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Pagham bowlers get involved in the club's open day
Pagham bowlers get involved in the club's open day

Pagham Bowls Club held an invitation morning on Saturday with a view to enrolling new members.

Coaches were on the green to provide advice to those interested in playing the game.

There was a good turnout of members smartly dressed in their new uniforms.

The event resulted in two confirmed new members, who actually played in a match later in the day, and great interest was shown by another eight who spent the morning with the club coach delivering bowls and learning a few rules of etiquette.

There is free coaching at the club every Tuesday at 10am.

A men’s league four-rink match versus Norfolk B resulted in a 78-77 loss. Pagham took four points.

Scores: Nick Terry, Peter Quilter, Ron Friday, Roy Livermore won 24-15; Peter Green, Douglas Vaughan, Derek Levy, Eric King won 23-16; Robert Pearson, Bagsy Smith, Dave Spink, Mike English lost 26-17; Peter Langridge, Graham Ireland, Gerry Stevens, Paul Mayoss lost 21-13.

A ladies team lost in league and friendly action at Maltravers. It was 35-31 in the league.

Scores: Diana Mitchell, Annie Ross, Frances Ireland, Gill Conley lost 18-17; Sabina Livermore, Janet Boucher, Chris Mayoss, Maureen King lost 17-14; (friendly): Doreen Ellis, Eileen Terry, Pat Friday, Marlene Steel lost 18-12.

Four friendly mixed triples won 72-53 at Hayling Island.

Scores: Doreen Ellis, Margaret Rees, Dave Spink won 20-14; Beverly Quilter, Tony Wells, Peter Quilter won 16-12; Linda Williams, Joan Wells, Gerry Stevens won 19-11; Daniel Lovell, Gordon Williams, Gerry Stevens won 18-16.


Tarring Priory overturned Fishbourne’s win in the first round of the National Top Club competition, winning by 42 shots in the second match.

Scores: G Jefkins, Brian Henham lost 30-14; T Dewing lost 22-13 (two-wood singles); M Keane, R Beasley, P Massey won 19-16; F Heil, G Summers, K Burt, P White lost 18-13; P Winter lost 21-6 (four-wood singles).

Fishbourne 93 Crablands 83

Crablands’ visit to Fishbourne brought mixed fortunes for both sides. Crablands won on three friendly rinks but lost on the BM League rink.

Scores: B Neate, J Harman, J Tyrrell beat G Randall, J Conway, B Wallsgrove 21-11; S Brooks, M Campbell, J Lindley beat S Wingate, D Humphreys, M Howard 23-18; R Shambrook, E Clifton, J Brown beat N Saunders, J Wingate, A Saunders 17-16; E Potz, S Blyth, C Bowles lost 19-9; V Tyrrell, J Rawlins, A Blyth lost 29-13.

Fishbourne 67 Rogate 69

Scores: B Payne, R Stone, G Jefkins lost 21-8; M Beasley, D Humphreys, T Dewing lost 19-17; I Roberts, W Dean, R Beasley won 19-15; K Makin, A Marsh, K Ridley won 23-14.

Fishbourne 73 Southwick Park 63

Scores: N Saunders, A Saunders, B Wallsgrove drew 16-16; C Lankshear, T Gaffney, P White won 22-16; W White AK Fancy, B Henham lost 22-19; M Beasley, V Frost, R Beasley won 16-15.


Worthing Pavilion C 62 Witterings 92

Witterings men played their first Littlehampton Gazette League match of the new season away to Worthing Pavilion.

Both clubs won on two rinks but Witterings won overall to take six points.

Scores: P Chivers, C Jelf, E Shoyer & D Bell (s) lost 19-12; F Bray, G Morgan, R Stephens & J Slogrove (s) won 34-12; J Hardy, S Hooker, L Bangs & B Horsley (s) lost 20-14; M White, M Thresher, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) won 32-11.

Witterings 63 Telepost 71

In four triples mixed friendly against Telepost, both clubs won on two rinks and Telepost won overall by eight shots in a close match.

Scores: D Clapton, R Hanbury & J Hostler (s) lost 24-12; V Jeffryes, V Hooker & L Bangs (s) won 19-14; T Nixon, P Hutton & S Hooker (s) lost 20-11; J Clapton, J Hardy & D Jeffryes (s) won 21-13.

Aldingbourne Ladies 35 Witterings Ladies 42

Following promotion to division one, Witterings played their first C&M League match of the new season away to Aldingbourne. Witterings won on both rinks in a close match and gained a maximum six points.

Scores: D Leach, M Mulligan C Tuffin & P Lillywhite (s) won 22-18; J Edwards, M Corbett, M Aylward & C Horsley (s) won 20-17.


Petworth won 82-64 in the LG League when entertaining Bognor in their first home game of the season.

Both sides had lost a number of players to the West Sussex touring team, but the makeshift line-ups enjoyed a competitive match. Petworth took eight points, Bognor two.

Scores: A Potter, R Elliott, B Napper & G Ives drew 16-16 with D Jackson, T Rexstrew, J Whitfield & R Gardner; P Miles, E West, M Booth & K McGowan drew 17-17 with D Parker, K Taylor, J Weatherall, J Roots; J Dormer, D Lamb, N Dudman & M Lillywhite beat K Hellyer, A Harrison, A Hall, B Sandford 29-12; P Herrington, R Fenton, M Monk & M Lancaster beat R Lincoln, T Moore, J Christensen & J Parry 20-19.


Grasshoppers 65 Southbourne 62

Southbourne managed a win on one rink in this friendly but were beaten overall by just three shots.

Scores: M Odell, J Staker, P Garrard lost 15-13; D Walter, W Coates, A Grief lost 20-14; K Lockyer, A Williams, F Armstrong won 22-16; L Walter, A Shelley, R Armstrong lost 14-13

Southbourne & Fishbourne 103 SCBA Vice Presidents 140

Southbourne and Fishbourne had a combined friendly against the Sussex CBA vice-ppresidents and managed one win and a draw on the six rinks.

Scores (Southbourne): K Lockyer, T Roden, W Coates, F Armstrong lost 33-5: D Young, J Staker, M Soper, P Garrard won 25-15; A Williams, E Johnson, T Dewing, R Bull lost 18:17.

Southbourne 71 Chichester 82

In a home Littlehampton Gazette League match against Chichester, last year’s division one winners, Southbourne achieved a win on one rink and a draw on the second.

Scores: K Lockyer, F Armstrong, M Soper, P Butler beat G Buckle, P Howick, J Heasman, M Page 19-16; D Walter, A Grief, R Armstrong, D Fewell drew 18-18 with M Johnson, A Anderson, A Bowler, G Leaman; S Soper, W Coates, R Bull, D Alner lost 23-17 to R Hobbs, P Doust, B Talmage, M Bonnar; L Walter, A Smith, J Simmonds, A Bull lost 25:17 to C Porter, M Bayfield, J Larkin, D Schofield.

Southbourne 36 Chichester 9

Southbourne ladies had good win against Chichester ladies in a friendly triple.

Scores: A Bull, A Greenfield, M Odell won 36-9.

Worthing 77 Southbourne 70

Southbourne men won on two rinks but lost overall by seven shots.


Chichester have a second team in the Littlehampton Gazette League this year.

This is proving a steep learning curve and a rude awakening to bowlers used to playing in friendly matches, losing their first match 9-1 to Tarring Priory B. However, in the next two matches, the team fared a lot better, picking up four points on both occasions.

Chichester also hosted Crablands and Arundel in friendlies, with Chichester winning both.

Against Crablands, Jim Larkin and his men were top rink. Jim has recently joined the club and is a former Somerset county player. He is already proving a very useful addition.

Scores: v Crablands: B Taylor, J Pickard, M Lewis, J Larkin won 32-12; P Doust, B Butler, G Jackson, D Schofield lost 21-16; B Hole, M Johnson, A Bowler, A Anderson won 23-13; C Porter, V Mitchell, M Bayfield, B Talmage lost 21-17.

v Arundel: J Walters, B Money, A Bowler, M Page won 25-11; G Buckle, J Thair, V Mitchell, P Howick won 22-13; G Beagley, B Hole, C Porter, A Anderson lost 21-15; A Daines, R Smith, L Shipp, D Schofield lost 16-15.


Crablands 61 Worthing Pavillion 80

Crablands travelled to Worthing Pavillion and again faced disappointment, achieving only one point.

Scores: D Martin, D Muncey, J Brown, R Humphrey lost 23-16; B Jones, L Lewendon, R Eastland, J Harman lost 19-14; E Potz, D Eggleton, A Blyth, D Adams drew 15-15; R Neate, A Bateman, A Humphreys, M Heasman lost 23-16.

Telepost 55 Crablands 82

Crablands enjoyed their visit to Swansea Gardens, winning on all four rinks in a friendly.

Scores: I Smith, P Jones, A Blyth, won 18-17; D Jones, J Tyrrell, J Harman won 20-8; R Osborn, B Chandler, D Adams won 24-20; R Shambrook, L Lewenden, V Tyrrell won 20-10.

Crablands 91 Middleton 58

The Crablands men got it together to win on all four rinks and gain ten league points.

Scores: R Neate, L Lewendon, J Saunders, M Heasman beat V Garhard, G Steventon, A Nurse, B Murray 20-16; B Jones, C Pestle, R Eastland, J Harman beat C Pratt, L Oldridge, K Baker, M Fennely 28-7; E Potz, D Eggleton, A Blyth, D Adams beat R Payne, D Gower, J Graham, J Wilson 23-21; D Martin, B Berry, J Brown, R Humphrey beat S Jackson, K Jenkins, G Smith, R Wootton 20-14.

Aldingbourne 34 Crablands 39

Crablands ladies enjoyed the new carpet at Aldingbourne winning on both rinks and taking six league points.

Scores: M Pocock, E Clifton, J Lindley, M Brown won 18-15; G Humphreys, J Taylor, V Tyrrell, S Blyth won 21-19.

Crablands 53 Wittering 28

This was a good win for Crabland ladies on a lovely sunny afternoon. Top rink for Crablands was Val Dudman’s.

Scores: V Tyrrell, J Lindley, S Blyth, M Brown won 30-11; G Humphreys, C Lewenden, J Rawlins, C Bowles won 23-17; P Jones, B Neate, J Harman, V Dudman won 32-6.

Crablands 110 RAFA 82

On a windy afternoon, an enjoyable game was won by Crablands.

Scores: V Dudman, B Foyle, S Blyth won 18-12; C Lewenden, D Muncey, A Blyth won 24-20; C Garland, W Obermayer, M Back won 26-10; L Lewendon, M Campbell, J Lindley won 26-23; M Pocock, S Brooks, R Shambrook lost 17-16.


Bognor 49 Middleton 24

In the C&M League, Middleton lost on both rinks. In the friendly, Middleton won 24-19.

Results: D Jenkins, J Oldridge, P Hollingworth, M Wootton lost 19-16; R Gregory, P Eccles, A Steventon, J Gower lost 30-8; J Mathieson, T Galloway, A Chandler, I Smith won 24-19.

Middleton 34 Hotham 21

In the BM League, Middleton hosted Hotham, winning on both rinks.

Scores: G Addicott, I Smith, G Smith won 14-11; B Bravington, J Oldridge, J Graham won 20-10.


Bognor entertained Norfolk A at Waterloo Square for their first Littlehampton Gazette League division-one match.

In a hotly-contested four-rink match, each team won on two rinks but the overall score favoured Norfolk 87-73.

Scores: N Wadock, K Taylor, B Sandford, T Gaskin won 27-13; R Lincoln, T Moore, J Weatherall, A Richardson won 19-17; D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardiner lost 29-13; D Parker, A Hall, J Parry, P Lillford lost 28-14.

Lancing were the visitors to Waterloo Square for Bognor’s first match in the Littlehampton Gazette League division three.

In a very competitive match, rink honours were split 2-2, with Bognor comming out on top 84-71.

Scores: A Harrison, A Knight, A Lewis, P Phillips won 30-9; T Love, P Dale, G Verrinder, J Roots won 23-19; J Smith, N Burchell, S Somes, D Purse lost 17-14; R Bobbett, A Oliver, J Keyword, J Blacow lost 26-17.

One of the traditional first games of the season saw a ladies’ select team take on Bognor men. In an exciting match the lead swung back and forth but the men won by three shots.


It’s been a mixed start to the season for Telepost.

They went down 74-67 at Fishbourne and were defeated 82-55 at home to Crablands, but won 71-63 at Witterings.


In division one, Norfolk made a good start taking all six points at Aldingbourne - but Arundel are the early leaders having won their first two games.

In division two, Fishbourne have also started well, taking five points at Southbourne then winning their second game to lead the table.

Results: Div 1: Pagham 31 (5pts) Aldingbourne 29 (1pt); Chichester 32 (4pts) Pulborough 24 (2pts) (Adams 15 Brown 17; Jackson 17 Adsett 7; Aldingbourne 16 Norfolk 63 (6pts) (Hamilton 10 Botting 14; Mulholland 6 Botting 39); Chichester 29 (2pts) Arundel 36 (4pts) (Spicer 17 Puttock 16; Bayfield 12 Baxter 20); Arundel 37 (6pts) Pagham 29 (Cairns 21 King 15; Olliover 16 Ireland 14).

Div 2: Southbourne 30 (1pt) Fishbourne 33 (5pts) (Bull 18 Winter 18; Coates 12 White 15); RAFA 27 (2pts) Hotham 35 (4pts) (Jackson 15 Olver 13; Gaskin 12 Hannam 22); Fishbourne 48 (6pts) Crablands 22 (White 19 Bowles 9; Massey 29 Blyth 13); Middleton 34 (6pts) Hotham 21 (Smith 14 Olver 11; Graham 20 Ewers 10); Hotham 41 (4pts) Bognor 30 (2pts) (Hannam 26 Gardner 13; Sayers 15 Phillips 17).


Div 1: Maltravers (6pts) 35 Pagham 31 (B Butcher 18 G Conley 17, F Steele 17 M King 14); Aldingbourne 34 Crablands (6pts) 39 (L Hathaway 19 S Blyth 21, J Whetstone 15 M Brown 18); Bognor (6pts) 49 Middleton 24 (M Phillips 19 M Wootten 16, J Spiers 30 J Gower 8); Aldingbourne 35 Witterings (6pts) 42 (J Hamilton 18 P Lillywhite 22, J Whetstone 17 C Horsley 20); Crablands (6pts) 53 Witterings 28 (M Brown 30 P Lillywhite 11, C Bowles 23 C Horsley 17).

Div 2: Worthing Pavilion 31 Storrington (6pts) 42 (J Lewis 20 J Ackerman 22, R Hewitt 11 P Healy 20); Arundel (4pts) 51 Petworth (2pts) 40 (M Hosier 17 S Miles 24, A Olliver 34 M Bacon 16); Lancing (4pts) 46 Beach Park (2pts) 32 (B Gosden 18 S Wilcox 19, L Gray 28 G Webb 13); Beach Park (6pts) 41 Petworth 33 (S Wilcox 19 C Herbert 16, H Jones 22 S Miles 17).


Chris Blackman will represent the Billingshurst-based short mat club The Martlets at next season’s West Sussex champion of champions event after winning the club’s singles title for the first time.

Blackman improved on his runners-up placing of last season by beating Jane Eyre 8-2, 8-2 in the final.

This latest triumph rounds off a season that has seen him win the West Sussex County Fours and reach the semi-finals of both the national pairs and the international open pairs.