Burger man Mick signs up to supporters’ bid

Mick Johnsey, owner of Mick's Monster Burgers on Portsdown Hill, has put �100 into the Pompey Trust Share Scheme
Mick Johnsey, owner of Mick's Monster Burgers on Portsdown Hill, has put �100 into the Pompey Trust Share Scheme

HE’S served thousands of burgers to hungry Pompey fans for the last 30 years.

Now Mick Johnsey, of Mick’s Monster Burgers, is doing his bit to ensure the club he loves survives.

He was quick to jump to the cause by pledging £100 towards the Pompey Supporters’ Trust community share scheme.

It calls on fans to pledge a minimum of £100 to gauge opinion over a fans-backed takeover bid before having the chance to acquire a full share for £1,000.

Mr Johnsey, 61, of Nelson Lane, Fareham, is a well-known face around Fratton Park.

His famous burger van pitches by the Milton Road end every home match day.

The business he enjoys on these occasions has provided a livelihood for him and his wife Carol.

He said: ‘The trust came to the trailer the other week with leaflets and I thought it was a good idea if they can get enough people to do it.

‘It’s all we can do at the moment. It’s a good idea. We have to save Pompey.

Although work commitments stop him from watching many Pompey matches, Mr Johnsey hopes he will be serving fans food for years to come.

He recalls the surge of customers to his stand pre-kick off before Fratton Park became an all-seater stadium and admits business has declined over the years.

But the life-long Blues fan, who used to attend games with his late brother Eric, sees a brighter future for the club if the trust’s scheme is a success.

He added: ‘It’s a no-lose situation. If it goes through people will be happy, if it doesn’t they will get their money back.

‘As long as they can afford it, it’s no problem. I am happy to put in £1,000 if the opportunity arises.’

Mr Johnsey has a simple call to fans still considering their support to the initiative.

He said: ‘My message to fans is to put your money up straight away because if they can afford it, it will give the club a chance to survive.

‘This is one good way to do something for the club. The only way is for everyone to get together.’

Full details of the community buy-out initiative are available at the communitypompey.co.uk website run by the Pompey Supporters’ Trust.