Blues hero Hermann sounds court war cry

Hermann Hreidarsson
Hermann Hreidarsson

Pompey hero Hermann Hreidarsson delivered a passionate battlecry and demanded: Give the fans their club.

The former Fratton defender believes it’s time the Blues’ long-suffering support are finally given the chance to save their team.

Pompey today face one of the biggest fights in their history as the court hearing critical to the club’s future begins in London.

Administrators BDO and Balram Chainrai’s Portpin clash in the High Court over the valuation of Fratton Park.

The outcome could prove decisive in seeing the Pompey Supporters’ Trust assume control of their club.

Hreidarsson feels seeing it back in the hands of the people who care is the way forward.

The 38-year-old admitted he would be fearful for the future of the outfit he spent five years at if that did not happen.

He insisted it’s time to let the people who love Pompey shape its destiny.

Hreidarsson said: ‘It really needs to go into the supporters’ hands.

‘We all know what has happened here. It’s been a never-ending sad story.

‘If it doesn’t go into the supporters’ hands, I’m afraid the never-ending sad story is going to continue.

‘I think it’s about time the club belonged to the fans.

‘They’ve been messed around far too long and it should go to them.

‘It’s all been centred around money – but the club belongs to the community.

‘The community rely on it. The club brings people together.

‘It has to happen now. Morally, it has to go to them.

‘The club has to have some direction now.

‘It’s been going in circles now for too long. What do we have to do? How long before the next court case if it doesn’t go into the supporters’ hands?

‘Where do we stand then? We’re taking steps backwards again instead of the club moving in the right direction.

‘We need some firm ground and to know what is happening.

‘That’s what every fan deserves – to know where the club stands, to know where they’re going and to know their club is in safe hands.’

Hreidarsson will step out at Fratton Park next Tuesday for one final time after 123 appearances for Pompey.

He will feature as the Icelandic side he now manages, IBV, take on the Blues in a fundraiser in association with the Pompey Supporters’ Trust

It will be an emotional occasion for Hreidarsson.

He explained he wanted to bow out of the English game at Fratton Park.

‘It’s a great opportunity for me to say goodbye,’ said Hreidarsson.

‘I’m starting a new career in management and I want to play my last game in England after a 15-year career at Fratton Park.

‘It’s also an opportunity for Portsmouth to raise some money and to really help them.’