I want our fans to get on board with the beautiful game

Paul Cook on the ball for Burnley
Paul Cook on the ball for Burnley
  • Pompey boss promises to bring expansive brand of football to Fratton Park
  • Cook wants support from fans as he implements his approach

POMPEY fans have been told to expect a passing revolution.

And Paul Cook has called on the Fratton faithful to back his bid to instil a footballing philosophy among his players.

Hopefully, by the time we put this in place, it will be something our supporters want to engage with.

Paul Cook

Cook has made it clear he plans to deliver a brand of football which will be easy on the eye next season.

The 48-year-old has built a reputation for playing with an expansive style in his management career.

That reflects the creative way in which he operated in a 23-year playing career at the likes of Burnley, Wolves and Stockport.

Cook earned plaudits at Chesterfeld for the way he played the game and earned success with the Spireites.

It’s an emphatic response from the scouser to those who insist you can’t play a passing game in the rough, tough world of lower-league football.

Cook will not be changing his approach after being appointed Pompey boss – and is hoping supporters back the way he wants to go about earning League Two promotion.

He said: ‘Playing will be our way.

‘You must have a good fitness level to press the ball at source.

‘There’s all different ingredients going in there.

‘We’ll make sure the lads work hard on the training ground.

‘Then we’ll make sure they go on to the pitch feeling confident.

‘It’s the way I want the game to be played.

‘Hopefully, by the time we put this in place, it will be something our supporters want to engage with. I want them on board.

‘In the modern-day game, if you play with two strikers you will lose possession of the ball.

‘That will be the case, especially as you climb up the leagues.

‘Our team will have very attacking full-backs. I want our full-backs to attack like you wouldn’t believe.

‘Everything will be worked on with that in mind.’

Cook has been doing his Pompey revision since he was appointed manager earlier this month.

That has meant watching DVDs aplenty of what unfolded at the club last season.

Cook wasn’t prepared to forward an opinion on the style of football being played under Andy Awford.

But the former Accrington and Sligo boss has been looking to see who, out of the existing playing staff, can fit in with the approach he will be preaching in the coming months.

Cook said: ‘If we can establish an identity with the team it will help.

‘I won’t comment on other people’s teams.

‘If anyone went to watch a team we could all comment negatively against it, if we wanted

‘The hardest part is putting a team out on the pitch and trying to play with an identity.

‘We’ll look at people who are here and see if they can fit into that system.

‘It’s best to keep as many players as we can to play in that system. If we need to change we will change.

‘We want round pegs in round holes.’