Devon test awaits after West Sussex bowlers get better of Norfolk

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West Sussex A won their rearranged preliminary round KO match against Norfolk at Potters Bar.

They took six points in the first session and sharing the points in the second to lead 10-6 at lunch.

A further six points in the third session with bonus points in the singles and pairs left them needing just one point in the final session for the win. In fact they took six and finished 28-12 and 211-161winners and now play Devon in the quarter-finals on Sunday.

In the pairs Bognor’s Marlene Steel lost 14-9 and won 15-11. In the triples the Bognor combination of Eric Jones, Brenda Jones and Brian Mills won 11-6 and 15-8 while in the other triple Lavant’s Ray Harding lost 12-11 and won 19-7.

In the fours Bognor’s Betty Williams won 13-11 and lost 8-6 while Lavant’s John Simms with The Martlets’ Barrie Fitch lost 15-8 and won 11-10.

The B team beat East Sussex in a difficult friendly at Hailsham.

They led 9-7 at lunch and gained six points in the third session which left them needing four for victory. They managed this and with two bonus points in the triples ran out 23-17 and 161-157 wiunners.

In the singles Bognor’s Freddie Kaucher drew 12-12 and won 12-10 while Crablands’ Mollie Back lost 15-6 and won 18-3. In the pairs, the Bognor combination of Betty Williams and Marlene Steel lost 14-7 and 18-4. In the triples Crablands’ Martin Hunt and Les Dray won 14-4 and drew 9-9. In the fours Bognor’s Pam Smith lost 10-5 and 14-6.


The Auks visited Fittleworth and failed to score any points in a 57-24 reverse.

Scores: Jim Tyrrell; Terry Axworthy; Ron Osborn & Les Dray lost 33-9; Sylvia Gray; Eileen Sadler; Val Tyrrell & Les Jewiss lost 24-15; (friendly): Gwen Coombes; Tony Heritage; Joyce Heritage & Ron Coombes won 23-14.

Crablands Sandpipers played in the Plate competition against a strong team from Southbourne, managing a 42-33 win.

They now face ‘The Martlets’ in the next round.

Scores: Joan Homewood; Gwen Coombes; Martin Hunt & Mollie Back won 28-14; Jan Obermeyer; Ron Coombes; Brian Berry & Les Dray lost 19-14.

The annual Crablands ladies versus gents took place and everyone had a good time. After a draw on two mats, the result was a 69-65 win for the gents.

Scores: Chris Bond, Ron Osborn, Tony Heritage & Mike Tucker drew with Sylvia Gray, Eileen Howland, Jan Obermayer & Joyce Heritage; Brian Baxendell, Colin Garland, Wally Obermayer & Jim Saunders lost 22-15 to Barbara Attfield, Marion Saich, Jean Tolhurst & Lil Tuck; Terry Axworthy, Ted Murrell, Les Howland & Brian Berry drew with Sylvia Compton, Barbara Bond, Iris Brown & Yvonne Clifton; Neil Attwood, Arthur Gilling, Geoff Brown & Roy Tolhurst beat Doe Berry, Eileen Sadler, Joan Homewood & Stevie Brook 25-14.

Crablands Auks took three points from their game with Ashington Owls, not five as reported last week.


At home to Crablands Bitterns, Lavant Blue had a poor start but Bernard Wallsgrove’s team scored heavily and took the last four ends to win by 12 shots. Tony Boxall’s team took 17 ends, many with high shot counts, to win by 36 shots.

Peter Winter’s friendly was an intense affair and was 16-16 after 20 ends. Crablands won a ‘sudden death’ shootout to win.

Scores: B Wallsgrove, P Massey, M Winter, J Lee won 27-15; T Boxall, K Fancy, P Sharrod, J Conway won 43-7; (friendly): P Winter, J Sharrod, P Lee, J Simms lost 20-16.


Goodwoods exacted heavy revenge for their narrow defeat in their friendly against Barnham in the return match.

With an overall score of 83-28, Goodwoods had emphatic wins on all three mats.

Scores: G King, M Williams, D Lovell & B Mills beat G Macguire, W Finch, R Greco & P Andrews 24-8; G Roope, J Harbut, J Hanson & B Goodland beat F Hawes, J Herdman, K Buckley & D Wilkinson (including a hotshot); B Williams, M Goodland, B Williams & M Steel beat V Penfold, D Buckley, JJ Penfold & C Andrews 25-13.


Fittleworth took only two points in a league match at Ashington. The hosts won 42-40 to take four points.

Scores: Murial Cook, Nancy Goodyer, Alan Jordan, David Herbert lost 33-14; Jean Lucking, Bernard Adsett, Sue Judd, Gina Barnfield won 26-9; (friendly): Pauline Gilpin, Jane Adsett, Audrey Hodgson, Alvar Etherington lost 28-11.


Donnington visited Hunston for a friendly but lost on all three mats and 68-44 overall.

Scores: Wendy Dean, Jenny Gibson, Terry Taws & Ron Beasley lost 20-15; Brian Aston, Wendy White, June Martinelli & Vic Mitchell lost 28-13; Marion Corbett, Trevor Wilson, Brian Taylor & Maggie Maggs lost 20-16.


ARUN’S hottest shots met England Bowls chief Tony Allcock.

The foursome from the Arun indoor club scored an amazing three consecutive hotshots in a match three years ago.

A hotshot is achieved all one team’s bowls end up nearer to the jack than all the opposition’s bowls in one end.

To get one hotshot in a match is unusual, two extremely rare and three unheard of.

They tried to get the achievement recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records but failed – not because there was evidence of it having happened before but becaue record bosses were not intrested in listing a record under that heading.

But meeting bowls legend Alcock, a former world champion of the sport, was a great consolation for the awesome foursome.

Arun 117 Pagland 126

Pagland – a combination of Pagham and Crablands outdoor bowling club members – visited Arun for a six-rink annual men’s fixture. Arun won on only one rink, lost on four, with one drawn – but lost by nine shots overall.

Many of the Pagland bowlers play indoors during the winter months at Arun and the match was played in a friendly spirit.

Scores: P Lacy, G Whitaker, H Forsyth, V May lost 24-15; T Jennings, J Smith, C Burnard, T Gaskin lost 18-16; D Goodenough, P Easterbrook, B Jones, J Muffett lost 24-20; D Gray, G Herrington, W Cato, B Sandford lost 26-18; A Harrison, W Branford, D Winchester, R Gardner drew 21-21; D Taffurelli, K Hellyer, M Waring, B Fitch won 27-13.

Arun 105 London Transport 128

This was a second defeat on the trot for Arun, who entertained London Transport in a six-rink mixed fixture. Arun lost by 23 shots overall winning on three rinks and losing on three.

Scores: F Smith, J Olliver, H Forsyth, J Saunders lost 27-11; A Harrison, J Smith, M Waring, A Avery lost 26-11; C Chester, P Lacy, D Spink, C Burnard won 19-17; R Pearson, W Branford, A Stewart, R Gardner won 26-10; PR Green, M Campbell, M Johnson, B Sandford won 27-10; D Gray, R Lincoln, T Jennings, E Dewing lost 38-11.

Arun 106 Falaise 147

Another disappointing result for Arun came in the Sussex Indoor County League, playing at Falaise IBC in East Sussex.

Arun lost on four rinks and won on two but lost by 41 shots overall - gaining only two points.

Scores: N Waddock, A Simmons, E King, J Larkin lost 37-15; J Olliver, N Bashford, B Horsley, M Bonnar won 26-20; E West, D Ford, P Lillford, M English lost 27-15; I Linfield, P Phillips, F Taylor, A Anderson won 24-12; B Rebbeck, B Fitch, D Sayers, L Corne lost 19-13; R Leggett, M Johnson, J Weatherall, G Leaman lost 27-13.