Bowls: Arun still on course for promotion

Arun's men's team are going well in the league   Picture by Louise Adams C131431-1
Arun's men's team are going well in the league Picture by Louise Adams C131431-1

Our latest indoor bowls round-up features action from Arun, Lavant, Midhurst, Hunston, plus West Sussex representative matches.

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Arun IBC played two Sussex County League games over the weekend away from home. The first was at Worthing Pavilion, the second against Horsham.

Arun went into the weekend on top of the Sussex League by one point but knew a match against Worthing was going to be hard. This was seent during the game, with Arun having to play hard for every shot. Eventually Worthing Pavilion managed to edge ahead on shots and won the game 116-110, giving Worthing five points for a win with Arun and Worthing sharing the six rink points.

Scores: B Rebbeck, M Johnson, A Anderson, M Bonnar lost 22-14; D Jackson, B Sanford, J Oliver, P Hannam won 22-16; P Green, E West, B Horsley, L Corne won 20-15; P Miles, D Ford, M Edgecock, T Sayers won 22-14; I Linfield, M Campbell, R Gardner, B Butler lost 23-17; P Hamnett, B Why, F Taylor, R Leggett.

That result put Worthing Pavilion on top by one point.

Arun travelled to Horsham a day later knowing they had to win to have any chance of going back to the top. Concentration is the name of the game and Arun were well in front at the halfway mark.

Skip Brian Butler stormed away, getting the best rink win of the day with a 37-8 win. Each Arun team won their rink to take all six rink win points and the overall five points for the win - giving Arun 11 points and putting them back on top of the league division two - five points ahead of Worthing.

Scores: R Lincoln, P Phillips, R Leggett, G Leaman won 24-11; D Jackson, J Olliver, P Lillford, P Hannam won 27-14; R Daley, J Newell, B Horsley, L Corne won 18-15; P Hamnett, M Cambell, C Spicer, B Butler won 37-8; B Rebbeck, M Johnson, A Anderson, M Bonner won 27-15; P Green, D Ford, M Edgecock, T Sayers. won 21-17.

Arun now prepare for their last county game against King Alfred on March 30. Only a win will keep them on top and secure promotion to the first division next season.

Whiteknights 109 Arun 120

Whiteknights always provide a friendly welcome and good opposition. It was very close at half-time but Arun pulled away to take the win at full-time.

Scores: J Smith, M Adams, D Ford, B Horsley lost 25-20; J Fox, J Gilpin, J Muffett, C Radford won 23-21; D Jackson, W Branford, B Sanford, R Gardner lost 20-19; P Easterbrook, J Dyke, J Olliver, A Anderson won 27-14; K Burt, B Sales, J Sauners, P White.won 24-14; J Sparrow, G Whittaker, J Edwards. won 17-15.

Arun 149 Hayes & District BA 99

When Arun hosted this mixed friendly, Hayes & District found the mat at Arun hard to deal with from the outset - enabling Arun to take control from the start.

Scores: G Arnold, D Fair, E Chapham, J Whitstone won 26-16; J Sparrow, M Bateman, E Lawrence, L Hall won 18-16; C Chester, P Cowell, J Saunders won 37-12; A Harrison, W Branford, D Young, A Avery won 32-10; F Hollebone, B Arnell, I Nelson, D Adams won 18-15; S Blyth, T Arnell, K Burt, P White lost 30-16.

Arun ladies travelled to Poole but the local Dolphin ladies beat them 121-107.

Scores: J Whitfield, V Raynor, W Bury, M Richards won 17-16; V Greenaway, M Steel, S Stocker, C Horsley lost 22-16; E Keywood, K Burnard, I Morris, D Latter won 22-17; C Dunham, E Cooke, P Jones, G Conley lost 20-14; O Fidgeon, P Rampton, P Terry, J Taffurelli won 32-14; F Downing, S Simmonds, R Smith, B Jones lost 32-6.


The West Sussex B team visited Guildford for a friendly against Surrey.

They started slowly, winning only one game in the first session and one in the second session to be 12-4 down at lunch.

In the afternoon they improved, winning two and drawing one game in the third session and winning two games in the final session for a final defeat of 24-16.

In the singles Crablands’ Martin Hunt won 20-8 and drew 13-13 while club-mate Mollie Back lost 16-9 and won 12-10. In the pairs Bognor’s Marlene Steel lost 14-6 and won 16-10.

In the triples Lavant’s Dominic May lost 8-5 and won 12-8 while club-mate Jackie Lee, with Chanctonbury’s Pam Healy and Barnham’s Clive Andrews, lost 11-7 and won 15-12. In the fours Bognor’s Resi Wiedenhoeft lost 14-4 and 12-6.


Lavant Blue visited Barnham hoping to repeat their home win. A slow start on mat one was retrieved and the game was levelled at 11-11 after 14 ends. Barnham, with Lavant one shot up at end 19, took the last two ends with ten shots.

Mat two was similar but Barnham were four shots up at end 18. Lavant took the last three ends with nine shots. The friendly, very close all the way, was won by Lavant on the last end. The match score was 41-37 to Barnham.

Scores: T Boxall (skip), S Meyer, P Sharrod, J Lee lost 24-15; T Bleach (skip), B Wallsgrove, M Winter, J Conway won 22-17; (friendly): P Winter (skip), J Sharrod, K Fancy, P Lee won 19-17.


Midhurst Eagles went to Arundel to play a league Match but came off second best, losing on both mats - and 55-22 overall - and failing to collect any points.

Scores: B Fallows, I Frost, S Weeks, T Berry lost 31-13; L Mercer, J Etheridge-Barns, S Glazebrook, R Weeks lost 24-9.

The other match in the County KO Plate against Horley Falcons had a better outcome. Midhurst lost out on one mat on the last end to lose by one shot, but the second won well by 16 shots for an overall win of 44-29 to put the Eagles into the semi-final.

Scores: B Fallows, I Frost, S Weeks, T Berry won 24-8; L Mercer, J Ethridge-Barns, S Glazebrook, R Weeks lost 21-20.


The club had an enjoyable visit to Pulborough but their struggles to win away continued and they lost 63-55.

Scores: T Hack, P Guyatt, F Franklin, B Hodnett lost 24-14; D Greenfield, J Hoddnett, A Harle, R Stevens won 24-20; P Franklin, J Stubbs, T Tack, A Hack lost 19-17.