Darts: Perfect pairings team up for knockout prizes

Mixed pairs winners Laura Macintosh and Gary Blackwood
Mixed pairs winners Laura Macintosh and Gary Blackwood

The Benevolent League’s Sandy Carter mixed pairs memorial knockout took place at Newtown Social Club.

A total of 68 players - 34 pairs - took part, beating last year’s record turnout by one pair.

With last year’s winners going out in round two, and none of last year’s quarter-finalists getting that far again, the last eight comprised players from Chi Snooker, Bognor Sports Club, Old Barn, Richmond, Claremont and BRSA.

The first semi-final saw Hayley and Chris Gatford (Chi Snooker B) take on Caz Taylor (Richmond Rebels) and Lee Clark (Old Barn).

The Gatfords have won this knockout twice, in 2005-06 and 2007-08, and were runners-up in 2010-11, but have had a poor run in the past two years. Taylor and Clark also lost in the first round last year and last summer. This semi saw Taylor and Clark make their way to the final in an excellent game of darting mastery from both sides.

The second semi-final pitched Laura Macintosh and Gary Blackwood (Claremont Cobras) against Alice Todd and Mark R Todd (BRSA Ravens).

Macintosh and Blackwood won last summer’s mixed pairs knockout and were looking for the double, but despite two big scores putting them in the lead they lost the first leg to the Todds.

The second leg saw Macintosh and Blackwood go more than 200 points into the lead after three throws and easily get the double. The last leg saw a closer game, but the double from Blackwood put them into the final.

In the final, a pint glass was accidentally dropped near the stage which put Clark off his throw. Double trouble then appeared for Macintosh and Blackwood which allowed Taylor with a score of 85 and Clark with 100 also get to their double. But it was too late as Blackwood hit his double to take the first leg.

The second leg was closer for most of the scoring, but in just four minutes, the double was hit by the Claremont duo who took the win and the knockout title for the first time as a pair - the second time for Blackwood.

Full results are available at www.bognor-darts.co.uk

Tuesday Double In Double Out Darts League

Week 13’s best game came from Gary Blackwood (Claremont) with 18 and 21 darts and a 25.69 average. Highest in shot was by Stuart Grey (Old Barn) with 120 and highest out shot was by Garry Pay (Royal Oak) 130.

Results: Div 1 - Hunston Club 7 Chi Snooker A 2; Claremont 9 Lamb Steyne 0; Royal Oak 7 Old Barn 2. Div 2 - Cabin 4 Newtown SC 5; Neptune 4 Richmond Raiders 5; Richmond A 3 BRSA Ravens 6.

Other stats: Div 1 - best game - Nathan Warren (Claremont) 15 & 32 darts (21.32 av); Gary Blackwood (Claremont) 18 & 21 darts (25.69 av); Richard Ragless (Royal Oak) 19 & 23 darts (23.86 av); Pat O’Hara (Hunston Club) 21 & 23 darts (22.77 av). 180s - Mike Hales (Claremont); Ashley Clements (Old Barn). High in shots - Stuart Grey (Old Barn) 120; Dave Owens (Royal Oak) 112; Micky Rowland (Royal Oak) 112; Lee Clark (Old Barn) 110; Neil Conn (Lamb Steyne) 101; Richard Ragless (Royal Oak) 100; Dave Mitchell (Royal Oak) 100. High out shots - Garry Pay (Royal Oak) 130; Nathan Warren (Claremont) 116; Rob Misselbrook (Hunston Club) 110; Gary Blackwood (Claremont) 103 & 101. Div 2 - best game - Ian Hackett (Richmond Raiders) 21 & 33 darts (16.18 av); Dave Bourne (BRSA Ravens) (26 & 27 darts) (18.91 av); Trish Kidd (Cabin) (22 & 36 darts) (17.28 av); Steve Aizlewood (Newtown SC) (25 & 33 darts) (17.28 av); Rob Palmer (Cabin) 27 & 31 darts (17.28 av); Phil Hayers (Neptune) 19 & 32 darts (19.65 av). 180s - Rob Palmer (Cabin) 2; Brian Bircham (Neptune). High in shots: Colin Ragless (Richmond Raiders) 112; Alex Norgett (Newtown SC) 112; Pete Butcher (Cabin) 106; Lee Hellyer (Richmond A) 100; Russ Bichard (Neptune) 100.