Blackwood’s Benevolent Cup win in tenth year

Benevolent Cup runner-up Darren Clark (left) and winner Gary Blackwood
Benevolent Cup runner-up Darren Clark (left) and winner Gary Blackwood

THE tenth anniversary Benevolent Cup knockout took place at Newtown Social Club and attracted 55 players from three divisions.

The early rounds saw excellent darts, but only a few surprises were seen.

The first quarter-final saw Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker C) beat Lee Clark (Old Barn).

Gary Blackwood (Claremont Cobras) and Rob Collins (POW Z) did battle next, and Blackwood was victorious after some mighty darts.

Richard Ragless (Wheatsheaf) couldn’t hold back Darren Clark (Old Barn) in the next last-eight clash, while Mark Todd (BRSA Ravens) went out to Chris Gatford (Chi Snooker B) in the last game of the round.

In the semi-final between Robinson and Blackwood, it went to a third leg, and with 
60, 140, 100, 177 and 24 out, the 
13-dart leg was Blackwood’s along with a place in the final.

The second semi-final between Clark and Gatford also went to the third, where Clark took the match.

The final started with Blackwood repeating his form from the semi-finals. Only one score under 80 until his double saw Blackwood take the first leg in 18 darts.

The second leg saw both players start with a straight ton, but where Blackwood followed his with 140, Clark managed only a score of 26. With 87 and 94 scored, Blackwood was close to his double. Two bad throws later and he was on double eight, and, with Clark still back on 140, Blackwood hit the required double to take this year’s cup.