Appy: Don’t expect people to feel sorry for us

Michael Appleton salutes the Pompey fans after the Ipswich game
Michael Appleton salutes the Pompey fans after the Ipswich game

Pompey boss Michael Appleton expects no sympathy from fellow managers over his club’s plight.

Appleton believes there will be no compassion afforded him by his contemporaries over the Blues’ struggles.

The 36-year-old has heard little from those in the game since it became clear Pompey stood on the brink of administration.

But Appleton insisted that didn’t surprise him in the dog-eat-dog world of football.

He said: ‘You’ll get certain managers you’d have more contact with after working with or under them.

‘But football is a brutal business and it’s a little bit like “as long as I’m not in trouble then everything is fine”.

‘I’m learning that very quickly.

‘It might get your attention and you might see it on TV and think “things are tough down there”.

‘But then you’ve got your own problems to deal with, whether it’s injuries, selection or things like that. You’ve got your own club to deal with.’

Appleton stated he wasn’t concerned about not hearing from those looking on at Pompey’s problems.

But he joked they shouldn’t expect any advice from him if they face similar headaches.

Appleton said: ‘From my point of view, I’ll take all the advice I can from people who are willing to give it to me.

‘I won’t lose sleep or take it personally if no-one is willing to give me that advice.

‘I’m not being rude or disrespectful to other managers – they have got their own problems.

‘If they don’t ring me, I’ve got no issues with that.

‘But don’t expect a phone call if they have the same trouble – I’m only joking!’