Bowls: Arun ladies bring about a Banister slide

Arun ladies played Banister Park in the Viveane Cup – two rinks home, two away.

After a very bad start for Arun they were 18 down, but they soon found the green and won 106-63.

Scores: Home – P Rampton, V Greenaway, J Whitfield, F Ireland won 33-19; L Curtis, E Tooley, J Lindley, B Jones won 23-14; Away – J Foster, M Bacon, S Blyth, C Horsley won 30-16; J Boucher, S Pickard, J Taffurelli, M Brown won 20-14.

Arun 194 White Knights 76

There was a very good win for Arun ladies at home to White Knights, who could not find the green and lost by 118 shots.

Scores: J Hole, E Cooke, I Brooker, B Jones lost 20-18; C Hobb, S Judd, E Fitch, C Horsley won 23-13; L Curtis, S Stocker, I Morris, M Phillips won 37-10; D Mitchell, J Connors, J Taffurelli, A Janman won 30-16; J Simmons, U Ryan, G Conley, W Adams won 37-11; D Anderson, M Fair, D Collins, M Richards won 49-6.

Arun 42 Denton Island 30

Arun Ladies won in the Mason’s Cup away to Denton Island by 12 shots.

Scores: L Curtis, S Stocker, G Conley, C Horsley lost 18-17; D Mitchell, I Brooker, J Taffurelli, M Richards won 25-12.

Arun 127 Ad-Finem 110

Arun hosted a bowling associatition from the Hayes/Hillingdon area for an annual six-rink men’s fixture.

Arun won on four rinks and lost on two in winning by 17 shots.

Scores: D Goodenough, N Waddock, D Spink, D Adams won 43-8; R Lincoln, P Easterbrook, B Sales, J Muffett won 23-17; B Smith, G Finch, A Blyth, PJ White lost 28-14; J Watson, W Branford, B Sandford, R Gardener won 17-16; G Whittaker, E Chapman, J Morris, D Winchester lost 24-12; F Smith, P Langridge, B Fitch, E West won 18-17.

Arun 83 Victory 76

With two rinks at home and two away, Arun were delighted to beat Victory from Portsmouth in the second round of the national mixed Egham Trophy.

Scores: Home – Brian Rebbeck, Denise Latter, Wendy Adams, Derek Leach won 23-17; Diana Mitchell, Sue Miles, Len Corne, Mick Edgecock lost 21-19; Away – Angus Anderson, Gordon Leaman, Betty Spicer, April Janman won 21-20; Daphne Anderson, Bridget Collins, Colin Spicer, Matt Bonnar won 20-18.

In the next round, Arun will play the Isle of Wight.

Arun 79 Chawton Park 82

Arun’s run in the national Denny Cup came to a disappointing end in the second round against Hampshire-based Chawton Park.

Scores: Home – Brian Rebbeck, Colin Spicer, Derek Leach, Mick Edgecock won 28-11; Ray Leggett, Peter Miles, Pete Hannum, Tony Sayers won 18-15; Away – Tony Arnold, Nick Bashford, Brian Butler, Matt Bonnar lost 27-18; Ricky Hobbs, Paul Murphy, Alan Bowler, Len Corne lost 29-15.

Arun 126 Petworth 106

Arun entertained outdoor club Petworth in a six-rink friendly. Arun won on three rinks and lost on three, but won by 20 shots.

Scores: T Jennings, E Chapman, J Taffurelli, D Winchester won 22-13; B Why, J Smith, M Campbell, D Spink lost 23-14; C Chester, D Taffurelli, Janet Whitfield, J Whitfield won 36-10; Alma Harrison, W Branford, R Leggett, R Gardner won 28-8; A Harrison, J Dyke, A Avery, B Sandford lost 25-13; J Watson, G Whitaker, E Dewing, PJ White lost 27-13.


In a friendly versus West Wittering, Crablands lost by 13 shots after a win on one mat but a defeat on the other.

Scores: Janet Obermayer; Joan Homewood; Yvonne Clifton & Alan Bateman won 24-15; Wally Obermayer; Melva Bateman; Meg Pocock & Jim Saunders lost 31-9.

A league match for Crablands Cormorants against Ardingly saw them lost 50-19.

Scores: Joyce Abel; Wally Obermayer; Martin Hunt & Mollie Back lost 31-7; Joan Homewood; Derek Eggleton; Ron Coombes & Brian Berry lost 19-12.

Crablands Bitterns gained only two points in a 14-shot defeat to Fittleworth VH.

Scores: Sheila Plaistow; Ted Murrell; Charlie Threlkeld & Jim Saunders lost 30-11; Stevie Brooks; Iris Brown; Geoff Brown & Lil Tuck won 21-16.

Crablands Auks took four points when they won 42-37 at home to Lavant Blue.

Scores: Denise Dray; Lew Lewenden; Val Tyrrell & Alan Bateman lost 25-10; Jim Tyrrell; Rod Shambrook; Les Jewiss & Les Dray won 32-12; (friendly) Colin Garland; Melva Bateman; Rose Colton & Ron Osborn lost 21-17.

The Auks hosted Storrington and gained all six points from a 41-31 win.

Scores: Jim Tyrrell; Lew Lewenden; Val Tyrrell & Alan Bateman won 21-12; Colin Garland; Rod Shambrook; Les Jewiss & Les Dray won 20-19; (friendly): Joan Homewood; Terry Axworthy; Ron Osborn & Yvonne Clifton lost 17-16.

The club’s internal leagues are progressing well.

Latest standings: Wednesday Evening League: 1 Team K 4pts, +15, 2 Team J 4, +11, 3 Team H 2, -1, 4 Team I 2, -25. Friday Afternoon League: 1 Team N 7½, +23, 2 Team M 3, -4, 3 Team P 3, -26, 4 Team O 2, +7. Monday Afternoon League: 1 Team D 6, +12, 2 Team B 4, +10, 3 Team A 4, -21, 4 Team C 2, -1.


Lavant Blues won bragging rights over Bognor Goodwood Silvers in a league match at Lavant.

Goodwood’s team of Grace Roope, Barry Baines, Danny Lovell and Brian Goodland (skip) got off to a disastrous start, finding themselves 13-0 down after only three ends, and lost 26-11 against Blues’ J Lee, M Winter, P Massey and B Wallsgrove (skip).

In a much closer contest, Silver’s M Goodland, J Hanson, S Hayter and B Williams (skip) lost 17-12 to J Conway, S Lillywhite, K Fancy and T Boxall (skip). The overall score was 43-23.

Lavant also won the friendly mat when J Hayter, B Williams, B Mills and G King (skip) lost 28-20 to P Lee, V Frost, B Copeland and P Whale (skip).


Playing at home to Sutton, Fittleworth were well beaten 69-42.

Scores: Audry Hodgson, Tony Broughton, Roger Lucking, Sue Judd lost 21-19; Murial Cook, Jane Adsett, Gina Barnfield, Alan Jordan lost 27-7; Jean Lucking, Lynn White, Nancy Goodyer, Charlie Martin lost 21-16.