Bowls: Honours even in Witterings-Pagham thriller

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Witterings had a very enjoyable five-rink friendly against Pagham, which ended 91-91. Honours were shared with both teams winning two rinks and one drawn.

Scores: G Porter, P Hutton, G Morgan & S Hooker drew 22-22; L Swift, M Lillywhite, J Mulligan & C Horsley lost 17-11; J Slogrove, P Wiggins, J Bangs & M Aylward won 18-14; V Jeffryes, C Porter, J Derkatsch & L Bangs lost 18-15; V Hooker, T Gander, M Mulligan & C Tuffin won 25-20.

Witterings 74 Field Place 73

Witterings men played in this Littlehampton Gazette League match.

On a hot afternoon each side won on two rinks and Witterings won overall by one shot to gain six points.

Scores: F Bray, B Curtis, E Shoyer & J Slogrove (s) lost 18-14; P Chivers, C Jelf, S Hooker & D Bell (s) lost 23-15; J Hardy, A Gander, L Bangs & R Stephens (s) won 26-18; M White, G Morgan, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) won 19-14.


Crablands 70 Pagham 67

Crablands played C&M and BM leagues against Pagham, with mixed results.

Scores: C Lewendon, V Tyrrell, S Blyth, M Brown lost 23-18; G Humphrey, J Taylor, S Jones, C Bowles lost 15-14; V Foyle, R Osborn, Y Clifton won 17-16; J Tyrrell, B Foyle, B Chandler won 21-13.

Middleton 57 Crablands 93

Crablands men travelled to Middleton, winning on all four rinks.

Scores: D Aylward, R Osborn, D Adams won 17-14; D Jonas, I Smith, I Jones won 19-12; D Eggleton, R Shambrook, K Bailey won 26-17; B Berry, J Brown, M Heasman won 31-14.

Crablands 28 Norfolk 34

Crablands played in the BM League against Norfolk but took only two points.

Scores: M Bateman, S Brooks, R Shambrook lost 23-8; B Jones, Y Clifton, J Saunders won 20-11.

Crablands 82 Pagham 65

Crablands played Pagham in the PC Cup, winning overall by 17 shots.

Scores: D Clacey, A Humphreys, M Heasman, R Humphreys won 21-14; B Jones, E Potz, R Eastland, J Harman lost 22-13; M Campbell, A Blyth, L Jewiss, A Bateman won 24-14; L Lewendon, R Shambrook, I Jones, J Saunders won 24-15.

They meet Lancing at home in the next round.


It was another busy week for Bognor, with four Littlehampton Gazette League matches and one Holbrook Cup game.

In the LG division one, Bognor A took on Arundel A in a tight match. The rinks were shared 2-2 but Arundel took six points to Bognor’s four.

Scores: D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner lost 22-19; D Parker, M Philpott, T Moore, T Gaskin lost 31-16; N Waddock, B Sanford, J Weatherall, J Roots won 27-17; R Lincoln, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson won 18-16.

Also in the LG division one, Bognor travelled to Tarring Priory but lost 79-59 after sharing the rinks 2-2.

Scores: R Lincoln, C Keedwell, J Christensen, A Richardson won 13-11; K Taylor, S Soames, J Whitfield, J Roots won 18-17; D Parker, T Moore, B Hey, T Gaskin lost 22-13; D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner lost 29-15.

In the LG division three, Bognor B hosted Field Place but went down 92-81 to take four points.

Scores: R Bobbett, T Love, A Lewis, S Soames won 20-19; G Dunham, T Mussell, J Parry, J Whitfield won

29-18; A Harrison, P Dalel, D Matkins, D Purse lost 31-24; K Taylor, F Holley, A Knight, J Blackow lost 24-17.

In another division-three match, Bognor B won 78-77 at Marine Gardens in a game decided on the last end. They took six points.

Scores: A Harrison, G Herrington, G Verrinder, J Parry lost 24-18; A Knight, N Burchfell, D Matkins, D Purse lost 21-10; R Bobbett, T Love, D Dalton, S Soames won 24-17; K Taylor, J Stacet, J Blackow, C Keedwell won 26-15.

A Holrook Cup match brought Arundel to Waterloo Square. Bognor lost two of the three rinks but pulled off a 46-45 win.

Scores: N Waddock, Janet Whitfield, D Parker won 22-1; Jane Taylor, A Hall, R Gardner lost 15-13; Penny Lewis, J Whitfield, J Roots lost 16-11.


Southbourne 82 Tarring Priory 65

In the Littlehampton Gazette League, Southbourne got back to winning ways by defeating Tarring Priory in a home match, taking six points.

Scores: C Petchey, W Coates, R Armstrong, P Butler lost 21-17; S Soper, F Brimecime, A Smith, A Bull won 23-11; M Ayres, E Dewing, R Bull, D Fewell lost 23-21; K Lockyer, D Walter, M Soper, J Simmonds won 21-10.

Southbourne 101 Norfolk 54

Southbourne continued their winning run in the Gazette League with a convincing home defeat of Norfolk, taking nine points.

Scores: R Armstrong, F Armstrong, D Alner, P Butler won 35-14; D Walter, D Moseley, M Soper, J Simmonds won 24-15; K Lockyer, F Brimecome, R Bull, D Fewell drew 16-16; S Soper, P Garrard, A Smith, A Bull won 26-9.


Aldingbourne 78 East Preston & Kingston 73

On a lovely sunny morning Aldingbourne visited East Preston in a ladies’ Sussex Top Club match.

The two rinks were drawn, but Aldingbourne won by five shots.

Scores: Singles - J Hamilton lost 21-8; Pairs - M Taylor, J Robini won 35-13; Triples - E Taylor, M Richards, J Whetstone won 26-8; Fours - A Howson, B Cunningham, J Heasman, L Hathaway lost 31-9.

In the Littlehampton Gazette League, Aldingbourne beat Petworth 98-62, gaining eight points.

Scores: A Carter, A Hutt, R Macer, F Taylor won 30-6; S Hayter, E West, D Anderson, R Sparrow won 22-20; J Beeston, D Page, R Wyatt lost 25-15; D Brooks-Kibble, J Gilpin, F Mulholland, L Corne won 31-11.


Two good wins away to Pagham and Norfolk in the BM League resulted in Chichester taking ten of the 12 available points.

Pagham 35 Chichester 44

Scores: Innes Taylor, Alan Stewart & Michael Johnson won 25-17; Rosemary Manning, Sandra Pickard & Mike Bayfield won 19-18.

Norfolk 35 Chichester 42

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Innes Taylor & Mike Bayfield won 23-13; Jean Hole, Mary Potter & Michael Johnson lost 22-19.


Pictured at the top of this article are Arundel’s bowlers celebrating the Diamond Jubilee.

Arundel took on Bognor in the C&M Ladies’ League and won 86-80 to take six points to Bognor’s four.

Scores: Roots 27 J Lee 17; R Gardiner 19 J Rose 22; AW Richardson 18 A Fisk 16; P Gaskin 16 A Batchelor 31.

Arundel ladies beat Horsham ladies in the Top Club competition.


Fittleworth went to Rogate for a friendly but won on only one rink and lost 51-41.

Scores: Francis Etherington, Gina Barnfield, Alan Jordan won 19-16; Jane Adsett, Alvar Etherington, Dave Herbert lost 18-9; Murial Cook, Peter Martin, Sue Judd lost 17-13.


The Brooks Motors Mixed League is well under way despite several early-season matches being rained off. In division one, last year’s champions Pulborough lead on shot difference from Chichester and Crablands.

In division two, Middleton Sports lead from Arundel, again on shot difference.

Results: Div 1: Chichester v Pulborough – rained off, 3pts each; Fishbourne v Crablands – rained off 3pts each; Norfolk 41 (6pts) Pulborough 27 (Collins 19 Brown 16; Ayling 22 Wood 11); Pagham 35 Chichester 44 (6pts) (English 18 Bayfield 19; Livermore 17 Johnson 25); Crablands 20 (2pts) Pulborough 41 (4pts) (Osborn 16 Brown 14; Back 4 Salmon 27); Norfolk 35 (2pts) Chichester 42 (4pts) (Botting 22 Johnson 19; Hills 13 Bayfield 23); Crablands 38 (6pts) Pagham 29 (Chandler 21 Wells 13; Clifton 17 Calvert 16); Norfolk 34 (4pts) Crablands 31 (2pts) (Ayling 23 Shambrook 8; Botting 11 Saunders 23); Fishbourne 23 Pulborough 51 (6pts) (Wallsgrove 11 Brown 29; Winter 12 Salmon 22).

Div 2: Middleton 29 (2pts) Arundel 33 (4pts) (Wilson 14 Heal 10; Wootten 15 Rose 23); Middleton 39 (5pts) Hotham 25 (1pt) (Graham 17 Bulmer 17; Wilson 22 Hannam 8); Southbourne v Middleton – rained off, 3pts each; RAFA 18 Middleton 44 (6pts) (Ayton 9 Nurse 23; Batcock 9 Wilson 21); Arundel 37 (6pts) Hotham 35 (Thompson 17 Hannam 16; Reygate 20 Olver 19); Arundel 43 (6pts) Southbourne 26 (Blampied 17 Odell 13; Heal 26 Bull 13); RAFA v Arundel, Arundel defaulted – 6pts to RAFA.


Div 1: Crablands 32 Pagham (6pts) 38 (C Bowles 14 F Ireland 15, M Brown 18 S Hart 23); Bognor (2pts) 34 Arundel (4pts) 40 (J Spiers 23 A Olliver 14; M Phillips 11 P Gear 26).

Div 2: Maltravers (6pts) 50 Worthing Pavilion 21 (F Steele 31 J Lewis 5; B Butcher 19 R Hewitt 16); Shoreham (4pts) 38 Marine Gardens (2pts) 31 (D Howe 17 J Colbourn 21; J Pearson 21 H Timms 10); Marine Gardens 28 Storrington (6pts) 47 (G Colbourn 15 P Healy 21; J Pearson 13 J Ackerman 26).


Bognor Magpies played host to The Martlets in the West Sussex Summer League and ran out 8-6 winners despite losing the overall shots battle 61-59.

In the triples, Magpies won one 10-9 through Margaret Williams, Rose Jalley and Brian Mills while Brian Williams, Edna Cook and Geoff King lost the other triple 15-7.

The results in the singles were also shared 1-1, with Brian Mills losing 13-7 and Brian Williams winning 12-5.

The pairs matches were both won by Magpies.

Margaret Williams and Rose Jalley were 11-9 victors and Edna Cooke and Geoff King won a tight game 12-10 after scoring two shots on the last end.