Hollands lifts lid on goal grievance

Pompey midfielder Danny Hollands Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey midfielder Danny Hollands Picture: Joe Pepler

DANNY HOLLANDS responded to his critics over a lack of goals and explained: I’ve had to make sacrifices.

The Pompey midfielder believes operating in a different role is a key factor in his failure to repeat last season’s goalscoring exploits.

Hollands admitted an inability to reproduce his explosive form, which saw him net five times in the final five games of the 2013-14 campaign, ‘grates’ on him.

The 29-year-old revealed he had been accosted over the matter by a Blues supporter.

In an honest assessment, he admitted some consternation over the issue but knows that he’s had to change his game.

Hollands said: ‘I’ve had to do different stuff this season.

I am hard on myself and it does grate on me

Danny Hollands

‘I’ve played in a number of positions.

‘I can’t blame anyone.

‘I might not have got into the positions or taken my chances. For whatever reason it hasn’t happened.

‘It’s frustrating but it’s about the team.

‘I’m an honest person and, for whatever reason, it hasn’t happened. I can think and talk about it all night.

‘I’ve done my fair share of running in terms of the defensive side of things.

‘Maybe I didn’t have to do as much of that last season for whatever reason.

‘It’s a team game, though, and I’m quite willing to be in the team and do the defensive side of things.

‘Everyone has things they like to do. Everyone likes to get forward and score goals.

‘It is what is. I’m thankful I’m playing and giving my best for the team. I’ll do what the manager asks of me.

‘I am hard on myself and it does grate on me.

‘It was going to be hard to repeat what happened at the end of last season.

‘It’s not just that, though. We’ve changed formations.

‘I am frustrated myself about it. But I’ve got no-one to blame. It just happens and it’s part and parcel of football.

‘There are highs and lows and I’ve been in that situation before.’

Hollands revealed a supermarket meeting with a Pompey fan left him ‘biting his lip’ over the factors behind grabbing just two goals before today’s trip to AFC Wimbledon.

He said: ‘Football fans have their opinions and everyone has their opinions. They are welcome to them, of course.

‘I was in Sainsbury’s with Webbo (Adam Webster) and Andy Barcham the other day.

‘Some bloke came up to us and said he was a Pompey fan.

‘He told me I needed to start scoring more goals. I had to bite my lip.

‘I could have had a rant and said there’s a lot more to it than that.

‘Everyone has their opinion but I usually keep myself to myself on mine.

‘I just get my head down and do what the manager asks.

‘It is frustrating because you want to say this and that.

‘I just kept my head but it is frustrating when people start saying stuff when they don’t understand the full facts. It’s tough.’