Grand Slam glory for Bognor darts ace Blackwood

The Bognor Tuesday Double In Double Out League’s Pete May Grand Slam knockout took place at Newtown Social Club, with 48 players turned up to compete.

Saturday, 13th April 2019, 1:00 pm
Grand Slam winner Gary Blackwood and runner-up Ben Marley

Sixteen preliminary matches took place to take the players down to 32 and 180s came from Gary English (Cabin), Conner O’Hara (QE2 Cobras) and Cliff Prior (QE2 Cobras), who scored two on the trot, all winning their games 2-0.

Andy Chant (Lamb Orange) managed an in-shot of 101, and Larry Chant (Lamb Orange) managed a 112 in-shot and 110 out-shot in the same leg.

The first round saw 180s from Andy Chant (Lamb Orange) and Mark H Todd (Richmond). Dave Bourne (Lamb Orange) and last year’s Grand Slam champion Jack Danahar (QE2 Cobras) both managed 112 in-shots, and Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club) managed a massive 154 out-shot, but lost to Andy Chant 2-1.

Danahar lost in round two to Conner O’Hara (QE2 Cobras). Round three saw O’Hara hit 120 and 105 in-shots, but he lost 2-0 to Gary Blackwood (Legends ‘X’).

Larry Chant hit a 152 in-shot in his 2-0 win over Bourne, and Ben Marley (Legends ‘A’) beat Lee Passey (Lamb Orange) 2-0. Ian Bennison (Fishermans Joy) lost his only leg in round three, but still won his game despite a 170 in-shot from Rob Misselbrook (Hunston Club).

The first semi brought a straight 2-0 win for Blackwood over Bennison. The second festured Marley taking the first leg, but Chant the next. Marley started the third leg with a 112 in-shot, and had two more tons before taking the win.

The ‘best-of-five’ final saw Blackwood win the bullseye but fail to get the in-shot. Marley got his start and hit two tons within his first few throws but Blackwood wasn’t far behind. Eventually Blackwood, with 92 left, hit single 20 with his first dart. With 72 left he tried his chances going for two double 18s, and hit both to take the first leg.

Leg two saw Marley record some good scores, but a 140 from Blackwood kept himself firmly in the lead. Marley caught up with 123, but Blackwood took two darts to hit double three and take the second leg.

Leg three saw Blackwood get the lead with two scores in the 90s and a maximum 180 with his fourth throw. With Marley back on 270 it was Blackwood’s for the taking, and with 72 left he hit treble 12 and double 18 for a 14-dart leg, a 3-0 win and the Pete May title for 2018-19.