Bowls: Familiar names on West Sussex triples trophy

The Midhurst triple of Terry Berry, Stan Glazebrook and Ron Weeks at the county finals  Picture by Louise Adams C140077-2
The Midhurst triple of Terry Berry, Stan Glazebrook and Ron Weeks at the county finals Picture by Louise Adams C140077-2

EIGHTEEN teams from across West Sussex flocked to Westergate for the county triples championship - and there were familiar names lifting the trophy at the end of it.

After the group matches the quarter-finals matched Lavant against Boxgrove-based Infinity, The Martlets A against Midhurst, Southbourne against Horsham-based Comptons and the Martlets B against the Martlets C.

Lavant took an early lead in their match and held on to win 9-4; The Martlets A were always in control in theirs and ran out 12-4 winners; The Martlets B beat their club’s C team 11-2 and Southbourne won comfortably 15-1.

In the semi-finals, the Lavant trio of Ray Harding, Peter Winter and Peter Whale, playing The Martlets’ Marion Rolph, Mel Lillywhite and Marc Lancaster, fell behind at the start and could never quite get in touch so The Martlets progressed to the final with an 11-3 win.

The pattern was repeated in the other semi-final with the Southbourne trio of Robin Armstrong, Rodney Bull and Dave Alner never recapturing their form of the previous match and the Martlets B trio of John Brown, Chris Blackman and Chris Rolph made it an all-Martlets final with a 10-2 victory.

In the final, The Martlets B edged the early ends and established a lead which The Martlets A could never close, dropping further behind as they started to chase shots. The trio of John Brown, Chris Blackman and Chris Rolph took the championship with a 12-2 victory.


Lavant held their annual singles competition for the Martin Trophy and 20 members competed.

At the semi-final stage, Malcolm Keane beat John Simms and Peter Whale beat Peter Winter.

In the final Whale started strongly and led by seven shots midway through the game. Keane came back and dominated the second half of the game but Whale held on to win 8-6 and take the trophy for the sixth successive year.

In the plate competition for first-round losers, Dominic May beat Tony Bleach in one semi-final and Jackie Lee beat husband Peter in the other.

The final was another family affair with grandmother playing grandson and it was 6-6 at the last end. May played well but Lee, with her last bowl, drew the shot to take the game.


Over the years, Arun Indoor Bowling Club has had many open days - but the next one is different.

The club will be open for much longer - from 10am until 8pm - on Saturday, February 1, to help those who work and would love to give bowling a try. It’s a chance for anyone to come along and meet new friends or start a new hobby.

Club spokesman Vic May said: “Arun IBC is a friendly club who cater for people of all ages and abilities. Members can give instruction or coaching for beginners or the more experienced bowler.

“Far from being a simple game, bowling offers an infinite variety of challenges. The sport is exercise - it gets you walking and bending with weights.

“Members can play club league games, county league games, competitions, or have instruction, coaching and practice. As a social club, they have a bar and a café.

“Instruction will be given on the open day and loan equipment is available. So whatever your age, come and give it a go.”

Egham 90 Arun 114

Arun won an enjoyable game in Surrey.

Scores: R Pearson, B Smith, R Friday, M English won 35-8; F Smith, J Gilpin, M Adams, T Gaskin lost 20-18; P Chivers, K Burt, J Olliver, P White won 18-16; B Daley, W Branford, B Sanford, R Gardner won 28-10; J Sparrow, B Sales, D Ford, B Horsley lost 20-12; G Whitaker, P Easterbrook, J Dyke, C Radford won 23-16.

The popular Colin Knight Trophy was well attended once again this year.

Twenty-two teams played all day for this coveted memorial trophy to one of Arun’s most respected bowlers. The cash prizes and gifts were sponsored by Fullers Brewery.

Winners were Chris Horsley, Glyn Ball and Peter Green; second Peter Hannan, Don Taffurelli and Robert Pearson, and third Barry Horsey, Brian Gurden and John Sparrow.

Arun 149 Langley Sports 90

Arun took 10.5 out of a possible 11 points.

Apart from Gordon Leaman’s rink winning their game 37-11 and Tony Sayers’ rink winning 23-8, the other contests were quite even.

Scores: K Hellyer, J Olliver, B Horsley, L Corne won 23-15; T Arnold, D Parker, C Spicer, B Butler won 22-19; D Jackson, B Sanford, S Mead, P Hannam drew 20-20; I Linfield, P Phillips, P Lillford, G Leaman won 37-11; R Leggett, M Johnson, A Anderson, M Bonnar won 24-17; P Miles, J Newell, M Edgecock, T Sayers won 23-8.

Arun ladies played Egham at home and won 131-100;

Scores: V Greenaway, B Williams, L Hathaway, C Horsley won 22-15; J Foster, M Bacon, M Richards, M Phillips won 22-8; E Keywood, P Rampton, S Hart, F Ireland lost 30-16; L Sadler, V Rayner, P Terry, M King lost 18-15; J Boucher, K Young, J Taffurelli, J Whetstone won 23-16; I Brooker, S Simmonds, S Stocker, S Miles won 33-13.


Fittleworth 40 Donnington 49

Donnington gained a surprise win when they travelled to Fittleworth.

Scores: Muriel Cook, Eileen Warrington, Bernard Adsett, Dave Herbert beat A Roberts, R Stone, B Taylor, J Roberts 18-11; Arthur Ellcome, Simon Herbert, Edna Henly, Gina Barnfield lost 17-14 to L Brooks, T Wilson, T Haigh, C Hulbert; Lyn White, Pauline Gilpin, Charlie Martin, Sue Judd lost 21-8 to D Turner, V Mitchell, M Maggs, A Balham.

Fittleworth won on both mats in their league match at home to Barnham.

Scores: Muriel Cook, Gina Barnfield, Bernard Adsett, Dave Herbert won 23-12; Audrey Hodgson, Alvar Etherington, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin won 25-15.

Fittleworth 59 Sutton 43

Scores: Muriel Cook, Jane Adsett, Tony Broughton, Dave Herbert lost 17-16; Arthur Ellcome, Tessa Clegg, Pauline Gilpin, Gina Barnfield won 17-13; Audrey Hodgson, Peter Cook, Alvar Etherington, Bernard Adsett won 26-13.

Fittleworth 62 Hunston 56

Scores: Pauline Gilpin, Eileen Warrington, Tony Broughton, Dave Herbert lost 24-17; Arthur Ellcome, Simon Herbert, Alvar Etherington, Gina Barnfield won 37-10; Lyn White, Audrey Hodgson, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin lost 22-8.


West Wittering 64 Southbourne 25

Southbourne found it difficult to adjust to conditions in a friendly at West Wittering, resulting in them losing on both mats. But it was an interesting evening of bowling followed by an excellent supper.

Scores: Irene Jennings, Bill Coates, John Staker, Malcolm Keene (skip) lost 40-13; Eileen Keene, Margaret Odell, Jim Jennings, Rodney Bull (skip) lost 24-12.

Southbourne 41 Comptons 29

Southbourne made full use of home advantage in their West Sussex League division-two game against Comptons by winning on both mats. The six points gained moved Southbourne into second place, three points behind Lavant Red.

Scores: Karen Alner, Andy Smith, Robin Armstrong, Dave Alner (skip) won 20-12; Audrey Bull, Bill Coates, Alan Shelley, Rodney Bull (skip) won 21-17.

Southbourne 39 Lavant Red 30

Southbourne moved to the top of division two with a home win against Lavant Red. Wins on both mats ensured another six league points.

Scores: Karen Alner, Andy Smith, Robin Armstrong, Dave Alner (skip) won 22-14; Audrey Bull, John Hardy, Alan Shelley, Rodney Bull (skip) won 17-16.


Crablands Bitterns visited Norfolk Cubs but lost on both mats.

Scores: Les Howland, Stevie Brooks, Ted Murrell, Lil Tuck lost 36-8; Peter Blackman, Nigel Reynolds, Jim Saunders, Terry Axworthy lost 24-17.

The Bitterns hosted Nyetimber Green and gained two league points.

Scores: Brenda Howes, Yvonne Clifton, Peter Latchford, Jim Saunders lost 27-13; Jean Tolhurst, Elaine Sadler, Ted Murrell, Roy Tolhurst won 24-11; (friendly): Stevie Brooks, Les Howland, Meg Pocock, Trevor Wilson lost 23-17.


Midhurst Eagles played Nyetimber in a friendly, with a close match going to Nyetimber 58-51. Midhurst Eagles won on one rink but lost on the other two.

Scores: J Barnard, D Berry, S Weeks, T Berry lost 25-21; S Tate, A Carn, B Fallows, R Weeks won 17-9; S Glazebrook, M Fallows, L Mercer, R Carn lost 24-13.

The Eagles played Lavant Blue in a league match and won 42-40, taking four points to Lavant’s two.

Scores: A Carn, S Weeks, R Carn, R Weeks won 19-14; L Mercer, D Berry, B Fallows, T Berry lost 26-23.