Bowls: Arun ladies are great at Grattons

Arun Ladies' Mary Potter in action   Picture by Louise Adams C140128-3
Arun Ladies' Mary Potter in action Picture by Louise Adams C140128-3

ARUN Ladies travelled to Grattons BC in Crawley for a league game. At the end of a good game Arun won overall and took nine points out of a possible 11.

Scores: M Potter, S Hart, M Ohillips and L Latter lost 21-14; S Judd, P Jones, S Stocker and M Richards won 21-6; J Foster, J Whetstone, G Conley and B Spicer won 18-8; W Burry, M Bacon, B Collins and A Janman lost 22-16; C Hobbs, V Greenaway, J Taffurelli and B Jones won 18-13.


Lavant Blue, away to Nyetimber Green, had a tough game on mat one, Blue taking five of the last six ends to win.

There were very even scores from the teams on mat two, both winning ten ends but Green including ends of five and six shots for a comfortable win. Lavant won the friendly.

Scores: J Sharrod (skip), S Meyer, M Winter, J Lee won 21-16; T Boxall (skip), B Wallsgrove, P Sharrod, J Conway lost 26-18; (friendly): T Bleach (skip), D May, P Lee, P Beardmore won 23-12.

Lavant Red went to Billingshurst to face The Martlets. At the halfway point Red were leading on both mats. Martlets regrouped on mat one and settled down on mat two and pulled ahead, but not without a struggle. The outcome was two mat wins for Martlets, who also won the friendly.

Scores: P Whale (skip), P Beardmore, T Bleach, R Harding lost 19-16; P Winter (skip), D May, R Peirce, J Simms lost 23-17; (friendly), S Lillywhite (skip), J Lee, Y Squires, P Lee lost 26-15.

Lavant were at Chilgrove for the second of three legs in their annual pursuit of the coveted Golden Bowl trophy.

Their team on mat one took a comfortable win but mat two were more evenly matched before coming good over the last five ends. Lavant furthered their first-leg score to go 78-33 up.

Scores: P Whale (skip), J Simms, P Lee won 21-7; D May (skip), S Meyer, J Lee won 17-9.

n In our report of Lavant’s Martin Trophy last week, the Plate final result was incorrect. The winner was in fact Jean Conway, who beat Tony Bleach. We apologise for the error.


Midhurst Eagles have reached the quarter-finals of the County Plate by winning 74-12 at home to Mannings Heath.

Scores: B Osbourne, L Mercer, B Fallows, T Berry won 35-6; D Clark, S Weeks, R Carn, R Weeks won 39-6.

The Eagles have won two matches – a friendly away to West Wittering, a very close match which they took 43-38, and a league game against

Southbourne Rovers at home in which they took all six points, winning 69-23.

Scores (v W Wittering): L Stevens, D Berry, S Glazebrook, T Berry won 24-17; B Osbourne, I Frost, J Etheridge-Barns, R Weeks lost 21-19.

Scores (v Southbourne): L Stevens L Mercer, B Fallows, T Berry won 34-17; A Knight, S Weeks, R Carn, R Weeks won 35-9


Nyetimber Golds hosted Midhurst Eagles in division two but had a hard task and lost on both league mats, enabling Midhurst to take all six points in a 48-27 victory.

Scores: Alan Crew, Carol Sands, Irene Hathaway, Skip Afke Booker lost 21-17 to A Knight, S Weeks, R Carn, R Weeks; Stella Singleton, Barbara Crew, Michael Biggs, Skip Richard Stevens lost 27-10 to L Stevens, L Mercer, B Fallows, T Berry; (friendly): Brian Boiling, Tony Mussell, Lynton Griffiths, Skip Nigel Plummer beat S Tate, D Clark, D Berry, S Glazebrook 20-16.