New title but same story for boss

Guy Whittingham was unveiled as Pompey's permanent boss on Wednesday. Picture: Malcolm Wells (131129-9039)
Guy Whittingham was unveiled as Pompey's permanent boss on Wednesday. Picture: Malcolm Wells (131129-9039)

It was his first full day in the job as Pompey’s 33rd permanent manager.

Guy Whittingham yesterday took his team for training for the first time since being named boss on a full-time basis.

Whittingham is now following in the esteemed footsteps of the likes of Jack Tinn, Bob Jackson, Alan Ball and Harry Redknapp in being the man at the helm for the Blues.

So how did it feel to be in charge of the club he scored 112 goals for in 219 appearances? The truth is, not very different.

After five months in the caretaker’s role it was a case of business as usual for Whittingham – apart from the odd jibe or two from his players.

‘It hasn’t been very different, to be honest,’ said Whittingham.

‘You had a few people taking the mickey, as you would expect.

‘There were a few saying they couldn’t believe I got the job.

‘Some call me boss, Guy or gaffer. I’m easy whatever people want to call me – as long as it’s not rude.

‘It was a normal Thursday on the training pitch – or Fratton Park, should I say.

‘It hasn’t changed really. Nothing is different from beforehand.

‘I’m doing what I’ve been doing anyway.

‘I’ve not changed the routine or what I think about. We always try to be as professional as possible, and we will carry on doing that.’

Whittingham has already settled into the confines of his manager’s office in his temporary tenure.

But there’s still a sense of pride at being there permanently.

He said: ‘We do have an office. It’s still the same one from the Premier League. It’s quite nice!

‘I haven’t had my feet up on the desk or got the cigar out. But I do feel proud and privileged.

‘I know what’s expected here, what is wanted at this club and where it’s been.

‘I’m under no illusions what has to be done but it has to be done right.

‘If I can get anywhere near what some managers have achieved with their success, I’ll be happy.

‘But we have to make sure we do it right.

‘We’re in League Two and have to think about where we get players from more closely and our expenditure.

‘That’s so important right now.’