Luton v Pompey: The Insider

Paul Benson
Paul Benson

Luton News, Herald & Post writer Adam Parris-Long gives his take on the Hatters’ start to the season.

It’s been frustrating so far for Luton this season.

The results have probably been a fair reflection on how things have gone.

Considering the strength of the team and the players brought in, the expectancy will be to be in the play-offs.

It’s early days still but there’s a lot of expectation this season on John Still.

John made reference to that after the game on Tuesday and the fact some of the players are getting slagged off by the fans.

I think some of the expectation is a bit unreasonable but it’s the manner of the results which have contributed to that.

They were 2-0 up against Oxford United and drew 2-2 and they lost 3-2 after giving up a two-goal lead against Yeovil Town.

That’s quite unlike them to do that and was disappointing. It’s not often it happens.

There have been murmurs from fans on messageboards and social media but no-one is booing yet.

A few phone-ins have seen fans ask if Still has had enough time? I think that is a load of rubbish. He’s done a really good job and deserves a lot of credit. He deserves a fair crack.

Last season wasn’t the end of the world by any stretch.

To win the Conference and finish eighth in their first season back was pretty good.

There was a spectacular fall from grace, however, which has contributed to the feeling, I guess.

The team played well against Premier League opposition on Tuesday in Stoke, so I’d say Still’s unlikely to recall Steve McNulty, who missed out.

In wide areas there are some problems for Luton to think about.

Danny Green could play on the left or right. Pelly Ruddock is a central midfielder who has been playing on the right.

They could also recall Paddy McCourt.

In theory, McCourt should be the left midfielder and Green on the right but McCourt has been pretty short of form so far.

There is even a chance Ryan Hall could come back into the team because he hasn’t been looking too bad.

Up front, it’ll almost certainly be Paul Benson and Craig Mackail-Smith.

Mackail-Smith is the marquee signing. Nothing has been said about how much he’s being paid but he’s quite local, so that may have helped in bringing him in.

Cameron McGeehan played well against Stoke. When he’s on form he can be a frightening player.

Scott Cuthbert got the armband on Tuesday and has been one of the best performers. He’s experienced and a bit of a brick wall at the moment.