Bronze in Brazil is brilliant for Tim

Tim with coach Ivam celebrate his bronze
Tim with coach Ivam celebrate his bronze

CHICHESTER’S Tim Clemens is celebrating bronze at the Brazilian jiu jitsu European championships.

Clemens is Chichester through and through, having played for the city’s rugby club, gone to the college, and lived and been educated locally. He has a young family living just outside Chichester.

Clemens has always been competitive. He retired from a high standard of rugby having played at first-XV level at Oaklands Park – and moved from triathlons to Brazilian jiu jitsu retaining a competitive spirit.

He took up Brazilian jiu jitsu as he wanted a new challenge to which to apply his dedication and determination. Initially, Clemens went to a local club but he eventually joined the Brighton club run by Ivam Machiel – who is now his coach and who has a club in Chichester,

Clemens has taken part and medalled in several regional competitions at middle weight, a weight level slightly higher than that which he fought at in the European championships; where he continued to show impressive form.