - P Green, J Weatherall, B Napper, R Gardner lost 28-12; Away - B Wye, A Bowler, E King, A Anderson lost 22-14.

If Arun A win their first-round game against Worthing Pavilion, they will play the Isle of Wight in the second round.

Arun 143 SCIBA 106

Arun entertained the Sussex association for a six-rink annual fixture. Arun won on four rinks, losing on one with one drawn.

The halfway stage of ten ends saw Arun just in front by 12 shots, but good steady bowling in the second half saw Arun home.

Scores: B Jones, D Spink, J Pickard, B Napper drew 19-19; R Lincoln, J Morris, M Johnson, G Leaman won 38-12; R Leggett, R Sparrow, B Butler, M Bonnar won 29-15; F Smith, J Swannell, B Sandford, R Gardner won 29-15; B Why, J Muffett, J Greenfield, D Leach won 28-13; J Stocker, B Fitch, J Saunders, L Corne lost 33-8.

Arun 127 Wey Valley 92

Wey Valley visited Arun for a six-rink annual fixture. Arun won on four rinks and lost on two and won the match by 35 shots.

Scores: F Smith, M Campbell, B Jones, JP Brown won 18-13; B Rebbeck, D Taffurelli, M Adams, D Leach lost 17-16; J Swannell, H Forsyth, B Sandford, J Pickard won 24-14; R Lincoln, W Branford, R Friday, R Gardner lost

23-15; J Watson, D Winchester, C Burnard, L Corne won 24-11; B Why, D Holland, M Johnson, M Bonnar won 25-14.

Arun District Indoor Bowls Club are staging an open day between 10am and 2pm on Saturday, October 29.

There’ll be no joining fee for anyone who joins the Nyewood Lane club on the day.

The club are holding instruction sessions on Wednesday and Saturday mornings and those having instruction will be welcome to play in mixed drives, mixed roll-ups and casual roll-ups. The club offer a wide variety of social events and have a bar and an eating area.


Crablands team Sandpipers lost 62-22 to Chanctonbury.

Scores: Joan Homewood, Gwen Coombes, Martin Hunt, Mollie Back lost 29-10; Jan Obermayer, Ron Coombes, Brian Berry, Les Dray lost 33-12.

Crablands Bitterns played an internal friendly versus the Auks and after a nailbiting finish the Bitterns won 57-54.

Scores: Sylvia Compton, Terry Axworthy, Stevie Brooks & Ted Murrell beat Meg Pocock, Doe Berry, Brian Berry & Jim Tyrrell 17-16; Sheila Plaistow, Iris Brown, Geoff Brown & Les Howland beat Colin Garland, Rose Colton, Val Tyrrell & Les Jewiss 25-8; Barbara Bond, Yvonne Clifton, Ron Coombes & Jim Saunders lost 30-15 to Denis Dray, Rod Shambrook, Ron Osborn & Les Dray.

Crablands played a friendly versus Donnington and lost by three shots with a defeat on one mat and a win on one.

Scores: Colin Garland, Meg Pocock, Stevie Brooks & Lil Tuck won 27-13; Joan Homewood, Iris Brown, Geoff Brown & Les Howland lost 30-13.


Fittleworth won on both mats and beat West Chiltington 68-45.

Scores: Murial Cook, Pauline Gilpin, Betty Williams, Dave Herbert won 25-13; Audrey Hodgson, Gina Barnfield, Bernard Adsett, Alan Jordan won 32-9; Roger Lucking, Nancy Goodyer, Sue Judd, Charley Martin lost 23-11.

Fittleworth lost 57-50 at Hunston.

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Tony Broughton, Roger Lucking, David Herbert lost 20-12 to R Streeter, P Harle, A Hack, R Stevens; Lynn White, Pauline Gilpin, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin lost 18-17 to T Hack, T Croucher,

F Franklin, S Clay; Jean Lucking, Alvar Etherington, Alan Jordan, Gina Barnfield beat D Greenfield, J Stubbs, M Streeter, A Harle 21-19.


The Martlets began their defence of the West Sussex County League division one with a 4-2 victory against Upper Beeding.