Darts: Crown can’t be crowned

WITH only the runners-up spot up for grabs in division one of the Tuesday Night Double-in League, second place went to The Crown, who cannot be overhauled by Royal Oak.

In the singles, The Royal Oak and Chi Snooker B are both on 57 points. They play each other in the final week to determine second place. If it ends 3-3, it goes to Oak on fewest legs lost.

In the pairs, Chi Snooker A are on 29 and the Crown 28.

Results: Felpham Tavern 0 Crown Snooker 9; Richmond Raiders 1 Claremont 8; Chi Snooker A 1 Royal Oak 8.

In division two, The Old Barn have squeezed into the lead on countback matches. They can take the win by beating The Wheatsheaf next week. If not, the Lamb Steyne will have to beat the Richmond A to win. In the singles there are three teams in contention. The Old Barn are on 66, Lamb Steyne 64 and Chi Snooker C on 63.

Next week The Old Barn play The Wheatsheaf, Lamb Stenye play Richmond A and Chi Snooker C play the Legionnaires. Even The Cabin could take second.

In the pairs the win will go to the Lamb Steyne, who have 37, and runner-ups will be The Old Barn, with 33.

Results: The Cabin 6 Wheatsheaf 3; The Old Barn 5 Chi Snooker C 4; Legionnaires 6 Richmond A 3.

Top performance of the week came Gary Blackwood (Claremont) with 15 and 19 darts and a match-winning 29.47 average.

Other top performances: Dave Mitchell (17 & 34 darts), Adi Linfield (18 & 24), Pete Mitchell (19), Dave Owens (18 & 24), Richard Ragless (20 & 29), Mark Sheppard (20 & 34), Ben Marley (22 & 25), Les Totham (23 & 34), Connor Durham (23 & 49), Joe Osman (23), Andy Kilvington (23), Vince Goddings (24 & 28), Richard Pennells (26 & 27). Highest in shots: Graeme Dutton (116), Dave Mitchell (112), Dave Owens (112), Darren Rich (105), Gary Blackwood (103), Nick Hales (102), Pete Mitchell (100), Paula Duckett (118), Keelan Belcher (112), Vince Goddings (111), Tom O’Sullivan (108), Russ Jays (107), Joe Osman (102), Andy Kilvington (100). Highest out shot: Andy Stubbs (142), Dave Owens (124), Darren Rich (100). 180s: Nick Spicer, Peter Hall.