Chichester Bowmen are bang on target to land archery title

Chichester Bowmen & Friars' Gate Archery Club
Chichester Bowmen & Friars' Gate Archery Club

Chichester Bowmen hosted the final round of division one of the Albion League against Friars’ Gate Archery Club from East Sussex.

Shooting 108 arrows with three dozen at 80, 60 and 50 yards respectively, strong winds made shooting difficult but there were some high scores from both teams.

As in the previous two rounds, archers using compound bows had their scores adjusted by 100 points because of the higher accuracy of a compound bow, to enable mixed teams of compound and recurve archers to compete.

The highest four scores from each team counted towards the final result and allowing for the adjusted scores, top scorer for Friars’ Gate was Jim Kimpton with 866 out of 972. For Chichester Bowmen, Paul Johnson was the top archer with 827.

Chichester Bowmen scored 3,268 and Friars’ Gate 3,140.

With a third win from three rounds, the Bowmen were delighted to retain the title.