Pompey face training ground delay

Pompey boss Andy Awford
Pompey boss Andy Awford

Pompey’s move to their new training ground has been delayed.

The Blues were scheduled to officially start using their new facility at Roko on Monday but work is not yet complete to the necessary standards.

As a result, chief executive Mark Catlin and Pompey boss Andy Awford have agreed to wait until the time is right, which is expected to be another few weeks.

Awford said: ‘Monday was a target but some elements go against you and there is nothing we can do about that.

‘There are some bits and bobs that have not happened.

‘If you go down there at the moment, it is still a building site.

‘We can’t train in that environment.

‘So until it’s ready, we won’t use it.

‘The pitches are ready but other things aren’t.

‘There are a couple of bits haven’t moved as quickly as we would have liked.

‘It’s not really anybody’s fault but it’s down to a few external things.’

Awford has said all along that he wants to set the right standards from day one.

So he is happy to use the University of Portsmouth and HMS Temeraire facilties, as he did this week, until their Roko base is at the level he demands.

‘I will have the final say on when it’s ready,’ said Awford.

‘Don’t get me wrong – if we haven’t got the pictures up in my office, that doesn’t matter.

‘But it needs to be the right environment for the players.

‘There are a few things we need to sort out to get it to a level we want it at.

‘The basics have to be right before we start using it and then we can worry about doing the other things.

‘It’s like when you buy a new house – you don’t want to show it off to your mother-in-law when you haven’t got the curtains up.

‘So we won’t be showing it off to the world on the day we move in.’