Cook’s touchline antics here to stay

Jayden Stockley's late goal sparked Paul Cook's celebration. Picture: Joe Pepler
Jayden Stockley's late goal sparked Paul Cook's celebration. Picture: Joe Pepler

POMPEY boss Paul Cook has promised not to curb his touchline antics.

Cook’s impassioned behaviour on the sidelines has caught the eye since he became Blues manager.

The 48-year-old delivered his very own ‘Jose Mourinho’ moment when he charged down the touchline after his side’s 94th-minute equaliser against Morecambe on Saturday.

That was typical of some frenzied conduct from Cook in incidents so far this season, as he gets caught up in the drama of matchday action.

Cook saw referee Roger East refuse to shake his hand on the final whistle of the 3-3 draw.

He is insistent, despite getting wrapped up in what’s unfolding in game, he and his staff conduct themselves properly.

Cook said: ‘I might get caught up in the game now and then!

‘Once the game ends I come back to sanity.

‘I’m a manager, that’s what happens and that won’t change, I can definitely say that.

‘We get into trouble with the fourth official sometimes.

‘Everyone wants to win and everyone wants to be competitive.

‘But, come the end of the game, you have to have some manners.

‘We always try our best to do that.’

Cook also delivered some fascinating insight into his encounters with officials from other teams so far this season.

The 0-0 draw at Crawley last week saw some heated moments between the two dugouts.

And it was a similar story in the 2-1 win at Plymouth as words were exchanged between coaching staff from the two sides.

Even the clash with Reading on Tuesday saw Cook have a frank exchange of views with Reading first-team coach Steven Reid.

Cook explained his intense manner of operating will dissipate on the full-time whistle

He feels it’s important for managers to open their doors to their opposite numbers after a clash and show decent conduct.

Cook said: ‘We were having a bit of banter at Crawley.

‘One of their staff was saying “Let them have it – they’re not going to hurt us”.

‘I said: “You’re going to need to come out of your half! Come out of your half and we might do something!

‘It’s just banter and part of it. Mark Yates and Jimmy (Dack) are good lads.

‘At Plymouth it was a case of telling the fourth official they are just trying to get a penalty. They are diving in the box and the crowd is rising to it. Be strong.

‘Then the manager said something and I told him his team was diving!

‘He said I can’t say that – I said I just have!

‘But he was a good lad and we had a drink after the game. We always have a beer.

‘And I think that is the way it should be.

‘It’s something that we will always do – because it’s the right thing to do.’