Bognor boxers in good shape for Butlin’s

Bognor boxers are on a roll getting themselves ready for their annual home show at Butlin’s next Thursday.

The club tasted success when sending boxers to shows at Littlehampton and Horsham.

At Littlehampton, Bognor’s Jack Spear was up against Newport’s Jordan Jackson.

Jackson was trying to catch Spear with big shots but he was on his game and countered with his own combinations. In the second round, Spear showed how to hit and not get caught in return while in the third he piled on the pressure to get a unanimous decision.

Bognor’s Alfie Haven took on Portsmouth-based Stacey’s Callum Rodden.

In the first Haven pushed Rodden back with fast accurate jabbing.

The second saw Haven’s confidence grow and he caught Rodden with a stiff jab which shook him.

Haven dominated the third with superior hand speed and movement, giving him another unanimous decision.

When Bognor’s Reece Goddard and Stacey’s Luke Silvio did battle, they proved well-matched.

After instructions from his coach Goddard entered round two with added determination, catching his opponent. In the third he caught Silvio with a cracking four-punch combination which gave him a well-deserved win.

Last up was Bognor’s James Baker against Woking’s Luke Blackwood, who started strong with looping hooks to the head.

Baker covered well with a excellent tight guard and started to find openings to catch Blackwood with his own shots against the ropes.

In round two, Baker defended well while under a barrage of wide punches from the Woking lad and started to land his own shots, pushing back the bigger boxer.

Round three saw Blackwood come out swinging but Baker took everything on his gloves and attacked back, smashing his opponent repeatedly to the head and body, giving Baker his best win so far.

Baker was named best boxer of the night, giving Bognor four wins out of four.

The following night Bognor were in action in Horsham with a debut from Shawn Thompson, up against Horsham’s Tom Smith.

Although suffering from nerves Thompson’s training and fitness shone through.

He demonstrated the better skills, fitness and agility, repeatedly catching his aggressive opponent. He repeated this feat in round two, which he did beautifully.

In the last round he had grown from a nervous young boxer to a fully-fledged fighter, gritting his teeth, slugging it out with his opponent and beating him to a majority decision.