It’s ‘Well done Boyes’ (and Crawford) at aikido club

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Students at Goryukai Yoshinkan Aikido club in Chichester have passed their latest gradings.

Marcus Boyes, 32, passed his second dan, which is the second level of black belt. He started training in 2005 and over the past two-and-a-half years has been training hard towards this standard.

He said: “I found the grading challenging, but think it went well.

“I look forward to getting straight back into more training.”

Mark Crawford, 31, passed his two kyu, the second level of brown. He has been training since 2008.

Crawford said: “I’m always a little nervous before grading but I think nerves are a good thing. It’s great to pass and show how much I’ve learned.”

The test was graded by the founder and head of the club, Sensei Malcolm Crawford, sixth dan Yoshinkan.

“I’m really proud of the boys - they both trained really hard and fully deserve their new grades,” he said.

The club train every Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm at the New Park Centre, New Park Road, Chichester. Anyone interested is welcome to drop in at a class to watch and ask questions.

Interested parties can also contact Malcolm Crawford on 07759 311008 or at

Alternatively visit the club website at