Darts: Trebles are a top way to bring down league curtain

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THE 2011-12 Tuesday Night Double-in League concluded with a blind trebles knockout and presentation at the Bognor British Legion.

A total of 57 players took part in the knockout and the draw led to some great games.

There were three preliminary matches, with nine of the top league players involved. Five of them lost and were out before they’d started.

In the first round another 13 top-placed league players teamed up with the rest, with seven missing a game in the next round. 

Into the first semi-final was Dave Juniper (Claremont), Cliff Prior (Chi Snooker B) and Helen Dendy (Old Barn) taking on Gary Blackwood (Claremont), Ashley Clements (Old Barn) and Ian Hackett (Richmond Raiders).

The first leg saw both teams stuck on double one but after getting their double Blackwood, Clements and Hackett made sure the game was theirs.

The second semi saw Andy Whiteley (Chi Snooker C), Clare Rich (Claremont) and Jackie Duckett (Richmond A) take on Courtney Wilson (Chi Snooker A), Steve Perry (Lamb Steyne) and Tim McCarthy (Richmond A).

After playing the darts of their lives to get this far, Whiteley, Rich and Duckett didn’t have enough to beat the team of Wilson, Perry and McCarthy, who made it through to the final.

The final was close but after shooting bigger scores, the win went to Blackwood, Clements and Hackett, taking home the £120 prize money.

The presentation saw an excellent selection of silverware supplied by C&M Trophies of Littlehampton.

Monday Night League

Final positions: Div 2 singles: Southbourne 124, Globe B 116, The Bell 110, White Swan 104, Travellers 99, RBL A 96, Globe A 79, Cricketers 78, RBL B 72, Old Cross 67, Mobeys 53, Stag B 45, Pagham C 40.

Friday Night Summer League

Top performance of week two came from Gary Blackwood (Claremont Cobras) with 20 and 21 darts and a 24.44 average.

Other top performances: Richard Ragless (24 & 24 darts), Dean Knight (21 & 28), Hayley Gatford (26 & 26), Micky Rowland (25 & 25), Dave Juniper (26 & 26), Graham Crawley (22 & 30), Wayne Owen (22 & 25), Adam Norgett (22 & 30), Ricky Clark

(24 & 26), Adi Linfield (27 & 28), Rob Bourne (31 & 32).

Highest out shots: Richard Ragless (80), Hayley Gatford (60), Dean Knight (46), Dave Juniper (57), Gary Blackwood (55), Graham Crawley (40), Andy Cooper (69), Scott Owen (68), Rob Bourne (56), Ricky Clark (Newtown SC A) 48 in 3.

Results: Div 1: Chichester Snooker Club B 8 Wheatsheaf 7; Div 2: Friary C 7 POW B 10; Claremont Cobras 14 Chi Snooker A 1; Div 3: Newtown SC A 12 Claremont B 5; Chi Snooker C 12 Richmond Rebels 5; Ship Inn 5 Newtown SC X 11.