Bowls: Betty adds spice to Chichester’s finals day

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Betty Spicer is this year’s ladies’ singles champion at Chichester after a close-fought game against Wendy Adams.

She built up a good lead at the start of the game before Adams closed the gap to three shots.

Spicer bowled a superb last wood to take the shot she needed to win 21-17.

Chris Hobbs played Rosemary Manning in the handicap competition and eventually pulled away to win 26-6.

In their second final of the day, Adams and Hobbs met in the 100up. This proved the closest match of the day with the scores even throughout - and with both reaching 100 together, three extra ends were needed to determine Adams as the eventual winner.

In the two-wood Mary Potter played Adams. The first five ends were evenly matched before Adams pulled away to win 17-8 after 19 ends.

Jean Hole and Mary Potter won the drawn pairs after a round-robin competition with Rosemary Manning and Bridget Collins the runners-up.

Chichester 42 East Preston 44

Chichester took just two points from this final C&M League but with the league already won, the loss was not vital. Chichester won the friendly rink by seven shots.

Scores: Pam Rampton, Steph Baverstock, Betty Spicer & April Janman won 27-15; Daphne Anderson, Jean Hole, Bridget Collins & Wendy Adams lost 29-15; Rosemary Manning, Maggie Maggs, Innes Taylor & Mary Potter won 20-13.

Chichester 31 Crablands 31

A BM League game against Crablands ended in a draw with each team taking three points.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Steph Baverstock & Mike Bayfield won 17-13; Innes Taylor, Tony Hardgrave & Michael Johnson lost 18-14.


Witterings Ladies 40 Shoreham Ladies 36

Witterings ladies had a good win in their last C&M League match of the season. They won on one rink and won overall by four shots. Witterings gained four points.

Scores: J Edwards, J Derkatsch, R Hanbury & C Horsley (s) won 26-14; M Corbett, V Hooker, D Leach & M Aylward (s) lost 22-14.


Pagham hosted Worthing B in the Littlehampton Gazette League and won 81-71 to gain six points

Scores: Nigel Terry, Richard Hilder, John Stewart, Ron Friday won 29-16; Daniel Lovell, Gerry Stevens, Peter Quilter, Paul Mayoss won 24-9; Robert Pearson, Mick Adams, David Spink, Mike English lost 17-16;

Richard Read, Alan Boucher, Len Hall, John Newell lost 29-12.

Pagham lost 48-37 when they hosted Hotham in three friendly triples.

Scores: Peter Langridge, David Westcott, David Spink won 14-12; Richard Hilder, Mick Adams, Gerry Stevens won 18-13; Colin Ballard, Alan Boucher, Derek Levy lost 23-5.

Pagham hosted East Preston in the C&M league and took six points from a 38-33 victory.

Scores: Gay Stewart, Shirley Hart, Sheila Stocker, Gill Conley won 20-18; Sabina Livermore, Frances Ireland,

Janet Boucher, Chris Mayoss won 18-15.

Pagham beat Crablands 55-16 in a home BM League game. They gathered six points.

Scores: Joan Wells, Paul Mayoss, Roy Livermore won 26-6; Robert Pearson, Judy Warner, Mike English won 29-10.

Pagham went to play Lancing in the Littlehampton Gazette league Lost 82-70 but gained four points.

Scores: Daniel Lovell, Bagsy Smith, David Spink, Mike English won 19-18; Nick Terry, Richard Hilder, Gerry Stevens, Roy Livermore won 21-12 Tony Wells, Alan Boucher, Mick Adams, Paul Mayoss lost 32-15 Brian Sales, Graham Ireland, John Newell, Ron Friday lost 20-15.

Pagham hosted Fishbourne at home in the BM League and won 33-30 to gain four points.

Scores: Iris Brooker, John Newell, Paul Mayoss lost 17-8; Robert Pearson, Chris Mayoss, Mike English won 25-13.

Pagham ladies lost 45-29 to Norfolk in the C&M League.

Scores: Jackie Sales, Frances Ireland, Sheila Stocker, Gill Conley lost 26-15; Sabina Livermore, Janet Boucher, Iris Brooker, Chris Mayoss lost 19-14.

Pagham ladies sent two friendly rinks to play Norfolk and won 49-31.

Scores: Ann Calvert, Valerie Paul, Joan Wells, Marlene Steel won 31-18; Margaret Rees, Doreen Ellis, Eileen Shine, Annie Ross won 18-13.

Pagham hosted Grasshoppers in five friendly triples and won 87-71.

Scores: David Westcott, Brian Sales, Paul Mayoss won 26-11; Louise Saunders, Mick Adams, Gerry Stevens won 16-14; Robert Pearson, Roy Osment, Mike English won 17-13; Jackie Sales, Douglas Vaughan, John Newell lost 20-10; Colin Ballard, Bagsy Smith, David Spink won 18-13.


Middleton 68 Witterings 79

Phew! That was close.

In a tense last match of the season, Middleton men lost to title winners Witterings as a result of shots scored – but in winning two games, they gained the four points needed to avoid ending the season propping up the LG League third division. Witterings took six points.

Scores: J Wilson, J Graham, P Lush & A Nurse beat J Hardy, A Gander, S Hooker & J Langworthy 31-10; K Baker, R Wheeler, D Wilkins & C Pratt lost 35-6 to F Bray, B Curtis, E Shoyer & J Slogrove; N Robertson, J Beavan, D Saunders & G Addicott lost 24-9 to P Chivers, C Jelf, L Bangs & D Bell; R Payne, G Steventon, T Finch & D Gower beat G Morgan, M White, F Knotts & J Hostler 22-10.

Middleton 30 Southbourne 30

Middleton and Southbourne shared the points in this Brooks Motors League mixed triples second-division fixture.

As a result, Middleton went top.

Whether they stay there depends on how Arundel get on in their last match, also against Southbourne. Whatever the outcome, Middleton are promoted.

Scores: J Gower, A Steventon & D Gower beat I Jennings, E Dewing, J Staker 15-12; J Wilson, J Graham & J Oldridge lost 18-15 to D Young, J Jennings, M Odell.

Middleton 65 Aldingbourne 58

Playing at home to Aldingbourne in this friendly men’s triples fixture, Middleton took the honours on shots scored.

Scores: D Gower, G Purser & R Payne won 20-7; B Bravington, S Jackson & K Walker lost 14-12; D Wilkins, C Pratt & V Garhard lost 23-7; G Addicott, P Lush & J Green won 26-14.


Fishbourne 80 Bognor 97

When Bognor visited, the match was played in sunny conditions and in a very friendly spirit by both sides.

Scores: M Keane, J Heffer, M Howard beat Jane Taylor, J Taylor, J Jackson 28-13; K Makin, A Whitney, B Henham beat R Lincoln, R Waddock, B Sanford 14-13; C Lankshear, J Lankshear, B Wallsgrove lost 21-11 to T Love, B Charlesworth, N Waddock; G Randall, W White, J Wingate lost 22-12 to G Herington, P White, R Gardner; S Wingate, T White, P Massey lost 28-15 to P Townsend, C Preston, J Edwards.

Fishbourne 78 Rogate 62

Scores: K Makin, A Saunders, B Wallsgrove won 24-11; I Roberts, G Summers, T Gaffney lost 17-15; K Ridley, R Stone, M Howard lost 24-9; M Keane, A Marsh, N Saunders won 30-10.


Bognor Bowls Club’s finals day benefitted from good weather which brought out a large number of spectators to witness some exciting bowling in a programe organised by Trevor Moore and Barbara Reardon.

Winners: Men’s Pairs - Steve Soames & Ron Bobbett; Vets’ Singles - Arthur Richardson; Men’s Drawn Pairs - Trevor Moore & Steve Soames; Men’s 4321 - Tommy Gaskin; Men’s H/C Singles - Steve Soames; Consolation Cup - Keith Helyer; Men’s Single Championship - Arthur Richardson; Mixed Pairs - Alan Knight & Jean Taylor; Ladies’ 4321 - Christine Preston; Ladies’ Drawn Pairs - Jean Taylor & Barbara Reardon; Ladies’ Singles Championship - Barbara Readon; Ladies’ H/C singles - Christine Preston; Ladies’ Pairs - Ann Parry & Jean Taylor.

The Midhurst Cup semi-final featured two rinks played at Waterloo Square and two at Pagham.

The rinks were shared 1-1 at both venues but with a total shot score of 64-60, Bognor reached the final.

Scores: Jan Whitfield, J Whitfield, D Ford lost 22-11; D Parker, C Preston, A Richardson won 22-8; R Lincoln, P Jones, J Weatherall lost 20-15; J Taylor, N Waddock, J Roots won 16-10.

Bognor travelled to Godalming for a six-rink mixed fours. Godalming won on four of the six rinks for a 197-131 victory.

Scores: I Shaw, I Taylor, R Bell, I Spires lost 38-13; I Stacey, E Key, U Jones, I Christensen won 19-12; G Herrington, U White, W Bury, I Edwards lost 24-16; R Philpot, B Charles, C Preston, N Waddock won 25-14; A Harrison, R Waddock, T Rexstrew, D Parker lost 23-15; Alma Harrison, J Taylor, R Bobbitt, R Gardner lost 20-19.


Sutton 33 Southbourne 40

Southbourne went to Sutton Bowling Club for a friendly evening of bowling.

Scores: I Jennings, D Young, F Heil lost 19-17; J Jennings, S Heil, M Odell won 23-14.

Norfolk 100 Southbourne 51

Southbourne men had a difficult away match against Norfolk in the Littlehampton Gazette League. The hosts took all ten points.

Scores: P Jasinski, E Dewing, A Smith, D Alner lost 27-10; K Lockyer, F Armstrong, M Soper, J Simmonds, lost 26-14; A Williams, P Garrard, F Brimecome, A Grief lost 18-17; D Walter, J Staker, R Bull, R Armstrong lost 29-10.

Southbourne 77 Worthing Pavilion A 75

In a Littlehampton Gazette League home match, Southbourne took eight points.

Scores: C Petchey, E Dewing, A Smith, D Alner won 21-16; A Williams, P Garrard, M Soper, J Simmonds won 20-15; D Walter, D Moseley, R Bull, R Armstrong lost 27-16; S Soper, L Walter, D Fewell, A Bull won 20-17.

Southbourne 123 Worthing Pavilion B 47

In their final Littlehampton Gazette League match of the season, Southbourne won on all four rinks to take ten points, giving them a final division-one position of fifth.

Scores: P Jasinski, E Dewing, A Smith, P Butler won 23-12; J Scorey, M Soper, D Alner, J Simmonds won 34-14; S Soper, L Walter, D Fewell, A Bull won 31-8; D Walter, W Coates, R Bull, R Armstrong lost 35-13.


Norfolk Ladies 55 Aldingbourne Ladies 37

In their penultimate C&M League game of the season Aldingbourne had a win on only one rink, gaining two points.

Scores: Sheila Carter, Brenda Cunningham, Maureen Bacon, Joan Whetstone won 28-13; Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Heasman, Jenny Robini, Lynn Hathaway lost 42-9.


Fittleworth bowlers had a successful finals day.

The novices contest was won by Peter Martin, the gents’ tankard taken and handicap trophy by Bernard Adsett and the ladies’ plate went to Gina Barnfield. The championship was won by Sue Judd.

Fittleworth’s visit to Petworth resulted a win on one rink but defeats on the other two. Petworth won 75-35.

Scores: Murial Cook, Pauline Gilpin, Bernard Adsett lost 29-5; Audrey Hodgeson, Mike Ryan, Sue Judd won 21-16; Peter Martin, Peter Cook, Gina Barnfield lost 30-9.


Arundel’s finals day was a big success.

Results: Men’s singles - G Reygate 21 K Stockley 6; Ladies’ singles - J Foster 22 B Cairns 17; Pairs - P Beech & M Wallinger 30 B Heal & J Hart 14; Handicap - G Reygate 21 A Batchelor 19; Triples - M Atkins,

A Stockley & A Batchelor 19 R Alderton, M Blampied, A Olliver 15; Loving Cup - A Olliver & J Olliver 19 G Finch & T Finch 17; Tower Trophy - M Standring 22 T Froomes 16; Dennis Bradley Shield - A Batchelor 21

E Buckler 9; Conyers Cup - M Wallinger 21 A Olliver 7; Bill Stanyon Pairs - R Alderton & M Atkins 17 J Foster & B Thompson 16.


In division one, Chichester – needing points to overhaul Norfolk at the top – managed only a draw at home to Crablands and are three points behind Norfolk with both teams having one game left.

At the bottom Fishbourne are relegated and Pagham, by virtue of the four points gained against Fishbourne, look safe –with Crablands now likely to be the other relegated team.

In division two, Middleton have overtaken Arundel at the top but Arundel need just two points from their last game to take the title. Middleton and Arundel go up.

Results: Div 1: Pagham 33 (4pt) Fishbourne 30 (2pt) (Mayoss 8 Winter 17; English 25 Wallsgrove 13); Chichester 31 (3pt) Crablands 31 (3pt) (Bayfield 17 Saunders 13; Johnson 14 Foyle 18).

Div 2: Middleton 30 (3pt) Southb’ne 30 (3pt) (Wilson 15 Odell 18; Gower 15 Staker 12).

Tables: Div 1: 1 Norfolk p9 38pts; 2 Pulborough p10 36; 3 Chichester p9 35; 4 Pagham p9 22; 5 Crablands p10 22; 6 Fishbourne p9 15. Div 2: 1 Middleton p8 29; 2 Arundel p7 28; 3 Southbourne p7 18; 4 RAFA p7 17; 5 Hotham p7 16.