Chichester High School athletes make cup progress

George Cody in hurdling action
George Cody in hurdling action

ATHLETES from Chichester High School for Boys have qualified for the regional final of the National Track and Field Cup at Crawley after some great performances in the first round.

Their team comprises 14 athletes each covering two events.

The junior boys team was expected to struggle but they managed to finish all events. Best performers were Jack Godolphin in the hurdles and the high jump, Oli Larsen in the 400m and the shot.

The inter boys team is undergoing a restructuring period but there were good performances from Sam Dean and Andrew Bysouth in the high jump, Ted Maddocks in the long jump, and Craig Newson and George Cody in the triple jump.

Rayn Osman in the shot and Isted with his debut in the hammer also shone. George Humphrey secured good points in the discus and Josh James threw the javelin 39.40.

In the afternoon they moved to the track where Bysouth flew in the hurdles, Maddocks ran a 12.2sec 100m, Henry Matthews-Smith ran 25.2sec in the 200m collected 20 points and Newson picked up a further 18 points with a 25.6 200m. Rayn Osman blitzed the 400m in 58sec while James dominated the 1,500m and clocked 4.35, supported by Jolyon Dannatt.

Danny Graham blew the field away with the performance of the day in the 800m – he run a 1.01 opening lap to open up a 50m gap on the rest of the field which he kept up.

The team achieved 392 points, which qualifies them for next week’s regional finals.