Pompey confident new prices will appeal

Mark Catlin
Mark Catlin

Pompey have pledged fans won’t be any worse off after introducing their ‘simplified’ new season ticket prices.

From 10am today, supporters will be able to take advantage of the early bird option until July 12.

They will do so in the knowledge the cost of their seats have been frozen, with the club opting against forcing price increases across the board.

The Blues attracted 10,670 season ticket holders last season, with hopes they can at least match that tally for the 2014-15 campaign, following the momentum of the past six weeks.

And the early bird option continues to offer the biggest savings to reward those existing holders.

Full prices have slightly increased in each category, yet figures at the lower end have been frozen.

The most expensive season ticket for an adult is £370, that is an increase of £10 on last year.

Similarly, seniors can now pay a maximum of £280 (up by £10), while juniors could come in at £99 (increased by £9).

Yet those price rises have been off-set by the greater early bird savings as the club seek to make that option more attractive.

Adults will now save £50 by taking advantage of the offer, with the lowest they can pay being £280, a figure unmoved from the 2013-14 campaign.

Keeping on the same track, the minimum prices seniors can pay is £210 and juniors £70.

Although to entitle fans to such discounts they would be required to take up the early bird option, pay by cash or cheque and be a Trust shareholder.

Incidentally, the level of discounts for Trust shareholders have remained the same for adults (£20), seniors (£15) and juniors (£5).

However, this year there is no option for a reduction should a season ticket have been held in the previous three years.

Meanwhile, savings rewarded for paying in cash continue at the same level, with fans discounted between £20 to £5, dependant on their category.

The club’s policy of allowing under-10s into the family section in the South Stand lower free of charge has also remained but they must be accompanied by a full-paying adult.

And chief executive Mark Catlin is pleased with the structure of the new season tickets.

He said: ‘We have tried to organise the prices where nobody is any worse off.

‘It has been about trying to make it a lot more simple to unify the process and through some elements some people will get it cheaper.

‘At the end of the day, it’s a balancing act and we are trying to be fair to everyone.

‘We are in a position to do that through the support we have had this season and good housekeeping and management – and the overriding wish of the board has been not to get people paying more.

‘There has been a huge amount of discussion with all parties such as the Trust board and the fans’ conference.

‘We’ve had a huge cross section of input from different parties.

‘Now it’s up to the fans and I am sure they will once again back us and show the same level of support they do naturally.’