Arun gymnasts pick up 57 varieties of medal

Arun gymnasts picked up plenty of medals at Southbourne
Arun gymnasts picked up plenty of medals at Southbourne

Arun Gymnastics Club took 37 gymnasts to the annual beam and vault competition hosted by Southbourne Gymnastics Club, where they put in a tremendous performance to pick up 57 medals.

Two of Arun’s new gymnasts, Gracie Mae Cox and Grace Callaway, competed for the first time at novice 2006-07 births and both came away with a medal for their excellent vaults, with Grace taking silver and Gracie bronze.

Gabriella Noviello competed at modified level five for 2002-03 births and won bronze for her beam routine and finished overall fourth following a fourth-placed vault.

Lucy Aldred and Grace Markey won three medals each in the level five 2002-03 competition. Grace finished with all three bronze medals while Lucy won gold for her outstanding vault, silver for beam and was overall second.

Emily Day, Charlotte Williamson and Jordan Kitchen competed in the bronze 12-years-and-over category and all won medals.

Charlotte finished sixth after a bronze for her vault, Jordan won bronze for beam and silver for a superb vault, combining to give her silver. Emily put in a wonderful beam performance for silver, and fourth place on vault put her overall first.

Lucy Stephenson-Gill represented Arun in the 10-13 silver competition and scooped three medals. Her two excellent vaults earned gold and she secured a further two bronzes when third place on beam helped to third overall.

Round two saw a total of Arun 17 gymnasts competing and in the 11-12 intermediate category, Gemma Payne, Hannah Anwyl, Daisy-May Jones and Molly Ireland put in lovely performances and finished in the top five.

Hannah was overall fifth, Molly fourth after a silver on vault. Gemma’s overall third added a further bronze to the two she received for beam and vault while Daisy-May picked up gold for overall first, adding to gold for her beam.

The advanced 11-13 category saw another four Arun gymnasts in the top ten. Jenna Partridge finished ninth, Amelia Rishaman fifth after bronze for her vault ,whilst Caitlyn Baird ended fourth having also picked up bronze on the beam.

Her sister Betsy Baird had the best day, finishing with bronze for her share of third place on beam, gold for her tremendous vault and a second gold for overall first place.

Isabel Foster, Olivia Hepburn, Lucy Woolmer and Christina Pullington competed in the intermediate nines-tens category where Lucy and Christina finished equal fifth and Olivia third with three medals, including gold on vault and bronze on beam.

In the level five for seven and eight-year-olds, Sophie Horn, Olivia Pinchbeck, Summer Harris, Ellie Flinders and Daisy Evans each won at least one medal.

Olivia took gold for her beam and was overall first after her fifth-place vault. Daisy won silver for second place on vault and was fifth overall while Summer was fourth on beam and vault to clinch overall silver.

Sophie Horn took third place and a Bronze medal for her strong Vault and Ellie finished in overall 6th place and took home a Bronze medal for her lovely Beam performance.

In round three, Georgina Reynolds and Lucy HIjams scooped three medals each. Lucy won silver for vault and bronze for beam to finish third, while Georgina was Arun’s gold-star performer with all three gold medals following fantastic performances on beam and vault.

Rosie Budge and Kseniya Kagarova, in the advanced eight-to-tens category, both finished in the top ten - Rosie sixth and Kseniya seventh.

In the novice eight-year-olds category, Ruby Bowditch’s high-scoring vault gave her gold and a superb beam routine earned second - enough to place her in overall first place.

Ruby Hammond won bronze for her beam and finished overall fourth following fourth on vault.

Chantal Mawbey, in the silver 14-16 yr category, won gold for her beam routine and overall silver.

The final round saw Annie Rose Mitchell, in the novice ten-13 age group, winning gold for her vault and finishing fourth.

Rebecca Williamson and Sophie Haines competed in the advanced 14-and-over age group. Rebecca finished overall fourth but came away with silver for her beam and bronze for her vault, whilst Sophie finished overall sixth.

Molly Evans competed at level four for ten-11-year-olds and wonderful performances on beam and vault gave her two second places and overall second.

Arun’s final tally was 18 golds, 16 silvers and 23 bronzes - a wonderful reward for a year’s hard work.