Darts: Claremont and Newtown set for busy finals night

THE Tuesday Double-in League divisional pairs knockouts attracted good turnouts.

There were 13 pairings took part in the division-one knockout. Some of the pairs showed why their teams were top of the league and made their way into the semi-finals.

The first saw Gary Blackwood and Cliff Prior from the Claremont take on Dave Mitchell and Derek Longhurst from the Royal Oak. Blackwood, No1 in the averages, and Prior, the only player to have a basic average over 20, swept to the final.

The second semi was between Adi Linfield and Connor Durham from Chi Snooker A and Ben Marley and Lee Franklin from the Claremont. Marley and Franklin joined their team-mates in the final.

Finals night takes place at the end of the season and will be a busy night for the Claremont. So far they have players in the finals of the team knockout, trebles knockout and now the pairs knockout.

In division two there were 14 pairs on the oche.

In the first semi-final Andy Whiteley and Jack Danahar from Chi Snooker C came up against Alex Norgett and Lewis Campling from the Newtown Social Club.

Whiteley, No2 in the league, and Danahar made a meal of it and home venue pair Norgett and Campling made their way to the final.

The second semi-final saw Gary Pay and Arthur Clark from Chi Snooker C take on Micky Rowland and Daz Whiting from the Aldwick British Legion. Rowland and Whiting took the early lead and Pay and Clark pulled it back to the third leg.

The final leg saw the Legion pair take an early lead but struggle on their double, letting Pay and Clark finish the leg off and make the final.

Newtown have players in the finals of the team knockout, trebles knockout and now the pairs knockout.

Friday Benevolent League

Week 12’s top performance was from Gary Blackwood (Claremont Cobras) with 17 & 18 darts and a match-winning average of 28.63.

Other top performances: Nick Wyatt (15 & 31) darts; Lee Franklin (18 & 23); Chris Gatford (19 & 24); Chris Williams (20 & 22); Geoff

Bennett (21 & 22); Darren Baldwin (21 & 24); Andy Cooke (25 & 26); Colin Mace (25 & 26); Keith Burgess (26 & 28); Dave Sopp (26 & 28); Nathan Warren (22 & 25); Keith Robinson (23 & 24); Graham Crawley (26 & 26); Brian Laker (30 & 31); Lee Clark (17 & 24); Richard Pennells (25 & 30); Mark H Todd (26 & 31); Alex Norgett (23 & 32).

Highest out shots: Lee Franklin (120); Gary Blackwood (101); Nick Wyatt (100).

180s: Nick Wyatt; Pete Cunningham.

Results: Div 1: POW Z 18 Legion A 0; Royal Oak A 10 POW D 12; Chi Snooker B 9 Claremont 14. Div 2: ASC 5 Chi Snooker A 17; Newtown SC A 16 POW B 4; Chi Snooker C 15 Newtown SC X 5. Div 3: R Royals 14 R Rebels 9; BRSA B 6 Aldwick Barn 14; Aldwick Legion 12 BRSA II 0.