Chichester win Gladys Rowland contest - Telepost take Holbrook crown

Telepost's Holbrook Cup winners
Telepost's Holbrook Cup winners

Chichester’s awesome foursome Pam Rampton, Jean Hole, Betty Spicer and April Janman won the Gladys Rowland Memorial Trophy final at Burgess Hill.

They were 6-0 down after four ends but picked up a six on the fifth end and from then on restricted The Drive to just another three shots, resulting in a comprehensive win.

East Preston 29 Chichester 43

Chichester ladies took two rinks to East Preston for their last friendly of the season.

Scores: P Rampton, R Manning, S Baverstock, A Janman won 19-13; C Hobbs, M Maggs, B Spicer, W Adams won 24-16.

Chichester 54 Bognor 25

In their last C&M League game, Chichester ladies won on both rinks taking all six points to secure their position as winners of the league.

Scores: C Hobbs, M Maggs, J Hole, W Adams won 31-11; R Manning, R Bayfielf, B Spicer, A Janman won 23-14.


Crablands 99 Beach Park 68

Crablands men had a good win in their friendly against Beach Park with top rink going to John Harman’s team

Scores: A Blyth, A Humphreys, B Foyle,

D Adams won 27-14; R Neate, L Lewendon, D Clacey, R Humphreys won 25-18; B Berry, C Pestle, R Eastland, J Harman won 31-13; E Potz, J Tyrrell, R Shambrook, J Saunders lost 23-16.

Crablands 78 Worthing Pavillion 74

The last league game of the season for Crablands men saw a win by four shots, with two rinks winning and two losing.

Sunday’s action was affected by heavy rain and strong winds.

Scores: A Blyth, B Berry, B Foyle, D Adams lost 18-15; D Clacey, R Shambrook, K Bailey, R Humphrey won 29-15; L Dray, A Humphreys, M Heasman, J Saunders won 22-21; B Jones, C Pestle, R Eastland, J Harman lost 20-12.

At Crablands’ finals weekend, Marion Brown was the lady of the moment, winning in all three pairs finals.

Winners & runners-up: Millennium Trophy (mixed pairs): Brian Berry & Mollie Back 21, Jim Tyrrell & Val Tyrrell 13; Elston Shield (mixed pairs): Wally Obermayer & Marion Brown 30, Derek Adams & Eve Clifton 11;

Bert Jones two-wood drawn mixed pairs: Dave Martin & Marion Brown 15, Keith Bailey & Mollie Back 9; Sainsbury Trophy (ladies two-wood): Barbara Chandler 11, Carol Bowles 10; Dickinson Cup (men’s two-wood): Billy Jones 12, Alan Bateman 10; Village Cup (non-winners’ singles): Joan Taylor 21, Mollie Back 18; JET Cup (men’s pairs): Alan Blyth & Doug Muncey 18, Billy Jones & Derek Eggleton 11; Alan Kite (mixed triples): Alan Bateman, Ron Osborn, Barbara Neate 21, Jim Tyrrell, Val Tyrrell, Pat Jones 13; Gladys Hoare Trophy (ladies’ singles): Jackie Rawlins 21, Grace Humphreys 10; Turtle Cup (men’s singles): Richard Humphrey 21, Derek Adams 20; Mary Cale Trophy (ladies pairs): Marion Brown & Joan Taylor 23, Val Dudman & Sheila Jones 18.


Middleton 104 Aldingbourne 59

Middleton’s last match in the LG League at home saw them take nine points.

Scores: G Addicott, D Gower, J Graham, J Wilson won 23-11; K Jenkins, N Robertson, T Finch, M Feneley won 23-17; R Payne, R Wheeler, K Baker, R Wootton won 35-8; S Jackson, D Wilkins, A Nurse, G Smith won 23-22.

Middleton 61 Maltravers 31

In the C&M Trophy, Middleton ladies won on both rinks to take all six points.

Scores: L Lush, J Oldridge, R Gregory, J Gower 32-16; D Jenkins, A Steventon, I Smith, M Wootton 29-15; (friendly): M Fox, M Bravington, J Mathieson, M Smythson 16-13.

In the final C&M Trophy match at home to Wittering, Middleton won 57-24 to take all six points.

Scores: D Jenkins, P Hollingsworth, I Smith, M Wootton 36-6; P Eccles, J Oldridge, A Steventon, J Gower 21-18.

Middleton’s men won three friendlies.

Middleton 66 Worthing B 63

Scores: C Knowles, K Baker, R Wootton lost 21-13; D Saunders, T Finch, N Robertson lost 18-13; K Jenkins, B Bravington, J Graham won 18-14; V Garhard, A Nurse, J Wilson won 22-10.

East Preston 52 Middleton 58

Scores: L Oldridge, J Oldridge, T Finch, M Feneley lost 23-15; H Hollingsworth, G Steventon, A Nurse, J Graham won 25-12; C Knowles, B Bravington, J Wilson won 18-17.

Middleton 65 Witterings 41

Scores: D Saunders, N Robertson, G Addicott, D Gower won 18-14; C Knowles, L Oldridge, B Bravington, J Graham drew 19-19; H Hollingsworth, K Jenkins, A Nurse won 28-8.


Godalming 97 Bognor 45

Bognor travelled to Godalming for a friendly but the Surrey turf proved too much for them as they lost on all four rinks.

Scores: Jan Filbrook, Jon Taylor, G Dunham, N Waddock lost 34-6; R Philpot, P White, J Gilpin, R Fulbrook lost 25-13; J Stacy, Win Bury, J Pickard, T Rexall lost 16-15; Rita Waddock, A Harrison, D Jackson, Penny Jones lost 22-11.

Fishbourne 49 Bognor 30

Bognor went to Fishbourne for a BM League match with an extra three rinks as friendlies.

Bognor lost both league rinks but in the friendlies they won two rinks to one with a shot score of 69-50.

Scores: Penny Lewis, A Oliver, P Dale lost 21-20; G Dunham, Jan Whitfield, J Whitfirle lost 25-10; J Smith, Rita Waddock, G Verrinder lost 28-15; Joan Shaw, J Weatherall, A Richardson won 34-4; A Knight, R Gardner, N Waddock won 20-12.


Worthing Pavilion Ladies 54 Witterings Ladies 67

Witterings won a four-triples friendly at Worthing Pavilion, winning two and losing two. This was the ladies’ last friendly of the season.

Scores: J Mulligan, B Newman & C Tuffin (s) won 17-12; M Cruickshank, M Mulligan & P Lillywhite (s) won 23-10; G Porter, P Hutton & C Horsley (s) lost 14-13; L Boyles, M Corbett & M Aylward (s) lost 18-14.

Witterings 104 Worthing Pavilion C 64

Witterings men had an impressive win in a Littlehampton Gazette League match against Worthing. They won on three of the four rinks and gained eight points.

Scores: G Morgan, M White, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) won 25-13; F Bray, B Curtis, R Stephens & J Slogrove (s) won 30-18; P Chivers, C Jelf, S Hooker & B Horsley (s) won 27-10; J Hardy, T Mulligan, J Langworthy & L Bangs (s) lost 23-22.

Lancing 78 Witterings 63

Witterings men played their last Littlehampton Gazette League match of the season at Lancing. Each team won on two rinks and Lancing won on overall shots. Witterings gained 4 points and the scores of our winning rinks are below. Witterings finished fourth on 80 points.

Scores: G Morgan, M White, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) won 24-14; P Chivers, C Jelf, S Hooker & D Bell (s) won 25-10.


Fishbourne 44 Bognor 69

Fishbourne won on the BM League rinks by 19 shots, gaining six points.

Scores: J Conway, P Massey, P Winter won 21-20; A Whitney, T Gaffney, P White won 28-0; R Stone, T White, R Beasley lost 20-12; I Roberts, W White, N Saunders lost 34-4; M Beasley, D Humphreys, B Wallsgrove won 28-15.

Emsworth 79 Fishbourne 65

Scores: S Wingate, J Conway, P White lost 19-17; C Lankshear, J Wingate, M Howard lost 21-19; M Keane, G Collins, M Bleach lost 22-9; N Saunders, A Saunders, B Wallsgrove won 20-17.

Fishbourne 96 Pagham 77

Scores: S Wingate, A Marsh, B Wallsgrove lost 32-12; M Beasley, F Heil, P Massey won 30-14; N Saunders, A Saunders, P White lost 16-11; J Wingate, J Conway, P Winter won 21-14; K Ridley, S Heil, R Beasley won 22-10.


Telepost’s fine season continued with an excellent 57-43 win over Arundel in the Holbrook Cup final at Stedham. Telepost thanked Stedham for their hospitality.

Scores: D Batchelor, F Moore, D Moore won 25-4; P Kibby, T Tack, R Streeter lost 26-15; C Mann, M Kibby, B Paige won 17-13.

In other matches, Telepost lost 56-51 at Fittleworth but won 73-47 at Maltravers.


Fittleworth won on only one rink, but won the match overall by three shots thanks to an excellent score on rink one.

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Sheila Allen, Sue Judd won 29-7; Ron Jones, Gina Barnfield, David Herbert lost 19-14; Jane Adsett, Pauline Gilpin, Alan Jordan lost 24-10.


In the C&M League Pagham beat Maltravers 39-33.

Scores: Sabina Livermore, Janet Boucher, Marlene Steel, Iris Brooker drew 16-16; Diana Mitchell, Pat Friday, Sheila Stocker, Gill Conley won 23-17.

In the BM League, Pulborough lost 37-28.

Scores: Maureen King, Eric King, Mike English lost 19-18; Pat Friday, Iris Brooker, Ron Friday lost 18-10.


The race for the division-one title is still wide open. Norfolk failed to take any points at Arundel and only two at Chichester while Pulborough and Chichester both won.

This leaves Norfolk in the lead by two points from Pulborough, who have a game in hand, and by three points from Chichester.

At the bottom it is any two from Aldingbourne, Pagham and Arundel for relegation with Aldingbourne needing good results from their remaining three games to escape.

In division two the promotion race is settled. Fishbourne, needing two points for the championship, took all six from Bognor and maintained their unbeaten record for the season.

Crablands took four points from Hotham to overtake Middleton for the second promotion spot.

Results: Div 1: Chichester 31 (4pts) Norfolk 30 (2pts) (Spicer 21 Smith 12; Bayfield 10 Cooper 18); Pagham 28 Pulborough 37 (6pts) (English 18 Brown 19; Friday 10 Ansett 18); Norfolk 28 Arundel 33 (6pts) (Botting 13 Mills 14; Ayling 15 Heal 19).

Div 2: Crablands 36 (4pts) Hotham 32 (2pts) (S Blyth 12 Hannam 19; A Blyth 24 Ewers 13); Fishbourne 49 (6pts) Bognor 30 (White 28 Whitfield 10; Winter 21 Dale 20); Hotham 38 (2pts) RAFA 40 (4pts) (Sayers 11 Gaskin 26; Hannam 27 Batcock 14).

Tables: Div 1: 1 Norfolk p9 33pts; 2 Pulborough p8 31; 3 Chichester p9 30; 4 Arundel p9 23; 5 Pagham p8 20;

6 Aldingbourne p7 13. Div 2: 1 Fishbourne p9 46; 2 Crablands p10 39; 2 Middleton p10 36; 4 Hotham p10 19;

5 RAFA p10 18; 4 Bognor p9 16.


Div 1: Norfolk (4pts) 45 Aldingbourne (2pts) 37 (A Parsons 30 J Whetstone 15; J Taffurelli 15 L Hathaway 22); Middleton (6pts) 57 Witterings 24 (M Wootten 36 C Tuffin 6; J Gower 21 C Horsley 18); Pagham (5pts) 39 Maltravers (1pt) 33 (I Brooker 16 B Butcher 16; G Conley 23 F Steel 17); Chichester (6pts) 54 Bognor 25 (W Adams 31 J Spiers 11; A Janman 23 M Phillips 14); Norfolk (3pts) 39 Pagham (3pts) 39 (A Parsons 24

I Brooker 19; J Taffurelli 15 G Conley 20).

Div 2: Worthing Pavilion (6pts) 50 Shoreham 24 (M Greenfield 22 D Howe 16; J Garwood 28 J Daintree 8); Worthing Pavilion (4pts) 48 Beach Park (2pts) 36 (C Artley 29 G Webb 11; L Wallace 19 H Jones 25).