Ertl: Share purchase shows our commitment

Pompey club captain Johnny Ertl. Picture:Joe Pepler
Pompey club captain Johnny Ertl. Picture:Joe Pepler

Johnny Ertl believes the Pompey players’ share purchase demonstrates their commitment to the community club ethos.

All members of the first-team set-up – including players and staff – have agreed to contribute to buying a £1,000 Trust stake.

They have been joined by those players registered with the Academy and also backroom staff at that level.

It is a united front which has been well received by Pompey fans as the share issue heads towards its Thursday, July 31 closing date.

And club captain Ertl insists the gesture was the least those involved in the playing side could do to help.

He said: ‘We are a community club and all in it together.

‘Every one of us wants to be part of it and this shows the team spirit we’ve got – we want to go forward together.

‘As I see it, Pompey is a big, big family, we are all in the same boat, and that includes us players.

‘This is a unique community club and it is important to us all to be successful together. Buying a share is part of the jigsaw and we can all chip in.

‘It was easy for us, we wanted to do it as a team, and I think it is fantastic to see that commitment from every single player.

‘This is something we have been talking about for a little while and while at the training camp we finalised it.

‘It is not only a gesture but a commitment to the club.

‘For the new ones and those already here, it brings everybody closer to the club which is also a big thing because then you know they did their research about the Trust.’

The catalyst for the players’ gesture was provided by the Pompey Supporters’ Trust shareholders’ meeting a week ago.

Held in a packed Victory Lounge, all players bar David Connolly and the injured Wes Fogden were in attendance.

Having been introduced one-by-one by Andy Awford, they then mixed with fans present before a question-and-answer session was held.

For seven of the new arrivals it was a first opportunity to meet the supporters of the club they joined this summer.

It was a winning first impression and following a meeting on Thursday night, the squad agreed to buy a Trust share in the club which employs them.

Ertl added: ‘That Friday night they really got a feeling for the place and the room was buzzing. It was an excellent night.

‘Community occasions like that are truly special and as players we can also appreciate the level of support and passion there.

‘This is a fantastic club and everybody is really honoured to play for it. We are proud of it on all levels and this is something we wanted to do.

‘It is the collective group that really counts if you want to be successful and we wanted to show we are united. We can all be part of a successful story at this club.’

Fans have until Thursday next week to buy Trust shares before the offer comes to a close.

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