It was nearly a Royal Rumble but inquest shows Blues passion

Sonny Bradley has revealed the fighting spirit firing Pompey’s League Two promotion bid.

The Blues defender has lifted the lid on the dressing room inquest which took place in the wake of last Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Mansfield.

Sonny Bradley. Mansfield v Pompey. August 24, 2013. Picture: Joe Pepler

Sonny Bradley. Mansfield v Pompey. August 24, 2013. Picture: Joe Pepler

Bradley told how anger boiled to the surface among Guy Whittingham’s men in the wake of the clash at Field Mill.

The 21-year-old believes the home truths which were spoken underline the passion that resonates in Guy Whittingham’s squad.

And he backed that attitude and commitment to power Pompey’s season.

Bradley said: ‘There was a bit of kicking and screaming after the game last week.

‘That’s part and parcel of a result like that.

‘A few players had a bit to let off their chest – and that’s a good time to do it.

‘Everyone is in game mode and that’s what they wanted to do. Fair enough.

‘I didn’t have too much to say, to be fair. I stayed out of it!

‘But we spoke about it and it has settled down now. You talk about it and then move on.

‘No-one was being nasty or personal.

‘There is no one in this squad like that. It was purely about the football.

‘Some people’s way of getting that across is different to others.

‘Players get angry and maybe say a few things they shouldn’t say but it is about being constructive and how we can improve.

‘I don’t think anyone expects us to sit there and be quiet.

‘It was because we drew. It wasn’t individuals getting digged out.

‘Smithy (Phil Smith) came in, put his hands up straight away and said sorry. It was an honest mistake and he admitted it.

‘Then the anger came out from some players but through it were words of wisdom really.

‘The things that were said were to improve us and make us better.

‘We could have come in to the dressing room, had a Royal Rumble and a massive fight because we were all feeling so angry.

‘It could have blown up and we could have had a fight. But it was people standing up, having their say and letting us know how to improve.

‘I think it shows the character of our individuals and squad.

‘If we keep doing that we will be all right.’

Conceding a lead and a lacklustre second-half were behind last weekend’s strong words.

Bradley feels facing fancied Chesterfield tomorrow offers the chance for Pompey to show their spirit on the pitch.

He said: ‘It’s gone now and we move on. Chesterfield is going to be a tough game but it’s the perfect chance to show the rest of the league, fans and everyone we are still bang on it and want to be up there this season.’