Appleton expects ownership resolution this week

Pompey boss Michael Appleton. Picture: Robin Jones
Pompey boss Michael Appleton. Picture: Robin Jones

A relaxed Michael Appleton is expecting the Pompey ownership situation to be settled this week.

The Blues boss is confident either Portpin or the Pompey Supporters’ Trust will seal a deal to take over the club before Friday’s liquidation deadline.

Negotiations over compromise agreements with both Tal Ben Haim and Liam Lawrence are continuing.

That progress is being monitored by Portpin and the Trust – both having laid down the condition all senior players must be removed before they can proceed with a buy out.

In the meantime, the August 10 liquidation deadline set by Trevor Birch is looming.

But Appleton is convinced the club’s future will be secured.

He said: ‘I have not spoken to Portpin recently but I am aware they are going to be in the country this week.

‘They have got my phone number and know where I am going to be.

‘To be honest, I am a little bit in the dark.

‘You just wonder sometimes if there are games being played but it is a very, very serious situation we are in.

‘These are professional people, so they know what they are doing – I hope they know what they are doing.

‘I’m sure they will come to some sort of solution and get it sorted before Friday.

‘I would like to think it will be sorted.

‘I wouldn’t mind it being done before Friday because it would give me a little bit of room to manoeuvre and do things before the game against Plymouth.

‘I am pretty confident something will get sorted out. I just hope when it is, the football club is in a position where it can be competitive and not a laughing stock.’