Anglers hope to catch a good year at Apuldram


A cold start to the fishing season was reported by Apuldram Fishing and Boating Club members – but there’s a promise of better success to come in 2011.

The season started in March with members taking part in the first competition of the year at Apuldram.

It was a cold but bright day with a variety of fishing marks used around the northern part of the harbour. The locations included Dell Quay, towards Copperas Point to the south and stretching towards Fishbourne Mill in the north.

Copperas comes from the word used for the red clay dug out by the Romans in that area which can be clearly seen when walking around the edges of the shore nearby.

The early competitions are always a real challenge to land good-sized fish and this year was no exception, although some members did have a few interesting bites. The lack of fish is mainly a result of a really cold winter and the harbour takes time to warm up, which in turn attracts fish into shallow waters to feed.

However, two years ago on exactly the same competition, several fish up to 2lb 2oz were caught.

The next fishing event for the club is on Saturday, April 16, with the annual prizegiving when members will celebrate a successful 2010 season, followed by the next competition on April 23.

Last week the mullet were seen returning in large numbers in the area, which is an encouraging sign. Walkers will spot them playing and splashing in the early stages of a flooding tide in shallow water.

People often confuse grey mullet for bass in local marinas and flooding streams, but although they can sometimes be seen playing, the bass are quite shy fish.

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