Bowls: Arun make a splash against Dolphins

The Bogonr team ready for their recent clash with their friends from Arun  Picture by Louise Adams
The Bogonr team ready for their recent clash with their friends from Arun Picture by Louise Adams

Action from Arun, Nyetimber, Southbourne, Fittleworth, Bognor Goodwoods, Crablands and Lavant makes up our latest round-up of the West Sussex indoor bowls scene.

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Arun Ladies 158 Dolphins 96

Arun ladies played host to Dolphins, a team from Dorset.

Scores: K Burnard, G Morgan, S Stocker, M Phillips won 34-12; E Fitch, J Connors, M Fair, C Horsley won 18-17; J Foster, V Greenaway, J Taffurelli, P Terry won 18-13; P Rampton, P Jones, I Brooker, M King won 34-15; S Pugh, E Cooke, B Bonnar, G Conley won 23-15; J Simmons, S Simmonds, L Napper, J Whitfield won 31-24.

Croydon 86 Arun Ladies 142

Arun Ladies visited Croydon to play a friendly and won well.

Scores: J Boucher, S Simmonds, M Bacon, M Phillips won 27-12; J Foster, J Lindley, J Taffurelli, B Jones drew 16-16; O Fidgeon, M Fair, S Hart, D Latter won 25-16; P Rampton, E Fitch, E Cooke, P Terry lost 19-15; D Mitchell, J Connors, I Brooker, S Blyth won 17-14; J Simmons, V Greenaway, R Wiedenheoft, F Ireland won 42-9.

Arun 100 Bognor Regis 123

Arun entertained outdoor bowling club Bognor in a six-rink mixed friendly. Many Bognor bowlers play at Arun in the winter months so the match was played in a friendly spirit.

Bognor won on three rinks, Arun on three, with Bognor winning by 23 shots.

Scores: G Finch, K Burnard, D Spink, K Burt lost 29-11; L Saunders, M Parker, L Hall, L Corne won 22-14; R Osment, K Young, W Branford, C Radford lost 28-10; O Fidgeon, E Lawrence, B Sandford, J Newell won 21-20; C Chester, E Fitch, R Pearson, M English lost 17-13; J Watson, C Burnard, A Avery, PJ White won 23-15.


Nyetimber hosted RAFA for their annual friendly. Nyetimber won on all four mats but both teams enjoyed the evening.

Nyetimber entertained Crablands and the hosts enjoyed a three-mat victory by 59-47.

Scores: D Merritt, A Crew, R Hatch and B Crew beat Sylvia Gray, Jean Tolhurst, Geoff Brown & Charlie Threlkeld 20-11; A Threlueld, I Brown, L Tuck and R Tolhurst beat Ann Threlkeld, Iris Brown, Lil Tuck & Roy Tolhurst 19-12; M Hatch, E Morgan, S Syrett and E Moore beat Sheila Plaistow, Colin Garland, Trevor Plaistow & Mollie Back 27-17.


Southbourne 38 Arundel 33

Southbourne short-mat bowlers had a close home friendly against Arundel but eventually achieved an overall victory by winning on one mat and only just losing on the other.

Scores: Karen Alner, John Staker, Rod Bull, Dave Walter (s) lost 20-17; Audrey Bull, Bill Coates, Kathy Shelley, Dave Alner (s) won 21-13.


A first visit to Fittleworth for Infiniti saw them win on both mats and by 39-29 to take all six points.

Scores: Pauline Gilpin, Gina Barnfield, Alan Jordan, David Herbert lost 21-16; Audrey Hodgson, Tony Broughton, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin lost 18-13.

Fittleworth lost 64-45 when Norfolk won on two mats out of three.

Scores: Pauline Gilpin, Nancy Goodyer, Alan Jordan, David Herbert lost 16-14; Angela Reader, Pat Perry, Edna Henly, Gina Barnfield lost 33-9; Audrey Hodgson, Tony Broughton, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin won 22-15.

In a pairs competition at Fittleworth played over just six ends, Nancy Goodyer and Jane Adsett beat David Herbert and Peter Martin 9-1.


A very tense friendly between Barnham and Bognor Goodwoods ended with Goodwoods winning by eight shots despite losing on two of the three mats.

Brian Williams’ team of G Roope, D Lovell, P Smith led from the off, but lost three of the last four ends to lose 21-20.

M Goodland, G King, J Hudson and F Kaucher played nip and tuck until they fell away on the last four ends, conceding one shot on each for a final score of 18-14.

It was a different story on mat three, where M Steel’s team of B Goodland, M Williams and J Harbut scored well throughout including a five and a six at strategic times to win 28-15 - the winning margin sufficient to secure victory 62-54 for Goodwoods.


Crablands Bitterns visited Lavant Blue and gained four valuable league points with an overall 35-33 win.

Scores: Jean Tolhurst; Iris Brown; Geoff Brown & Lil Tuck won 23-12; Sylvia Gray; Joan Taylor; Ted Murrell & Jim Saunders lost 21-12; (friendly) Joyce Abel; Stevie Brooks; Yvonne Clifton & Mollie Back lost 17-15.


Lavant Blue gained two league points away to Crablands Cormorants.

Tony Boxall suffered five shots against on the eighth end, giving Cormorants a healthy lead they held on to to win by nine shots.

Bernard Wallsgrove lagged behind but then enjoyed a five-shot end to be level at the halfway point. Taking five ends in a row pulled his rink to an eight-shot win.

Jim Sharrod’s friendly rink enjoyed a close game to win by one shot.

Scores: T Boxall, P Massey, P Sharrod, J Conway lost 24-15; B Wallsgrove, B Cooper, M Winter, J Lee won 23-15; (friendly): J Sharrod, D May, K Fancy, M Bleach won 21-20.

Lavant Red, at home to Ashington Swans, gained two league points. Peter Winter had a poor game and Swans scored well helped by a six-shot end midway through, and won by 20 shots.

Peter Whale had to work very hard but Red got the luck this time with a seven-shot end, going on to win by six shots.

Scores: P Winter, D May, R Peirce, J Simms lost 29-9; P Whale, P Beardmore, J Sharrod, R Harding won 23-17.