Darts trebles night is a great one -and a late one

Division-one trebles Winners Geoff Bennett, Mark Sheppard and Chris Gatford
Division-one trebles Winners Geoff Bennett, Mark Sheppard and Chris Gatford

THE BOGNOR Friday Night Benevolent League divisional trebles knockouts were held place at Newtown Social Club. It was a busy night with 29 trebles teams over the three divisions and the finals finished just before midnight.

A total of 12 teams took to the oche in division one. The first semi-final saw Chris Osborne, Andy Stubbs and Hayley Gatford (Chi Snooker B) take on Keith Robinson, Tom Spencer and Mike Rooke (Chi Snooker C).

The second saw Dave Owens, Laura Marshall and Sam Abrehart (POW Z) up against Geoff Bennett, Mark Sheppard and Chris Gatford (Chi Snooker B). Both matches were close, but the Chi Snooker B teams made it through.

The final was a straight team knockout from Chichester with Osborne, Stubbs and Mrs Gatford versus Bennett, Sheppard and Mr Gatford. The first leg went one way, then the second leg went the other way, and it was all down to the last leg. With tons being thrown from both teams it was down to who could hit the double, and this was Bennett, Sheppard and Mr Gatford.

The division-two knockout involved nine teams. In the first semi-final, Steve Aizlewood, John Abbott and Steve Taylor (BRSA B) took on Rob Tite, Lewis Campling and Darren Temple (Newtown SC X).

Aizlewood, Abbott and Taylor won last year’s division-three title and gave themselves a chance for this year as they took out their opponents.

The second semi-final was between Ashley Clements, Debbie Clements and Lee Clark (Old Barn) and Alex Norgett, Keelan Belcher and Dean Cooper (Newtown SC A). Norgett and Belcher won last year’s division-two final, but couldn’t make it this year as Barny Army trio took them out.

The final was similar to division one with many tons and high scores shared between both teams and the first two legs were shared too. The last leg was all about doubles, but the BRSA trio couldn’t find them and Clements, Clements and Clark took the title.

The division-three contest brought eight teams to the oche.

The first semi-final saw Steve Reynolds, Val Elliott and Martin Whale (Aldingbourne SC) take on Mark Todd, Dan Gill and Tracey Reeves (BRSA Ravens).

The ASC trio had already taken out their own team-mates in the first round and made a surprise push into the final by taking out the team from the Ravens.

The second semi-final was between Jack Ryall, Roy Gibson and Richard Todd (Bognor Sports Club) and Doreen Hayler (Richmond Rebels), Pauline Waller and Bet Whale (ASC).

Both teams were surprised to be in the semi-final and Ryall, Gibson and Todd were even more surprised when they made it to the final.

In the final, the Sports Club trio pushed their luck but didn’t have the experience of their opponents from Aldingbourne, who took their time.

Reynolds last knockout final was back in 2011 in the summer league pairs - for Whale it was back in 2009, when he won the division-two trebles, and for Elliott is was the mixed pairs way back in 2005.

On this occasion the Aldingbourne players were victorious together, taking the division-three title.

Full results available on www.bognor-darts.co.uk