Chichester’s victory is Maid in second-half comeback

Luke Matthew in possession for Chichester against Maidstone
Luke Matthew in possession for Chichester against Maidstone

With Chichester having a bare minimum of 11 players, even the fact Maidstone were bottom-of-the-league didn’t hide the fact their visit to Kingsham wasn’t going to be a straightforward game for Chichester.

Eventually the hosts triumphed 4-2 to cement their position well up south premier division one.

Happily they won through in the end thanks to goals from Martin Gough, James Lunn and Cameron Mead (2).

Chichester dominated the first ten minutes, scoring quickly to go 1-0 ahead.

However, Chichester decided to sit back and rest, allowing two soft short corners to be conceded which Maidstone capitalised on.

The Kent visitors had the momentum and went on to dominate the remainder of the first half against a lacklustre Chichester.

The second half proved to be a different story, though.

First-team debut-making defender Ed Hodge settled into the game to give confidence to the defence to press forward.

With better pass-and-move hockey from Chichester and selfless leads from forward Gough, this helped Chichester place greater pressure on Maidstone, who eventually conceded again to make the score 2-2.

Chichester continued to pile forward and Maidstone lost discipline and had three yellow cards awarded against them as a result.

This allowed Chichester to regain the lead.

And within the last five minutes, Chichester passed the ball around the tired Maidstone defence, transferring the ball from right to left and then across the D for Lunn to pop into space and hit the fourth. In the end, it was a deserved win which continues the city’ side’s good form