And the Bowler Trophy is won ... by the bowlers

Chichester's Midhurst Cup winners
Chichester's Midhurst Cup winners

Chichester Bowling Club played Chichester City Club in their annual match for the Alan Bowler Trophy and in a close game the bowling club just had the edge, winning by nine shots to win back the trophy.

Scores: (Bowling Club names first) D Anderson, B Collins, D Schofield (skip) drew with G Buckle, M Lewis, A Anderson (skip) 15-15; A Daines, B Hole, T Sayers ( skip) lost to B Taylor, S Baverstock, B Butler (skip) 21-13; C Hobbs, R Anscombe, M Schofield, PJ White (skip) lost to S Buckle, G Beagley, K Burt, T Gaffney (skip) 13-12; T Jennings, M Maggs, S Meyer, M Edgecock (skip) beat S Lewis, A Stewart, C Spicer, B Talmage (skip) 22-12; C Porter, L Etherington, B Spicer, J Larkin (skip) beat I Linfield, D Hogg, P Howick, M Page (skip) 21-14; A Deller, L Stewart, R Hobbs, J Hole (skip) beat K Talmage, B Money, L Shipp, P Baverstock (skip) 16-15.

Chichester B 103 Petworth 80

Chichester B were always ahead in this Littlehampton Gazette third division clash, and steadily pulled away to take eight points.

Scores: J Walters, A Stewart, K Burt, PJ White (skip) won 34-15; J Sparrow, B Hole, P Baverstock, T Hardgrove (skip) won 35-12; A Deller, J Williams, B Money, C Wade (skip) lost 37-9; J Swannell, B Taylor, L Shipp, S Meyer (skip) won 25-16.

Chichester B 58 East Preston B 95

In a reversal of fortune, Chichester B were behind from the start of their league match at home to East Preston B. With only one winning rink, they had to settle for two points.

Scores: J Swannell, R Anscombe, B Taylor, S Meyer (skip) lost 31-7; A Daines, T Haigh, P Baverstock, PJ White (skip) lost 22-15; A Deller, T Jennings, B Money, L Shipp (skip) won 20-17; J Sparrow, S Goddard, T Hardgrove, M Hannant (skip) lost 25-16.

Chichester A 92 Lancing 73

In division one, Chichester A notched two good wins and suffered two narrow defeats to pick up six points.

Scores: P Whale, M Lewis, J Larkin, M Page (skip) lost 20-18; M Bayfield, G Buckle, B Butler, D Schofield (skip) lost 22-19; : C Porter, P Howick, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) won 24-18; G Jackson, B Talmage, R Hobbs, T Sayers (skip) won 31-13.

Chichester emerged triumphant in the Midhurst Cup final, overcoming Bognor 81-51.

The final, held in glorious sunshine at Midhurst, attracted a welcoming crowd, with Chichester winning on three rinks and losing on one.

After nine ends they held a 19-shot advantage over their opponents. Chichester pulled further ahead over the second half of the match and took the trophy with a 30-shot victory.

The cup was presented by Midhurst BC president Peter West to the Chichester captain, Cole Porter, who congratulated the host club for the success of the day and for the running and organisation of the competition. Players of both teams were presented a bottle of wine.

Scores: Bridgit Collins, Mike Bayfield, Dave Schofield (skip) won 17-11; Cole Porter, April Janman, Keith Burt (skip) won 19-11; Guy Buckle, Wendy Adams, Brian Talmage (skip) won 30-8; Chris Hobbs, Peter Howick, Peter White (skip) lost 21 - 15


Fitleworth clinched a close 51-47 victory at home to Arundel thanks to a nine-shot victory by Arthur Ellcome, Peter Cook and Gina Barnfield.

Scores: Judy Read, Alvar Etherington, Sue Judd lost 16-17; Arthur Ellcome, Peter Cook, Gina Barnfield won 21-12; Nancy Goodyer, Mike Ryan, Tony Broughton lost 14-18.

A thumping win by Arthur Ellcome, Alvar Etherington and Mike Ryan wasn’t quite enough, as hosts Pagham ran out 56-49 victors.

Scores: Tessa Clegg, Audrey Hodgson, Gina Barnfield lost 10-28; Frances Etherington, Peter Cook, David Herbert lost 12-24; Arthur Ellcome, Alvar Etherington, Mike Ryan won 27-4.


Pagham men beat Arundel 80-64 at home in the LG League to gain eight points.

Scores: T Wells, B Sales, J Newell, R Friday won 26-10; N Terry, R Osment, P Quilter, R Livermore won 20-18; G Ireland, R Read, D Levy, P Mayoss lost 21-18; R Pearson, G Courtney, G Stevens, M English won 16-15.

Latham played five friendly mixed triples against Knaphill at home, and went down 92-66.

Scores: Ann Calvert, M Adams, G Stevens won 18-12; B Calvert, Joan Wells, Shirley Hart lost 21-16; J Stocker, Eileen Shine, D Vaughan lost 23-6; D Taffurelli, June Taffurelli, D Levy lost 20-14; D Lovell, R Hilder, Sheila Stocker lost 16-12.

Pagham men picked up two points from their trip to Worthing Pavilion B in the LG League, going down 75-53.

Scores: D Lovell, R Hilder, R Read, J Stewart lost 18-10; T Wells, R Osment, G Courtney, L Hall won 14-12; N Terry, B Sales, M Adams, J Newell lost 25-13; R Pearson, B Smith, G Stevens, M English lost 20-16.

Pagham entertained Hampton in a friendly rinks and triples, triumphing 123-74.

Scores: Jackie Sales, Eileen Shine, D Levy, G Stevens won 24-17; J Stocker, Judy Warner, Sheila Stocker, J Newell won 25-12;

Doreen Ellis, M Adams, L Hall won 27-6; Ann Burrell, Mary Donaldson, R Donaldson lost 16-13; P Burrell, D Westcott, Annie Ross won 18-11; D Taffurelli, B Sales, June Taffurelli won 16-12.

Pagham men took two points from their 80-73 LG League defeat at Marine Park Gardens.

Scores: N Terry, J Burke, G Courtney, J Newell lost 21-16; P Langridge, R Hilder, M Adams, R Friday lost 20-11; R Pearson, B Smith, G Stevens, M English won 31-11; D Lovell, B Sales, G Cutts, P Mayoss lost 28-15.

Pagham eased to a 43-20 home victory in two friendly mixed rinks against Beavers.

Scores: Ann Calvert, Ann Bellamy, D Westcott, P Quilter won 18-10; Doreen Ellis, Carole Jessop, B Calvert, D Vaughan won 25-10.

Pagham played three friendly mixed triples against Fittleworth at home, winning 56-49.

Scores: B Calvert, Louise Saunders, R Friday won 28-10; Ann Burrell, Eileen Shine, R Osment lost 27-4; P Burrell, Ann Calvert, Annie Ross won 24-12.


Bognor A v Worthing A

Worthing A proved too strong for a depleted Bognor A side in this LD1 match at Waterloo Square. Bognor managed only one rink victory to go down 65-83, securing just two points as the visitors took home eight points.

Scores: R Bobbett, K Hellyer, A Hall, P Phillips lost 12-19; D Jackson, N Burchfell, B Hey, R Gardner won 18-16; G Cook, T Rexstrew, BG Napper, J Parry lost 16-27; T Arnold, D Parker, B Sanford, T Gaskin lost 19-21.

Bognor took the honours in their LD1 match at East Preston. The journey proved therapeutic for Bognor, as although the rinks were shared, Bognor took the match 6-4 thanks to a better overall shot score, 75-70.

Scores: D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner won 31-13; R Lincoln, J Christensen, R Bell, A Richardson won 20-17;

K Hellyer, A Hall, J Whitfield, J Roots lost 14-16; D Parker, B Napper, T Moore, T Gaskin lost 10-24.

There was more good news for Bognor in the Midhurst Cup tie with Petersfield. Two rinks were contested at home and away, and although these were shared with two wins each, Bognor won through with a shot score of 75-70.

Scores: Home – Barbara Reardon, J Edwards, T Moore won 23-9; Janet Whitfield, D Ford, J Whitfield won 18-16.

Away – R Lincoln, Penny Jones, A Richardson lost 12-20; Jane Taylor, N Waddock, J Roots lost 15-16.

In a keenly-contested four-rink mixed triples game at Telepost, Bognor won on three rinks and took the spoils with a shot score of 75-62.

Scores: Carol Penny, G Dunham, P Dale won 17-15; J Stacey, J Taylor, Ann Parry won 25-14; G Herrington, Jane Taylor, J Parry won 16-15; Christine Dunham, A Lewis, R Penny lost 17-18.

The trip to West Tarring seemed to put Bognor out of their stride, as they lost on three rinks in their four-rink mixed triples friendly to go down 48-83.

Edna Keywood, P Hasler, R Philipott lost 8-19; Christine Dunham, J Taylor, G Herrington won 23-11; B Harvey, Pauline White, J Parry lost 6-21; J Stacey, A Harrison, Jane Taylor lost 11-32.

Bognor managed just one rink victory in their trip to Priory Park for a five-rink mixed fours match. They drew on another rink, but lost the other three to go down 78-98 overall.

Scores: J Stacey, Joan Shaw, Penny Jones, B Sanford drew 18-18; A Harrison, Jane Taylor, R Philpott, R Gardner lost 12-24; S Webster, J Taylor, Pauline White, D Jackson lost 9-27; Edna Keywood, J Fox, Win Bury, J Christensen won 23-8; G Cook, Alma Harrison, Johnston, N Waddock lost 16-21.

Bognor teamed up with RAFA for a six-rink mixed triples match against Grays, achieving two wins and a draw on their three rinks.

Scores: Barbara Reardon, J Taylor, T Moore won 28-8; R Philpott, Jane Taylor, J Johnston drew 18-18; Edna Keywood, G Dunham, G Cook won 17-12,


Midhurst went down 60-44 at Alton in the Petersfield Cup, losing on two rinks and winning on one.

Scores – Rinks: Sue Ralph, Jean Adams, Roy Ralph & Peter West lost 11-29; Triples: Delphine Clark, Margaret Sole & Dave King won 21-14; Pairs: Catherin Dixon & Gerald Dixon lost 12-17.

In a friendly, Midhurst ran out 53-34 victors against Fittleworth.

Scores: Jack Jarado, Delphine Clark & Howard Seymour won 24-8; Stella Tait, Joy Wells & Malcolm Hutchings tied 14-14; Lally Mercer, Lilly Kingswell & Margaret Sole won 15-12.

Midhurst Ladies triumphed 66-43 in their match against Pagham Ladies.

Scores: Anita Pond, June Barnard & Delphine Clark won 22-9; Sarah Porter, Lilly Kingswell & Jean Adams lost 18-20; Stella Tait, Joy Wells & Margaret Sole won 26-14.


After winning their opening match of the season, Middleton men must have wondered whether they would ever win again as they racked up loss after loss.

But then last week they won not one but two matches, picking up 16 points in the process.

There is now a glimmer of hope the team can lift themselves off the bottom of the LG League although, to forgive the pun, they are not out of the woods yet...

Middleton 78 Norfolk 76

Scores: S Jackson, L Oldridge, J Graham & J Wilson won 27-15; C Pratt, G Steventon, D Gower & M Feneley lost 11-28, R Eccles, R Wheeler, B Wilkinson & K Baker lost 14-20; D Wilkins, N Robertson, A Nurse & R Wootten won 28-13.

Middleton 6pts, Norfolk 4pts

Middleton 84 Maltravers 52

Scores: G Addicott, D Saunders, B Bravington & B Wilkinson won 25-14; G Smith, N Robertson, J Graham & J Wilson won 16-14; S Jackson, K Walker, D Wilkins & R Wootten won 20-13, T Finch, R Eccles, D Gower & M Fineley won 23-11.

Middleton 10pts.

While the men were all smiles, the ladies continued their up-and-down season in the C&M Trophies Premier League by losing to Crablands on shot count.

Middleton Ladies 31 Crablands 49

Scores: P Josephs, L Hills, A Steventon & M Wootten lost 8-33; J Mathieson, J Oldridge, R Gregory & J Gower won 23-16.

Middleton 2pts, Crablands 4pts.


Southbourne found it difficult to adjust to Hotham’s green and lost both triples in their BM League match as they went down 41-15.

Scores: Joan Frost, Mark Soper, Dave Walter (s) lost 14-11; Mary Thornton, Jim Jennings, Margaret Odell (s) lost 27-4.


Witterings went down 89-99 in an enjoyable annual friendly match against the Sussex County Vice Presidents.

Scores: P Chivers, P Wiggins, L Bangs & D Bell (s) drew 17-17; G Mason, A Somerville, J Langworthy & R Stephens (s) drew 19-19; G Morgan, C Porter, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) lost 21-23; J Hardy, M Gough, S Hooker & B Horsley (s) lost 19-20; F Bray, M King, E Shoyer & J Slogrove (s) lost 13-20.

Witterings Men won an enjoyable friendly triples match against Chichester, taking the honours on three rinks to clinch the match overall by 23 shots, 97-74

Scores: G Mason, L Bangs & J Hostler (s) won 29-7; M King, J Langworthy & R Stephens (s) lost 13-15; P Wiggins, J Hardy & J Slogrove (s) won 17-15; T Nixon, S Hooker & D Bell (s) lost 10-31; A Somerville, F Knotts & B Horsley (s) won 28-6.