Bowls: Life’s a beach at the park for Crablands

Chris Mayoss bowls for Pagham against Chichester  C140748-3
Chris Mayoss bowls for Pagham against Chichester C140748-3

We have action from ten clubs plus a Brooks Motors League update in our latest bowls round-up.

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Crablands 84 Worthing Beach Park 60

This was a good win for Crablands, taking eight of the available ten points.

Scores: P Blackman, C Pestle, I Jones, R Humphreys won 27-12; J Tyrrell, L Lewendon, A Blyth, D Adams won 20-11; P Farrow, J Saunders, A Bateman, M Heasman lost 22-20; N Renolds, A Humphreys, R Eastland, K Bailey won 17-15.

Crablands 50 Lancing 26

An exciting game against Lancing gave Crablands ladies all six league points.

Scores: C Lewendon, J Lindley, S Jones, C Bowles won 31-10; G Humphreys, M Bateman, S Blyth, C Ruler won 19-16.

Crablands 69 Middleton 66

In four friendly triples, a very close-fought game saw Crablands edge victory.

Scores: P Blackman, M Farrow, L Tuck lost 16-10; D Aylward, M Back, P Farrow drew 19-19; E Sadler, N Reynolds, R Osborn lost 19-15; N Crump, L Lewendon, I Jones won 25-12.

Crablands 44 Hotham 53

Hotham proved too strong for Crablands in the three mixed triples, losing overall by nine shots.

Scores: M Brand, P Blackman, I Jones lost 19-13; N Crump, L Lewendon, B Chandler lost 20-15; J Mitchell, R Osborn, N Reynolds won 16-14.

Crablands 101 Little Spain 98

Crablands played neighbours Little Spain in a well-fought friendly.

Scores: D Jonas, P Farrow, C Ruller won 16-14; N Reynolds, C Lewendon, A Humphreys won 25-12; G Humphreys, L Tuck, R Eastland won 25-7; T Ford, P Blackman, B Chandler lost 26-8; M Farrow, R Osborn, M Back lost 18-14; E Sadler, P Osborn, R Shambrook lost 21-13.


Chichester 79 Southbourne 74

In the quarter-finals of the PC Cup, Chichester did enough to win by five shots.

Scores: G Buckle, T Hardgrove, P Howick, J Larkin (skip) beat Pete Jasinski, John Staker, Dave Fewell, John Simmonds (s) 20-16; P Whale, S Meyer, M Bowden, B Butler (skip) beat Alan Williams, Dave Walter, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) 23-17; M Bayfield, B Talmage, S Tooley, D Schofield (skip) lost 27-18 to John Hardy, Eddy Neuts, Andy Smith, Paul Butler (s); N Anderson, C Keedwell, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) beat Richard Galloway, Mark Soper, Rodney Bull, Robin Armstrong (s) 18-14.

Storrington 116 Chichester B 57

Chichester B travelled to Storrington for a Littlehampton Gazette League division-three match and never really got going, returning with just two points.

Scores: T Jennings, T Wiseman, R Anscombe, C Wade (skip) lost 51-7; A Deller, T Haigh, B Money, M Hannant (skip) lost 26-16; J Walters, N Dearman, B Taylor, T Hardgrove (skip) won 19-16; A Daines, K Ball, L Etherington, T. Gaffney (skip) lost 23 - 15

Chichester B 74 Petworth 82

Chichester B were ahead on only one rink after 17 ends of their Littlehampton Gazette League division-three match at home to Petworth, but in a strange reversal of fortune they lost on this rink but two other rinks fought back to win giving Chichester four points.

Scores: A Deller, C Hulbert, B Money, M Hannant (skip) won 21-18; A Daines, B Manning, B Taylor, T Hardgrove (skip) lost 24-12; A Stewart, T Wiseman, C Wade, T Gaffney (skip) won 21-19; K Ball, L Etherington, T Haigh, P Merritt (skip) lost 21-20.

Chichester 48 Fishbourne 20

Chichester were seven shots up after 12 ends of their BM Mixed League match at home to Fishbourne, but then nearly everything went Chichester’s way and they forged ahead to win by 28 shots, taking all six points.

Scores: R Manning, M Schofield, M Bayfield (skip) won 26-6; M Maggs, P Whale, D Schofield (skip) won 22-14.

Chichester 75 Haslemere 51

Holders Chichester faced Haslemere in the semi-final of the Midhurst Cup. In a tight away leg, Chichester just lost out by three shots, but their home squad were always in control and won by 27 shots to take Chichester into the final to be played at Midhurst this Saturday.

Scores: Home – J Hole, B Talmage, P Howick (skip) won 20-13; P Hannant, B Spicer, M Hannant (skip) won 27-7; Away – L Etherington, L Shipp, B Butler (skip) lost 17-15; B Money T Hardgrove, S Meyer (skip) lost 14-13.

Chichester 56 Rogate 38

Chichester won all three triples in their mixed friendly at Rogate giving them victory by 18 shots.

Scores: A Daines, I Taylor, N Anderson (skip) won 18-17; B Money, T Haigh, T Gaffney (skip) won 19-10; P Hague, L Etherington, M Bowden (skip) won 19-11.

Chichester 86 Fishbourne 80

Chichester entertained Fishbourne in a mixed friendly and finished winners by six shots.

Scores: K Ball, J Hole, P White (skip) won 21-18; M Davis, P Hannant, T Gaffney (skip) lost 29-17; J Walters, S Baverstock, M Lewis (skip) won 22-21; S Goddard, I Taylor, M Hannant (skip) won 26-12.

Chichester ladies took four points for the overall win from each of their two C&M League games – away to Arundel and at home to Pagham.

Arundel 29 Chichester 35

Scores: Bridget Collins, Rosemary Manning, Sue Miles & April Janman won 19-12; Chris Hobbs, Steph Baverstock, Wendy Adams & Betty Spicer lost 17-16.

Chichester 38 Pagham 35

Scores: Debbie Hogg, Maggie Maggs, Steph Baverstock & April Janman won 20-15; Chris Hobbs, Pam Rampton, Sue Miles & Wendy Adams lost 20-18.


Southbourne 60 Witterings 20

In the BM League, Southbourne won on both mixed triples.

Scores: Mary Thornton, Ted Dewing, John Staker (s) won 37-8; Margaret Baylis, Jim Jennings, Margaret Odell (s) won 23-12.

RAFA 36 Southbourne 36

In the BM League, both triples were very close with Southbourne winning on one and RAFA the other.

Scores: Irene Jennings, Jim Jennings, Margaret Odell (s) won 19-18; Mary Thornton, Margaret Baylis, John Staker (s) lost 18-17.

Southbourne 54 RAFA 23

When Southbourne met RAFA again in the BM League on their home ground they had a very good win to take all the points.

Colin Bulbeck, Margaret Baylis, Margaret Odell (s) won 25-19; Mary Thornton, Ted Dewing, John Staker (s) won 29-4.

Aldingbourne 71 Southbourne 75

In the Littlehampton Gazette League, Southbourned edged the win by winning on two rinks and drawing on a third.

Scores: Richard Galloway, Jim Jennings, Mark Soper, Robin Armstrong (s) won 23-15; Alan Williams, Alan Shelley, Titch Ayres, Rodney Bull (s) won 20-18; Dave Walter, Liam walter, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) lost 19-13; John Hardy, Eddy Neuts, Andy Smith, John Simmonds (s) drew 19-19.

Bognor 75 Southbourne 80

Southbourne, in the Littlehampton Gazette League, won on three of the four rinks to take eight points.

Scores: John Hardy, Colin Bulbeck, Andy Smith, Paul Butler (s) won 21-16; Richard Galloway, Mark Soper, Rodney Bull, Robin Armstrong (s) won 28-13; Peter Garrard, Alan Shelley, Eddy Neuts, Dave Fewell (s) lost 37-2; Alan Williams, Dave Walter, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) won 29-9.

Worthing A 109 Southbourne 68

Southbourne found Worthing difficult competitors in the Littlehampton Gazette League and won only one rink.

Scores: John Staker, Alan Shelley, John Hardy, John Simmonds (s) lost 25-14; Richard Galloway, Jim Jennings, Mark Soper, Robin Armstrong (s) won 24-22; Pete Jasinski, Ted Dewing, Dave Fewell, Rodney Bull (s) lost 35-16; Alan Williams, Dave Walter, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) lost 27-14.


Midhurst held their annual John Sadler Cup competition in which 12 mixed pairs took part.

The eventual winners of the six-end final were Di Semour and club president Peter West by six shots over Margaret Sole and Bert Pond..

More than £350 was raised for the Parkinsons Charity Fund.

Midhurst 80 Fishbourne 54

In a friendly, Midhurst won by 26 shots.

Scores: Stella Tait, Dot Berry and Phil Kingswell lost 18-17; Sue Ralph, Brian Porter and Alan Rickets won 24-7; Jack Jurado, Mike Ryan and Margaret Sole lost 16-9; Jean Adams, Roy Ralph and Terry Berry won 30-13.


Witterings 41 Pagham 34

A win and four points made it a good day for Witterings in the C&M League.

Scores: J Mulligan, V Hooker, D Leach, M Aylward (s) beat I Brooker, M Donaldson, C Mayoss, S Stocker 28-18; J Bangs, J Derkatsch, R Hanbury, C Horsley (s) lost 16-13 to G Stewart, J Boucher, J Taffurelli, S Hart won 16-13.

Witterings 28 Pagham 23

Witterings won by five shots in the BM League.

Scores: J Paul, A Gander, C Tuffin(s) won 17-7; K Clark, M Corbett, S Hooker (s) lost 16-11.

Witterings 48 Pagham 32

Playing in the C&M League, Wittering took six points.

Scores: J Mulligan, V Hooker, D Leach, M Aylward (s) won 22-16; A Miles, B Newman, M Mulligan, C Tuffin (s) won 26-16.

Witterings 45 Arundel 33

Each team won a rink but it was an overall win for Wittering and four points.

Scores: A Miles, M Corbett, M Mulligan, C Tuffin (s) 29-11; J Mulligan, V Hooker, D Leach, M Aylward (s) lost 22-16.

Witterings 59 Arundel 74

Each team won two rinks in the LG League. Witterings took four points.

Scores: M White, C Jelf, L Bangs, D Bell (s) won 16-13; C Brooks, G Murphy, S Hooker, B Horsley (s) won 19-16; K Clark, F Knotts, G Morgan, J Hostler (s) lost 22-10; F Bray, J Langworthy, E Shoyer, J Slogrove lost 23-14.

Fishbourne 86 Wittering 50

Witterings had an enjoyable friendly at Fishbourne but found the greens difficult.

Scores: A Miles, S Currell, T Nixon (s) lost 20-12; S Prior, A Somerville, J Derkatsch (s) won 18-14; M Bowell, K Clark, M Corbett (s) lost 30-6; H Mason, P Wiggins, E Shoyer (s) 22-14.


Petworth had a successful double-header in the league against East Preston, with a poorer result at Pulborough sandwiched between.

When East Preston visited, Petworth recorded one of their biggest-ever league victories, 147-39. All rinks won to give a ten-point victory.

Scores: Nigel Short, Mike Craft, Russell Stallibrass and Marc Lancaster won 32-8, Selwyn Hall, Bill Bryder, Bob Turner and Alan Potter won 31-9, Chris Blackman, Kevin Mitchell, Ben Haulkham and Mel Lillywhite won 38-10, Pete Miles, Nigel Flynn, David Mustard and Nick Dudman won 46-12.

At East Preston it was an eight-point tally and a 84-74 win.

Scores: Chris Blackman, Denis Caisor, Ben Haulkham and Mel Lillywhite lost 24-18; Selwyn Hall, Bill Bryder, Kevin Mitchell and Alan Potter won23-22; Mike Craft, Nigel Flynn, Len McRae and Marc Lancasterwon 21-14; Pete Miles, Jim Dormer, Mick Booth and Nick Dudman won 22-14.

At Pulborough only one league point was gained.

Scores: Ron Elliott, Bill Bryder, Kevin Mitchell and Alan Potter drew 15-15; Mike Craft, Jim Dormer, Mick Booth and Marc Lancaster lost 22-18; Pete Miles, Nigel Flynn David Mustard and Nick Dudman lost 26-14; Selwyn Hall, Dave Lamb, Ben Haulkham and Mel Lillywhite lost 31-8.

Petworth continued their challenge for promotion at Chichester. Though two rinks lost narrowly after leading, rink four scored five shots on the final end to win by one shot after being well behind throughout, and this meant a six-point and a 82-74 win.

Scores: Denis Caisor, Bill Bryder, Len McRae and Dan Blackman won 24-12. Pete Miles, Jim Dormer, Mick Booth and Nick Dudman lost 21-18; Selwyn Hall, Ron Elliott, David Mustard and Alan Potter lost 21-19; Mike Craft, Nigel Flynn, Mel Lillywhite and Marc Lancaster won 21-20.


Three friendly triples took on Hotham but lost 48-42.

Scores: S Pugh, R Read, D Spink won 16-14; G Stewart, D Vaughan, J Stewart won 17-9; S Read, A Ross, J Fox lost 25-9.

Two friendly triples beat Sutton 34-28.

Scores: D Taffurelli, J Taffurelli, J Stewart drew 14-14; G Stewart, J Fox, D Spink won 20-14.


The winners of the Fittleworth Cup were Eileen Warrington, Brian Ball and Sue Judd with a score of plus 15.

Second were Jim Reed, Judy Reed and David Luxford on 13 and third Frances Etherington, Jane Adsett and Alvar Etherington with six.

Fittleworth 35 Midhurst 69

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Mike Ryan, Sheila Allen lost 25-11 to Stella Tait, Roy Ralph and Terry Berry; Muriel Cook, Monica Enticknap, Peter Cook lost 22-9 to Sue Ralph, Lally Mercer and Brian Porter; Arthur Ellcome, Tessa Clegg, Gina Barnfield lost 22-15 to Jack Jurado, Peter West and Margaret Sole.


With no league fixtures, the focus of the past week has been the knockout phase of club competitions.

In the ladies’ four-wood singles, club president Ann Steventon beat Lorraine Burrage and Lyn Lush beat Muriel Fox to win through to the finals to be played in September.

Steventon also progressed to the next round of the open four-wood singles by beating men’s club captain John Graham, while in the same competition John Wilson beat Pat Eccles.

Wilson also progressed in the men’s four-wood singles by beating Reg Eccles and the men’s two-wood singles, winning against John Graham. In the latter competition, Bob Colvin knocked out Ian Hart. Wilson abd Colvin will now meet in the semi finals.

In the Captain’s Trophy, a competition for members who have not won a major club trophy, Jonathan Barker beat Lyn Simpson and Reg Eccles beat Paul Ramsden to progress to the semi-finals.

Eccles was not as lucky in the men’s four-wood pairs, where he and John Graham lost to Bob Colvin and Ron Wootten. In the same competition, Maurice Feneley and Ken Walker beat Gary Steventon and Paul Ramsden with the very last bowl of their match.


Arundel’s Castle Trophy attracted 24 teams and was sponsored by Paul Crease from The Arun View and Turners Pies in Bognor.

Winners were Anthony Batchelor, Jean Foster and Martin Waring of Arundel. Runners-up were a Norfolk BC trio.

A team from Fittleworth won three of their five matches to come third in their section of 12 teams.

n Anthony Batchelor from Arundel is in this Sunday’s final of the champion of champions competition at Popes Mead.


West Dean 45 Sutton 17

Although West Dean were easy winners overall, they won on only one rink – the other rink was a draw.

Scores: Ian Morrison, John Butterworth, Tony Boxall (s) won 33-5; Pam Beardmore, Bob Holman, David Harding (s) drew 12-12.


In the Brooks Motors Mixed League, the promotion and relegation pictures are starting to become clear.

In division one, Chichester and Norfolk are fighting it out for top spot and with three games left to play Chichester lead by four points. The championship may well be settled in the game between the two at the end of August.

After a good start, Pulborough have dropped away. The battle for relegation is between Hotham, Fishbourne and Middleton – with Middleton outside the relegation spots at the moment but having played a game more than Hotham and Fishbourne.

Division two is settled with Southbourne and newcomers Storrington sure of promotion and with Southbourne needing two points from their last game to take the division-two title.

Tables: Div 1 – 1 Chichester p7 36pts; 2 Norfolk p7 32; 3 Pulborough p7 18; 4 Middleton p7 13; 5 Fishbourne p6 12; 6 Hotham p6 9. Div 2 –

1 Southbourne p9 40; 2 Storrington p9 35; 3 RAFA p9 25; 4 Witterings p9 24; 5 Pagham p9 18; 6 Crablands p7 14.


Arun played Horsham at Broadbridge Heath and won 125-88.

Scores: P Griffiths, A Stewart, D Young, D Sayers lost 20-16; J Watson, N Griffiths, M Fair, P Green won 33-12; D Fair, F Hollborne, E Lawrence, S Judd won 16-12; J Sparrow, K Young, A Wilkins, S Payne lost 18-11; C Gilham, D Champion, J Greenfield, A Fisk drew 17-17; D Anderson, P Easterbrook, B Williams, A Anderson won 30-9.

Arun hosted Adur but lost 122-112.

Scores: C Gilham, I Nelson, E Hall, S Judd lost 22-15; J Watson, V Rayner, M King, E King lost 23-14; P Easterbrook, S Simmonds, E Lawrence, M Richards lost 24-15; D Anderson, K Young, D Young, S Payne won 19-15; K Burnard, D Champion, P Green, D Sayers won 26-22; J Sparrow, A Latta, C Burnard, A Anderson won 23-16.