Chief executive in ‘affordable’ Pompey season ticket pledge

Mark Catlin
Mark Catlin

Pompey have pledged to attract more fans to the club through ‘affordable’ season-ticket prices.

That is the promise from Mark Catlin as the new ownership prepares to deliver its packages for the 2013-14 campaign.

The pricing has been established, although won’t be released for two weeks while everything is finalised.

However, newly-appointed chief executive Catlin believes fans will approve as they seek to build on the existing 8,080 holders.

He said: ‘We have got the prices ready and are in the process of getting the marketing campaign up and running and the structures in place.

‘I would think the prices are going to be announced in two weeks max.

‘We have obviously got to run it as a business, but we want football to be affordable to the public of Portsmouth.

‘A lot of emphasis is going to be on kids.

‘We think that is the way to go. We want to encourage the kids in and also we want to make it that if people want season tickets there are clever ways to pay where maybe they don’t have to pay everything in advance.

‘You can’t get Fratton Park packed out every week, but we want bums on seats, we want the Portsmouth public to support their local team.

‘Our budgets are based around certain income levels.

‘It is about how you arrive at that income, whether you have 8,000 at X money or 18,000 at X money, which is achievable.

‘That debate has been going on in the boardroom.

‘We don’t want empty seats so are looking at students, disadvantaged groups, children, whatever – we are going to do all we can to get people into the Park.’