Rocks Review: Wills flattered by Crawley Town interest but focus stays on Bognor

Kane Wills on the ball for the Rocks against Grays  Picture by Tommy McMillan
Kane Wills on the ball for the Rocks against Grays Picture by Tommy McMillan

ROCKS club captain Kane Wills has stated his sole focus is on Bognor despite being monitored by League One side Crawley Town.

The midfielder was on trial with the Reds last month, which included training with Richie Barker’s men and playing in a pre-season 3-0 victory in which he turned in a good showing as a half-time substitute against newly-promoted Premier League side Crystal Palace.

Wills admitted it was a memorable experience playing against Palace and the likes of the veteran striker Kevin Phillips and Yannick Bolasie.

Crawley haven’t followed up the trial as yet but are expected to monitor his progress.

“I went there and played against Crystal Palace. I came on and was marking (Kevin) Phillips and playing against (Yannick) Bolasie, so it was a good experience playing against players of that calibre,” he said.

“I thought I played relatively well in that game and they said it’s not over by any means, but they are just going to monitor me over the next couple of weeks.

“I imagine what they’re going to be doing is looking to see if they can bring in anyone with experience first - and if they can’t, they might come calling.

“Over the next couple of weeks, they might make a bid to Bognor or just decide they will leave it for the moment.”

In regards to the four-division step-up from Ryman premier to League One, Wills believes he can achieve it - if given the much anticipated opportunity. He was playing Conference South football a few years back with Eastbourne Borough and believes he’s a much better player now.

“I’m confident in my ability that I could make that step up and do it if given the opportunity - it’s something that I obviously would love to do.

“I think when I was playing Conference standard three years ago, I was a worse player than now and I was playing two leagues higher.

“I certainly think it would be a great test to to be able play League One football, but I’m confident in myself that I can make the step up.

The former Brighton & Hove Albion player is flattered with all the talk surrounding him and Crawley - but made it clear that for now, it’s only Bognor that is his focus.

“It’s obviously nice being talked about and it’s nice to have Crawley coming in and giving me the opportunity to train and showing an interest.

“That’s all well and good, but at the moment I am playing for Bognor, I really enjoy playing for Bognor, I enjoy being the captain and they have a great bunch of lads down there.

“If the Crawley thing wasn’t to come off, then by no means would I be upset because we’ve got a big challenge this year to try to push as high as we can up the league and have a good season with Bognor – that’s my sole focus for the time being.

“If Crawley comes off, that’s all well and good, but for the moment, I’m at Bognor and enjoying it.”

Wills has been praised for his attitude by Rocks boss Jamie Howell and will be in the line-up at Lowestoft on Saturday.