Crablands sent spinning out of Top Club contest

A visitor tries his hand at bowling during Middleton Bowls Club's open session for sports club members
A visitor tries his hand at bowling during Middleton Bowls Club's open session for sports club members

Crablands had disappointing results in the first round of the Top Club, going out to Southwick Park

Singles: E Sadler lost 21-20; Pairs: M Bateman, C Bowles lost 21-17; Triples: V Tyrrell, B Chandler, S Blyth lost 15-12; Fours: C Lewendon, J Lindley, J Rawlins, S Jones won 29-9.

Crablands 70 Pagham 81

Crablands men took six points in the men’s league.

Scores: N Reynolds, R Osborn, J Saunders, A Bateman won 23-18; J Tyrrell, L Lewendon, J Harman, I Jones lost 28-8; B Berry, P Blackman, A Blyth, K Bailey won 20-19; D Martin, R Shambrook, A Humphreys, R Eastland won 19-16.

Crablands 77 Marine Gardens 71

Another good result for the Crablands men saw them take six points from Marine Gardens.

Scores: N Reynolds, D Aylward, J Saunders, D Adams won 24-11; E Potz, R Shambrook, A Humphreys, R Eastland lost 22-11; J Tyrrell, L Lewendon, J Harman, I Jones won 24-13; B Berry, P Blackman, A Blyth, K Bailey lost 25-18.

Crablands 68 Witterings 74

Only four league points were taken by Crablands men against local rivals Wittering.

Scores: J Tyrrell, L Lewendon, J Harman, I Jones lost 22-14; B Berry, P Blackman, A Blyth, K Bailey won 22-19; M Campbell, R Osborn, A Bateman, D Adams won 23-14; E Potz, N Reynolds, A Humphreys, R Eastland lost 19-9.

Crablands 53 Chichester 72

Chichester took the overall win from four rinks of friendlies.

Scores: C Lewendon, S Blyth, K Bailey lost 20-5 to B Taylor, F Downing, P White (skip); L Lewendon, R Osborn, J Byrne beat M Davis, R Manning, C Porter (skip) 18-10; M Whittle, J Harman, I Jones lost 25-7 to T Wiseman, T Haigh, R Manning (skip); G Humphreys, A Blyth, C Bowles beat J Walters, M Schofield, C Wade (skip) 23-17.

Crablands 85 Pagham 65

Playing BML and C&M Trophy League games at the same time, Crablands took six and four points respectively.

Scores (BML): G Humphreys, J Saunders, M Heasman won 19-17; E Sadler, P Farrow, J Byrne won 21-14; (C&M): C Lewendon, M Back, S Jones, C Bowles won 32-14; M Bateman, J Lindley, C Ruler, S Blyth lost 20-13.

Crablands 55 Little Spain 75

The sun shone when the two clubs from Selsey met in a friendly.

Scores: D Martin, M Bateman, B Chandler lost 21-14; B Neate, D Aylward, S Blyth won 20-12; P Jones, T Ford, C Ruler lost 17-15.

Field Place 87 Crablands 69

This men’s league match saw Crablands win only on one rink, gaining two points.

Scores: B Berry, R Neate, P Farrow, J Saunders lost 29-15; T Ford, P Blackman, R Shambrook, R Eastland lost 21-17; J Tyrrell, L Lewendon, J Harman, I Jones won 21-19; E Potz, C Pestle, A Humphreys, K Bailey lost 18-16.


A ladies’ two-rink C&M Trophies League match versus Lancing ended in a 43-34 win for Pagham.

Pagham’s men, playing in the LG League, fielded four rinks versus Worthing Pavilion and won 82-48, picking up ten points.

Scores: P Langridge, G Courtney, M Adams, P Mayoss won 24-12; N Terry, R Osment, J Fox, L Hall won 20-11; T Wells, T Plows, J Newell, R Friday won 19-12; R Pearson, B Smith, G Stevens, M English won 19-13.

Two mixed triples played in the BM League against Crablands but lost 40-31.

Scores: A Burrell, J Stocker, D Vaughan lost 21-14; J Sales, M Adams, L Hall lost 19-17.


Worthing A 74 Bognor A 75

Bognor A had a fantastic win at Worthing in an LG League division-one game, winning on one rink, drawing on one and losing on the other two but still winning the game by one shot.

Scores: D Parker, J Whitfield, B Hey, R Bell (skip) lost 20-19; D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner (skip) won 25-14; T Arnold, K. Hellyer, S Soames, T Moore (skip) lost 24-15; R Lincoln, K Taylor, J Christensen, A Richardson (skip) drew 16-16.

Witterings 69 Bognor 82

Bognor were made very welcome by their hosts at Witterings in this friendly.

Scores: R Lincoln, J Colebrook-Taylor, M Johnson, R Bell (skip) won 19-15; D Dalton, N Waddock, J Christensen, K Taylor (skip) won 24-14; D Jackson, P Hasler, D Ford, S Soames (skip) won 24-16; A Harrison, J Johnston, J Parry, J Jackson (skip) lost 24-15.

Bognor 108 Sussex VPs 112

This game was played in great spirit despite the downpours.

Scores: B Harvey, A Knight, J Christensen, B Hey (skip) won 18-17; N Burchfell, J Johnston, G Cook, A Richardson (skip) drew 20-20; S Webster, P Hasler, D Ford, D Matkins (skip) lost 24-11; T Love, J Colebrook-Taylor, D Parker, S Soames (skip) won 23-13; K Heller, R Philpot, D Purse, J Parry (skip) lost 23-19; D Jackson, G Dunham, N Waddock, K Taylor (skip) won 17-15.

Bognor 88 Buckinghamshire 117

Bognor entertained a very good Buckinghamshire county side but won on only one rink.

Scores: G Herrington, G Dunham, J Christensen, R Bell (skip) won 22-13; D Dalton, P Dale, B Daley, J Edwards (skip) lost 20-19; R Lincoln, J Johnson, P Hasler, M Johnson (skip) lost 17-14; N Burchfell, J Colebrook-Taylor, P Philips, S Soames (skip) lost 21-11; B Harvey, R Philpot, D Purse, J Parry (skip) lost 22-10; T Love, A Knight, G Cook, D Matkins (skip) lost 24-12.

Tarring Priory A 96 Bognor A 75

Bognor won by 20 shots on one rink but lost on all the other rinks in this LG League division-one match, only managing two league points.

Scores: D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner (skip) lost 27-14; R Lincoln, K Taylor, J Christensen, A Richardson (skip) lost 30-14; T Arnold, K Hellyer, S Soames, T Moore (skip) won 34-14; D Parker, J Whitfield, B Hey, R Bell (skip) lost 25-13.


Arundel 54 Bognor 32

Arundel took six points from a league game.

Scores: E McRae 27 J Spiers 19; A Olliver 27 M Phillips 13.


Chichester A 90 Worthing Pavilion B 63

Chichester A were always ahead in their home Littlehampton Gazette League division-one match against Worthing Pavilion B, taking all ten points with a 27-shot victory.

Scores: C Porter, M Bowden, C Keedwell, D Leach (skip) won 23-17; M Bayfield, M Lewis, S Tooley, D Schofield (skip) won 19-17; P Whale, S Meyer, P White, K Burt (skip) won 24-18; G Buckle, B Talmage, B Butler, J Larkin (skip) won 24-11.

Worthing A 92 Chichester A 62

Chichester A got off to a bad start in their Littlehampton Gazette League first-division match away to Worthing A and although they came close on several occasions they could never catch their opponents and came away with no points.

Scores: M Bayfield, M Lewis, D Schofield, T Sayers (skip) lost 20-13; G Buckle, B Talmage, B Butler, J Larkin (skip) lost 25-18; N Anderson, C Porter, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) lost 25-12; P Whale, S Meyer, P White, K Burt (skip) lost 22-19.

Norfolk 28 Chichester 34

Playing away to Norfolk in the BM League, Chichester won on one rink but lost on the second – however they took four of the six points for the overall win.

Scores: Jean Hole, Wendy Adams & Dave Schofield won 21-9; Debbie Hogg, Betty Spicer & Mike Bayfield lost 19-13.


When you have to battle through two days of knockout bowls, fine weather is a distinct plus. And so it was at the weekend for Middleton’s mixed triples club championships.

Not until 5pm on Sunday did the winners emerge from a tense and close-fought final which pitched two married couples against each other with David Wilkins, Ron Wootten and June Jackson beating John Shearer, Mary Wootten and Stan Jackson 17-14.

Middleton 42 Norfolk 28

Soon after Middleton had suffered a narrow home defeat to Norfolk, it was pleasing to chalk up an away win this time around in the BM League. Middleton took all six points.

Scores: L Hills, B Wilkinson, R Wootten won 20-12; G Smith, P Josephs, J Wilson won 22-16.

Middleton 46 Crablands 67

Crablands came away with victory from this mixed triples friendly, winning three games to one.

Scores: J Jackson, D Saunders, G Addicott lost 18-6; T Galloway, P Josephs, B Bravington lost 22-10; R Payne, J Mathieson, A Steventon lost 15-13; J Bumfrey, J Oldridge, N Robertson won 17-12.


Middleton are holding a series of open evenings held by the bowls section to which other members of Middleton Sports Club are invited to come along and try their hand at bowls. The latest, pictured, was very well-attended.


Holloway Hill 51 Midhurst 49

Midhurst’s winning streak in the Three Counties League came to an end when they narrowly lost at Holloway Hill by two shots.

Scores: Malcolm Hutchings, John Pearce & Gerald Dixon lost 22-15; Peter West, Catherin Dixon & Terry Berry lost 15-14; Howard Seymour, Margaret Sole & Dave King won 20-12.

Midhurst 69 Billingshurst 63

In a midweek friendly, Midhurst entertained Billingshurst and won by six shots.

Scores: Stella Tait, Roy Ralph & Malcolm Hutchings won 20-10; Jack Jurado, Jean Adams & Terry Berry won 15-14; Alan Rickets, Sue Ralph & Margery Hayward lost 24-15; Lally Mercer, Mike Ryan & Phil Kingswell won 19-15.


Haslemere 30 West Dean 60

West Dean won on all three rinks at Surrey.

Scores: Ann Hiscock, Pam Sharrod, John Butterworth (s) won 20-9; Brian Adams, Chris Warrington, Tony Boxall (s) won 19-9;

Andy Woods, David Turner, David Harding (s) won 21-12.

West Dean 39 Stedham 60

West Dean managed a win on only one rink at home to Stedham.

Scores: Pam Beardmore, Andy Woods, John Butterworth (s) won 21-15; Clare Beardmore, Pam Sharrod, Tony Boxall (s) lost 20-12; Ann Hiscock, Ian Morrison, David Harding (s) lost 25-6.


Wittering 48 Southbourne 25

On a very cold evening Wittering had a convincing win in the BM League and gained six points.

Scores: P Folan, C Jelf, J Derkatsch (s) beat Mary Thornton, Jim Jennings, Margaret Odell (s) 29-12; L Swift, J Mulligan, A Gander (s) beat Irene Jennings, Ted Dewing, John Staker (s) 19-13.

Wittering 83 Field Place 76

Wittering won two rinks, lost one and drew one, resulting in an overall win of seven shots and seven points.

Scores: F Bray, G Murphy, J Langworthy, E Shoyer (s) drew 19-19; M King, A Gander, R Stephens, B Horsley (s) lost 23-15;

P Chivers, C Jelf, L Bangs, D Bell (s) won 22-18; G Morgan, M White, F Knotts, J Hostler (s) won 27-16.

Wittering 38 RAFA 37

A close BM League match saw Wittering win by one shot and gain two points.

Scores: T Nixon, D Leach, C Tuffin (s) lost 22-17; L Swift, A Gander, C Horsley (s) won 21-15.


Norfolk 61 Southbourne 92

In the Littlehampton Gazette League division-one, Southbourne had an excellent match winning on three of the four rinks to take eight points. In last year’s match at Norfolk, Southbourne lost on all four rinks.

Scores: Dave Walter, Alan Williams, Eddie Neuts, Dave Alner (s) won 23-12; Richard Galloway, Mark Soper, Rodney Bull, Robin Armstrong (s) won 28-16; Peter Jasinski, Dave Young, Dave Fewell, John Simmonds (s) won 23-11; John Hardy, Ted Dewing, Andy Smith, Paul Butler (s) lost 22-18.

Southbourne 86 West Dean 48

Southbourne had a home friendly against West Dean and on a fine evening an enjoyable match of bowls was followed by supper.

Scores: Pam Roden, Len Mates, Rodney Bull (s) won 14-13; Mary Thornton, Jim Jennings, Audrey Bull (s) won 37-7; Colin Bulbeck, Irene Jennings, John Staker (s) won 24-11; Joan Frost, Gordon Fisher, Ted Dewing (s) lost 17-11.


Fittleworth held their annual pairs competition. After some very close scoring, the winners were Sheila Allen and Bernard Adsett.

Second on countback were Pauline Gilpin & Peter Cook, ahead of Audrey Hodgson and Brian Ball and Nancy Goodyer and Tony Broughton.

Rogate 70 Fittleworth 24

Scores: Tessa Clegg, Nancy Goodyer, Bernard Adsett lost 17-10; Audrey Hodgson, Pauline Gilpin, Gina Barnfield lost 26-5; Jane Adsett, Tony Broughton, Sue Judd lost 27-9.