Legend speaks out on coaching exit

Alan Knight. Picture: Sarah Standing (13225-3807)
Alan Knight. Picture: Sarah Standing (13225-3807)
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Alan Knight told of his disappointment at his keeper coach departure but promised: The club is most important.

The Pompey legend has spoken out for the first time since leaving the first-team set-up at Fratton Park this week.

Knight has been shifted to a new position as a club ambassador after returning to the coaching staff at the end of last season.

Blues boss Guy Whittingham has emphatically denied his former team-mate is being made a scapegoat for the Blues’ goalkeeping problems.

The man who made 801 appearances for his one and only professional club admitted this week’s events had dented his pride.

But Knight promised he had no issues with Whittingham or anyone else at Pompey.

And he insisted the Blues’ progress had to take precedence over any individuals.

Knight said: ‘It’s disappointing how things haven’t worked out on the goalkeeping side.

‘But I appreciate Guy bringing me back and being part of the rebirth of the club. It was a great experience.

‘We know it’s a fantastic, old club but it’s also a new club in the building. It’s a work in progress.

‘This is a results industry, though, and Guy has to make decisions – and some of them are tough ones to make.

‘We have spoken and I don’t want there to be any animosity, or people to say that.

‘I’m not going to try to demean anyone’s intelligence.

‘But I don’t want people to get negative.

‘It’s about the club – it’s not about me. Of course your pride get hurts a bit but you dust yourself down.

‘I don’t want this to be about me and people to think things are falling apart because they aren’t.

‘The club is bigger than me and is the most important thing.’

Knight has already held talks with Pompey chief executive Mark Catlin about his new position.

He is keen to remain at the club but feels the role has to be relevant and properly defined.

‘I’m looking forward to working on other things at the club. I love it and want to stay involved,’ said Knight.

‘The ambassadorial role could really be something.

‘I know people will think that is a misnomer and will wonder what do you do.

‘We need to define it all properly and work on what it entails. I want it to have substance.

‘I need to tie down the nuts and bolts with the chairman and Mark Catlin.

‘We are now a community club and I would like to work in the community and the club.

‘I’ve done work in the past with charities, big and small.

‘If we can help them and I can be involved, that would be good.

‘I would still like to do stuff on the scouting side and perhaps bits with Andy Awford and the Academy.

‘I want it to be a relevant role to the club and the city and surrounding area.’